12 More Brilliant British Bands You Might Not Have Heard Of

As a follow up to Musicology’s 12 Brilliant British Bands You Might Not Have Heard Of, here are another dozen you really should know about if you don’t already.


If you’re into messy, raw, grinding skate punk, you’ll find not many do it better than this lot. Formed in Brighton in 2011 and consisting of brothers Tom and Max Weeks and Charlie Piper, Gnarwolves are currently signed to Pure Noise Records. They have made appearances opening for Blink-182 in Italy, opening Main Stage at Reading & Leeds in 2014 and toured the US with The Story So FarThe Wonder Years and Modern Baseball, showing the prowess they have throughout the scene. Having put out their last release in November 2015, the band are rumoured to be releasing new music before the year is out.

Press To Meco

Combining talented song writing with thoughtful and wacky oddities is a good way to describe Press To Meco. The three piece utilise all three of their voices to create vocal harmonies that wouldn’t be to out of place on an Alice In Chains record. Being made up by three very intelligent musicians, this pack is likely to skyrocket to the top based off of what we heard on their last record Good Intent. Check out their dog-packed video for Diffusion Of Responsibility:

Black Foxxes

This three-piece from across the south west have already pricked the ears of the musical media as they are no strangers to being loud. Black Foxxes are known to thrive on playing live, making sure everyone present will remember their performance. With the release of their debut EP Pines, Black Foxxes were praised for their angst and youthful fire. Not only have they been named the ‘most exciting new band’, they have the potential to be huge with their energy and rawness, second to very few. Red Bull Records will be premiering their new music video, Whatever Lets You Cope later this month ahead of their release of their new album I’m Not Well.

Black Peaks

Black Peaks’ debut album dropped earlier this year, and Statues quickly gained a reputation for being one of the heaviest, visceral and dynamic releases in recent years. Blending hardcore with rock and weaving in some beautiful falsetto vocal delivery, it’s an original and impressive formula. The band’s live shows are audibly perfect, with intense energy being delivered from a record-quality performance. They are soon to depart on a co-headline tour with the equally chaotic Heck for what promises to be one of the most bombastic tours this year. Few bands have undertaken a musical project quite so extensive, and it’s a credit to the capabilities of Black Peaks that they’ve pulled it off with such unprecedented success.

Catch Fire

Nottingham pop-punk band Catch Fire have taken their field by storm with their debut EP The Distance I Am From You. The band were founded in back in 2013 and have established a unique stamp on the pop punk genre. Catch Fire take influence from Neck Deep, The Story So Far and Blink 182. They will be hitting three UK cities on their upcoming mini tour starting August 13th at the Stylus, Leeds then moving onto a home town show at the Rescue Rooms, Nottingham and finishing up at The Frog & Fiddle in Cheltenham on 2ndSeptember. Their latest single Wild Things offers a fiery insight into what these guys are capable of achieving, definitely making them ones to watch for the future.


Muskets take the heaviness of the guitars from a lot of 90’s grunge bands, matching it with catchy singalong lyrics and melodies. The band adds modern styles to their influences roster however, incorporating a style that will leave many fans singing their hearts out with the band. With both Spin (2015) and Pollyseed (2014) on the band’s Bandcamp, this is a group that will give most modern bands a run for their money. What can be seen however is their heaviness especially from their drummer. This is a band to keep an eye on and one which is likely to make big waves in 2016.

Rolo Tomassi

Fearlessly creative and utterly bewildering are a couple of phrases you can use to describe this mathcore mob. Eva Spence’s haunting vocals and savage screams front a sound that is as chaotic as it is beautiful. Rolo Tomassi are a difficult band to pin down and its part of their charm, so just buckle down and dive head first into one of the strangest bands on the circuit currently.

Max Raptor

Burton-Upon-Trent punk rock outfit Max Raptor are certainly ones to watch in the market as it stands. They released their self-titled album earlier this year (reviewed here) which stands to show the band are ready for the big leagues. Playing a lot of shows alongside Press To Meco has rubbed off on their new style to an extent, but they have an individuality that few others do with their hardcore yet melodic sound. The vocals are very much a cross between Sex Pistols-styled emphasised-talk vocals with hardcore punk screams, and this makes them one of the most formidable British touring punk bands today.


Decade might have been quiet for a while now, but big things are coming. Having established a reputation as one of the UK pop punk scene’s strongest bands, the Bath-based quintet are about to turn the alternative scene on its head. The band recently toured the UK with Cheap Meat, treating dedicated fans to a taste of what’s to come with their upcoming (as-yet unnamed) album. For a comprehensive review of one of these shows, check out the live review, but it’s safe to say that Decade are mixing up their formula to a mature pop-rock oriented sound that suits them excellently. For now, Daisy May is the only released track of what’s to come, but it points to massive things.

Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daises are reawakening the spirit of grunge in the South West of the UK, blending distorted guitar work with raw emo vibes. The band recently completed a co-headline UK tour with Dearist, building their reputation of intensely atmospheric live performances. Their sophomore EP Stay Sad saw them picked up by a record label who repressed the EP and will back their next release, likely an EP. Read the exclusive feature to get more acquainted with Pushing Daisies. For now though, keep jamming to their emotionally charged tunes, and stay sad.

Arcane Roots

The Kingston trio, known for their energy at shows and incorporating progressive music into popular songs, released their debut in 2011, resulting in stage time at Sonisphere and Hevy festivals, much to their own amazement. Arcane Roots have also been featured in Kerrang’s Nevermind Forever CD, where the band covered the massive Smells Like Teen Spirit whilst being only unsigned band on that record. To date, they have released via Play It Again Sam and Easy Life Records, showing the credentials they have to make it huge in the footsteps of so many great bands (Placebo, Young Guns and The Darkness to name but a few). The trio are perfect for people who love their genres all mixed up, and a variety of styles. There is no collection of words that can perfectly describe their sound.


Weatherstate lit a fire under the punk scene with their latest EP Dumbstruck, with thick guitar tones and grounded, relatable lyrics. There’s nothing precocious surrounding them, just straight up riffs and rock, which is a refreshing change in the increasingly fickle alternative music scene. The band signed to independent label Failure By Design records to release Dumbstruck, joining a roster of shining new talent in the UK. The band toured the UK with pop punk label mates Homebound, with their shows demonstrating remarkable live capability. Weatherstate are not to be missed, and will undeniably soon be rising within the ranks of punk rock.


All in all, never fear: there are many, many upcoming British bands for you to get into before they get big to fulfil your inner hipster desires, not to mention a good old vinyl/cassette investment!

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