12 Brilliant British Bands You Might Not Have Heard Of

Seeing as Britain is now officially leaving the EU, its time to consider seriously what’s going to happen to our thriving music scene. You can read about how it will be actually affected here, but in the mean time here are 12 bands that truly deserve your attention. The music scene needs support now more than ever, and if you know any of these bands and already go support them then great, but if you don’t, this is but a taste of how diverse and utterly fantastic the British music scene is. These bands are in no particular order, this list would take far to long otherwise….

12. Shields

Hailing from the countries capital, Shields kick off the list with an almighty punch. Boasting the ever-popular additional strings on their duel guitar assault means that their EP Guilt is as heavy as they come. The emotional impact is a big part of their sound as well and allows for added dimensions to their sound making it all the better. Watch these lads for their debut full length and subsequent domination of the UK.


Listen to: Jordan, But This Feels Worse, Guilt

  1. Dead Harts

Brewed in the same steel-infused primordial goo that spewed out While She Sleeps, Dead Harts boasts an intensity most only strive for. Their albums Cult For The Haggard Youth was a solid kick to the nuts for everyone who listened and their newer sound only hints at a far heavier sound than before, yikes…


Listen to: Concrete Walls, Pit Talk, Leech

  1. Counting Days

After Heights saw an unfortunate demise and members of TRC (We’ll get to them next) found themselves leaving the fray, it left the perfect concoction for something special to happen. Counting Days was born and as such Britain saw one of the most vicious bands in recent memory hit the scene. Liberated Sounds was a solid debut but things can only get better.


Listen to: Sands of Time, Prison of Miser, Liberated Sounds

  1. TRC

London’s prime hardcore export, TRC have been around and progressing since before 2010. Nation was their last full length and after a very lengthy time away from the scene they dropped a monster three track EP earlier this year. In three songs the band retained their throne atop the UK underground and if things carry on the way they promise them to, it’s an exciting future for TRC.


Listen to: Same. But Better, Go Hard Or Go Home, H.A.T.E.R.S

  1. Puppy

Puppy are an oddity. They boast heavy bluesy riffs with a vocal delivery coming straight from a Blue Oyster Cult album. Different is always good when pulled off successfully and Puppy do so very well indeed, with their debut EP hitting the scene last year and their momentum seemingly growing. If you like Deftones, Ghost or Blue Oyster Cult then check these guys out for sure.


Listen to: Entombed, Waste Away, Forever

  1. Ten Foot Wizard

A tremendously well kept secret of the stellar Manchester music scene, Ten Foot Wizard are the result of a lot of weed and great riffs. Return To The Infinite was a bluesy debut that kicked like a mule at points and then Sleeping Volcanoes saw the band continue with their crazy musical journey. Catch them live if you can but until then, enjoy this genuinely brilliant gem of a band.


Listen to: Covered in Tits, Rise From Your Grave, Railway Shuffle

  1. PIST

Another representative of the Manchester music scene, PIST are best described as balls to the wall metal. Boasting monster riffs that make you want to chug back beers and pit relentlessly, its safe to say that PIST can sound track any decent party. If PIST tickle your fancy, be sure to check out Foetal Juice and Wort as well, because they create the trifecta of boozy brilliance that Manchester has become renowned for.


Listen to: PIST, Gutterslut, Shitstorm

  1. Jonestown

Heavy doesn’t quite cover it for Jonestown. Sounding like they could comfortably soundtrack the apocalypse, their debut Aokigahara was a crushing slab of riffs and breakdowns that was utterly merciless. Easily the heaviest band on this list and indeed the whole country, if you enjoy your music unrelenting and unapologetically heavy then this is the band for you.


Listen to: Cenoxudus, Mass Extinction Six, Deliverance 

    4. Palm Reader

Probably the most mental out of all the bands on this list, the schitzophrenic noise that Palm Reader utilise has made them easily one of the most exciting bands on this list also. Releasing their follow up to the fabulous debut Bad Weather last year, Beside The Ones We Love didn’t receive much ovation despite being one of the most intensely brilliant listens of last year. If you’re a fan of the likes of Dillinger Escape Plan and Botch as well as Slipknot you’ll be in for a treat with Palm Reader.


Listen to: Stacks, Sing Out, Survivor, Smack Hound

  1. Malevolence

Malevolence are able to smash together furious riff led heavy metal and abusive beatdown to such frightening effect it’s a wonder they aren’t bigger. Reign Of Suffering saw them dominate with a late release in 2013 but have since remained quiet for the past few years since. Announcing they are back in the studio is excellent news for anyone who enjoys mega riffs with even bigger breakdowns.


Listen to: Turn To Stone, Eternal Torment, Delusions Of Fear

  1. Broken Teeth

Sometimes following a recipe can lead to disaster, as you fail to understand each constituent ingredient and how it fits together. Other times you make a perfect cake, and that’s what Broken Teeth did with their recent release At Peace Amongst Chaos. Never veering to hard away from standard hardcore affair they still managed to stick to the formula to write one of the best-realised and well-written albums of the year. It goes in hard and makes you want to mosh everywhere you go, so its does what it says on the tin, really.


Listen to: At Peace Amongst Chaos, Lose My Grip, Stomp To Dust

  1. Napoleon

Napoleon breathed a much-needed breath of fresh air into the hardcore genre this year with their debut. Featuring the sort of technicality not often seen in their ends of the musical woods, the guitar leads were refreshing and the vocal delivery punchy and heartfelt. Whats all the more impressive is all of the genuine forward thinking this band display with the hardcore genre, taking to places it really has never been before. More bands like Napoleon are needed if we really want to see the next wave of progression in our music, and as such they fully deserve your support.


Listen to: Brought Here To Suffer, Afterlife, Stargazer

As mentioned at the beginning of this list, these are merely a handful of the many other brilliant British born bands on the circuit currently. Be sure to check out these bands if you liked them, and spread the word to make sure bands can continue to form and be successful in this thriving industry.

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