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The Team

Lauren Stead
Senior Editor / Photographer
Senior editor and site photographer. Based in Surrey, Originally from West Yorkshire. Love for anything from Post-Harcore, Metal and added bits of Pop Punk thrown in. I drink alot of tea.
Daniel Curzon
Co Editor/Graphics
Co-Editor and Graphics. Addicted to buying vinyl and tapes and supporting the bands and the scene with a massive passion for hardcore, beatdown, grime and pop-punk.
James Maddern
Content Editor
17 year old writer from North London who enjoys music more than anything else. Climber, sailor and kayaker, and is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter
Nathan Heffernan
Photographer from Birmingham that loves Pop-Punk, Gaming, Star Wars and has a strange obsession with Octopuses.
Nathan Robinson
I’m a photographer from Leeds (queue Yorkshire chant). I like Salad Cream on Bacon sandwiches and Sunday dinners and now you all hate me. I can be found in my local dive bar most days catching a local band or just sinking a few pints of cider.
Dani Willgress
Stephanie Evans
I’m Steph from South Wales living in Birmingham. I’m a huge fan of deathcore / slam / grindcore music.
Alex Dixon
I’m Alex, apart from my passion for photography, I love my music, cinema and animation.
Fiona Stephens
I’m Fi, I did a degree in Music Business at ACM and I can play 7 instruments. My favourite band changes all the time but the best live band I have ever seen was Green Day in 2013 and I broke my rib in the mosh pit.
James Leese
I am James Leese, 20. In terms of music there are no bounds of what I won’t give a listen but outside of that, I am a big film lover and TV show binger alongside playing my own solo acoustic music.
Bradley Cassidy
I am a Metal fan but really take anything that involves talent and innovation away from the mainstream way of bands thinking. I am heavily into unsigned and independent music and will take suggestions for reviews. Bands I am into range from; The Exploited to Sunn O))) to Swallow The Sun to Evil Scarecrow.
Dan Cooper
32-year-old music dork. Plays and writes in bands in his spare time, as well as been a self-confessed WWE fanatic. Loves anything from the Black Metal to Alt Country. Play him a Gaslight Anthem song and all will be good with the world.
Ben Mills
Music Journalism Student based in Cardiff. Fairly broad taste, ranging from metal to indie rock with everything in between. If it chugs hard or makes me cry I’m probably down with it.
Jacob Granger
A Multimedia Journalism graduate. You’ll find me at your local shows watching the opening band. I like distinctive music, no camouflage. Anything from a dipping and diving pop-punk chorus to a stomping metalcore breakdown, I’m open minded. Expect articles, interviews and features on the big talking points – as well as honest reviews. I look forward to your thoughts and thanks for reading.
Tom Martin
English student, lifeguard and journalist. Always listening to music, live music where possible. Mainlining on pop punk and metal, most rock and dabbling in indie.