Celeb Car Crash – People Are The Best Show [REVIEW]

If you like the sounds of bands such as Foo Fighters and Kings Of Leon, then you will definitely feel yourself being drawn towards the sounds of Celeb Car Crash. They have that alternative rock power mixed with a strong hard rock flavour to create something that might not sound new, but definitely sounds solid.

Their main punches come from the guitar and bass tone that comes through soundly on each track. Whether it goes for the full out with the low end bounce or it goes to focus on the chord progression in some of the choruses, it heightens the records senses a whole lot, especially when you hear the bass come through nice and tightly when it gets the chance to. From the simple sounds of ‘January’ which sounds like it was perfectly designed for headbanging and brings something more southern along with it to the more flavoured stylings of ‘The Whereabouts’ giving you that Stone Temple Pilots feel from start to finish, this record is a throw back to the 90’s alternative rock/grunge scene in a big way.

The vocals that pierce through the record work really nicely with every single track. Giving off a sound that would match Pearl Jam and Alter Bridge within the tone that he provides, tracks like ‘Hangin’ On A Rope’ have a certain tenacity brought along with it to give it such a great listen to. The last track takes the pace somewhere the record hasn’t been before, with the organ/piano intro taking the album on a very different close. The guitar goes through a clean sound and the whole track is one of the definitive highlights of the record. With a far too long silence near the end of the record before the final piano section, this record is a nice calming end to a very enjoyable record.

For those who are looking for something that reminds them of the artists mentioned, then this record should be treated as a ‘blast to the past’ for the modern age. Celeb Car Crash have pinpointed their sound and are using it to their advantage.


Celeb Car Crash - People Are The Best Show

8.5 out of 10
Released: 25th November 2016 For Fans Of: Foo Fighters / Stone Temple Pilots / Alter Bridge Label: 1981 Records
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