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Having only earlier this year released their debut album Vile ChildMilk Teeth have already garnered a huge amount of attention and a big following. If punk is your thing, Milk Teeth are a must, with pounding drumbeats and riffs that’ll have you head banging along. These guys are on the up and up; it’s bound to be a killer set this weekend.

With their massive stage presence and face melting math rock riffs, Black Peaks will treat the 2000 Trees crowds to both a full force set on The Cave and a more stripped back acoustic set in The Forest. Having toured extensively around Europe and supporting Deftones for their Wembley Arena show, they are on top form, an act not to miss.

Politically charged Folk Punk artist Beans On Toast brings his own brand of political angst to the festival. With tracks openly dealing with subjects such as politics, drugs and love, this is a performer who isn’t afraid of challenging the establishment. With a singer that is rooted in tradition, he opens up the Left Field at Glastonbury every year since 2005. He also releases an album annually on 1st December marking his birthday and has done every year since. His new album Rocking Up The Hill (2015) looks set to take part a massive part of his set at the event but with tracks such as Standing On A Chair (2009) and Writing On The Wall (2010) giving key moments to Beans On Toast‘s career, you can be expected to see a number of these tracks appearing on the singers set at this years festival.

The Bronx bring early 00’s Hardcore Punk to the forefront, with their 4 self titled albums all landing critical praise. The group also compliments their music with the sound of Mariachi (Mariachi El Bronx), which they might even bring to the forefront of 2000 Trees. What the group has from their hardcore guise however, is a pure sense of anarchy and unpredictability that a group 14 years into their career makes surprising. Their live shows are always something of an occasion and at a small festival like 2000 Trees, their intensity should resonate well with the audience in attendance. With tracks such as; False Alarm, Youth Wasted and White Guilt this is a band that are guaranteed to bring the hits to the event.



Coming off the back of their huge UK tour, and the release of their debut full length album, Trash Boat have asserted their dominance in the UK pop punk scene. But be prepared for those circle pits, walls of death and crowd surfers because the crowd will be just as energetic as the band.

Though being relatively new to the scene (forming in 2013) Brawlers are a band that are anything but new for the world of music. With Harry Jones (Singer) and Anthony Wight (Bassist) met after they both left their former bands; Dinosaur Pile-Up and Castrovala (respectively) the group enlisted the help of Matt Wright (Guitarist) formerly of We Were Frontiers and ex Leftover Crack drummer Tom Knox. The group went on to record their debut EP I Am A Worthless Piece Of Shit (2014). After Tom left the group however the band enlisted the help of Pert (formerly of Beretta Suicide) for the recording of their debut album Romantic Errors Of Our Youth (2015). The group has a Punk Rock aesthetic that lends perfectly for the lineup of 2000 Trees. With the band playing a co-headlining tour with Max Raptor and supporting; Set It Off, Real Friends and Lower Than Atlantis (amongst others) this is a band that show that their ready for the bigger festivals like 2000 Trees. Get on them, as this will be a big band within the next 10 years, and their set at 2000 Trees will be an especially special occurrence.

Counterfeit are a band who have more than just frontman Jamie Campbell Bower’s acting fame on their side. Their mixture of heartfelt lyrics and pure energy gives them an untouchable edge in the British punk market. Completed by guitarists Tristan Marmont and Sam Bower, bassist Roland Johnson and drummer Jimmy Craig, the band are sure to rip up the 2000 Trees stage like few others so give them a watch!

Dinosaur Pile-Up are an alternative rock band from Leeds. Their interesting name is taken from King Kong. Having played BBC introducing stage at Leeds Festival, joining the Pixes on an European tour, Dinosaur Pile-Up are one to watch this weekend.

Despite suffering from anxiety Lonely the Brave front man David Jakes comes out confident and full of passion filling fans with pride. The five guys have only two albums to choose from to fill their slot, which is not necessarily a bad thing as the crowd are more likely to know the songs inside out. Kerrang! Magazine have dubbed this band ‘simply phenomenal’ so it would a crime not to head down and check out what all the hype is about. Lonely the Brave are a band that are still developing and progressing their sound but fans are loving getting to watch them do it.

Headlining The Cave on the Friday will be the all mighty Basement. After returning from their hiatus back in 2014, and releasing their huge comeback album Promise Everything, the 5 piece have an arsenal of emo grunge hits to get your teeth stuck into.

Pop-punks newest heroes, Neck Deep have had a phenomenal amount of success from their newest album Life’s Not Out To Get You. Having played festivals like Download and opening for bands such as Bring Me The Horizon, these guys have really done well for themselves in the short span of their music careers already. If you like punchy pop punk, this is a band to check out, a guaranteed fist-pumping bro-down.

