Beartooth – Manchester Club Academy

With a last minute venue upgrade due to Motionless In White cancelling their tour, Beartooth are upgraded from Academy 3 to Club Academy, which with the Manchester date selling out rather fast saw extra tickets released much to the delight of fans.

Joining Beartooth on their headlining tour around the UK are Blood Youth and ’68, with all three acts having a rather different sound this made for an interesting line up.

Even with a venue upgrade, for the first band the crowd is somewhat thin. This seems to happen more and more at shows of late, with people turning up for the main band and missing the support, by the time Beartooth are due on stage the floor is packed. This is a shame as missing the support bands means you can miss out on some truly great bands you may not have come across.

Blood Youth are up first, the UK five piece are still fairly new to the scene, four members of previous hardcore band Climates with the addition of new vocalist Kaya Tarsus and Blood Youth was born. For a band with one EP behind them ‘Inside My Head’ was released in June earlier this year their set is strong, the mixture of melodic hardcore and some added pop punk elements really work for this band. There isn’t a single song in their set where people aren’t moving. This including Kaya getting up and the barrier and interacting with the crowd. A young band packed with energy and with a thirst to perform, 2015 has been an interesting year for the boys from Lincoln and if they continue to perform as they did tonight, 2016 is set to see their careers take off, certainly a band to check out.



’68 are the second support, with an interesting stage set up to the side of the stage, the two piece from Atlanta former The Chariot frontman Josh Scogin and drummer Michael McClellan may only be a duo but they can make some noise, a heavier and nosier comparison to the popular Royal Blood. ’68 have a distinctive sound throw punk rock together with some metal elements with Josh’s heavier vocals and you can somewhat come close to describing their sound. ’68 provide a set of rifts and some really catchy songs, the crowd seem to enjoy them too.

Beartooth have had a an exciting year since the release of their album ‘Disgusting’ last year. This has seen them play Slam Dunk, Download and Reading and Leeds Festival before heading out on their headline tour. Manchester is 3rd date on a rather short tour around the UK, Caleb Shomo and the band come on stage to the introduction for ‘68’s ‘Three is a Crowd’. The floor has filled up and fans are awaiting,  opening their set with The Lines sees the crowd explode and proof that the venue upgrade may of being a wise idea. ‘Relapsing’ and ‘Ignorance is bliss’ sees countless crowd surfers and mosh pits, with the crowd well and truly in the throw of it. Caleb speaks to the crowd and soon as he asks for participation with the introduction, for fans of the band know what’s coming. ‘In Between’ has the crowds singing along to every word, and Caleb looking out on to the crowd with a smile on his face, as a frontman he enjoys seeing his fans and hearing them sing back to him. Their set in all is strong and it’s clear to see why this band have risen the way they have. ‘Beaten in Lips’ and ‘Bodybag’ finish the set, with Caleb once again addressing the crowd with a smile on his face, thanking them for all being there. Even with the ongoing problems that have plagued bands touring, they couldn’t be happier to be in that room with their fans. The music scene has seen some dark times of late, but bands such as Beartooth shine a light and unite fans for a evening.

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