Hopeless Records’ own Moose Blood have become something of a favourite this year in the emo/punk scene, they play captivating ballads that keeps every member of the audience entertained and excited. With a new album due soon, expect new material from the Canterbury band as well as usual favourites like Bukowski and Boston.

Mallory Knox remain a humble band on stage despite being an established band since 2009. With their last album release being two years ago, there will be nothing but well-loved, well-known hits blasting from the stage. These guys are no strangers to festival performances appearing frequently at them summer after summer. They are sure to bring experience and musical class to 2000 Trees. Mallory Knox are a fiery, dynamic live band that thrive off the festival setting. This band is a clear essential to any alternative rock fan’s festival experience.

Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland; Twin Atlantic are a mixture of rock and pop-punk, with three studio albums behind them and nearly 10 years under their belts, to say these guys are established would be an understatement. With a fourth album on the horizon, this could be an opportunity to hear some new material as well as celebrate the classics in their back catalogue. Regardless of what their set encompasses, its bound to be full of bounce.



Probably one of the quickest rising pop punk bands in the UK right now; WSTR are looking to smash out some tunes and entertain you with passion that pop punk has seemed to lack over the past few years. With a relatively large following, expect to see a flood of WSTR shirts bouncing up and down to popular tracks South Drive and debut single Graveyard Shift. Having best buddies Neck Deep on the festival as well, don’t be surprised if there is some sort of collaboration.

Creeper AKA The ‘South Coast Misery’ crew have exploded in recent months with their catchy punk rock anthems gaining them a reputation like no other. With multiple ‘New Comer’ awards under their belts and a stage presence like no other, the 5 piece put on a performance you’d be stupid to miss. Keep an eye out for those Callous Hearts on the main stage.

Political unit; The King Blues are a force not to be messed with and have a song to suit pretty much anyone. Take Enter Shikari and turn them into punk, add in a few singsongs and the odd tune about ‘getting the girl’, add in a few ska notes and a spoken word set and you’ve got The King Blues. After their 4 year hiatus they returned with a new EP and political movement Off With Their Heads with the titular track being about David Cameron himself. Expect one of the most energetic and angry sets of the weekend from this act, and make sure you check them out.

90’s Indie brought back to the scene by one of the most legendary bands in the entire scene; Ash. Forming as far back as 1992 this is a group that has toured relentlessly and practised their craft heavily whilst doing so. Releasing classic albums such as 1977 (1996) and Nu-Clear Sounds (1998) this is a band that will have the hits to fill a festival like 2000 Trees. But with new album Kablammo! (2015) being sure to take up a good portion of their set, Ash show that whilst their older songs are there, they are not a band to rest entirely on their laurels. Giving a modernised sound as they progress Ash understand the importance of the times, and the stark need to move forward through them, in order to remain as relevant as ever. With hits like: Burn Baby Burn, Girl From Mars and A Life Less Ordinary, this is a group that will keep a festival crowd happy.

Dead! have been branded by many as a “budget My Chemical Romance” but despite taking their name being influenced by The Black Parade‘s second track, they are far from it. With less of a theatrical edge and more focus on the unnerving tracks, the band creates a sheer joy within their crowds to a highly unusual level. Tracks like You’re So Cheap and Skin will make for an interesting new experience for all first-timers so go check them out if you haven’t already.

Featuring legendary frontman Ginger Wildheart (The Wildhearts) Hey Hello! brings a Power Pop sound from the singer. The band also featured female singer Victoria Liedtke though after leaving the band hired Holly Mahady to feature live vocals with the band. The group are currently looking for a new female singer to join them from the UK, the group started auditions of May of this year. Hopefully this set will see the new singer for the first time live, and will show her quality to the band. With their debut single already being huge for the band How I Survived The Punk Wars and with hopes Wildhearts material will be played, this is a group that is certainly worth seeing. A second album is also due to be released this year following their S/T debut (2013).

While She Sleeps just keep getting better and better with their live performances so their appearance and 2000 Trees is definitely not one to miss. Fans can expect an intensity that only a few bands can successfully reach. Previous live shows have shown that they play technically brilliant and always put on a show to remember, therefore they are bound to create a highlight for festivalgoers that stands out as one of the best. Front man Loz Taylor is renowned for involving crowds so make sure you’ve done your vocal warm ups and stretched out your muscles.

Being arguably one of the most influential bands on the entire lineup Swedish Hardcore Punk band Refused, join the lineup of 2000 Trees. Forming as far back as 1991 and having an extensive breakup between 1998 – 2012. Expect to hear tracks from their new album Freedom (2015) as part of the set alongside hits from such legendary albums as; This Just Might Be … The Truth (1994), Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent (1996) and The Shape Of Punk To Come (1998). This is a band that will bring classic Hardcore to 2000 Trees and a band that will arguably give a lot of the newer bands on the lineup a run for their money.

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