Against the Current + ROAM @ London KOKO 21/03/16

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Over the last years, YouTube has become a strong and legitimate outlet for emerging talent to present themselves to the world and find a new audience. Against The Current have managed to use this to their advantage to the extent of playing the legendary Camden KOKO, with only having played 3 headline shows in London.

Launching right into the evening, openers ROAM jump straight into their set, loaded with their radio friendly pop-punk jams that are undeniably good. ROAM attempt to help the crowd break a sweat, as KOKO is still barely full. The 5 piece from Eastbourne are ecstatic to finally play the UK again, after being on the road in Europe for so long. Singer, Alex Costello along with the rest of the band have loads of energy, but slow it down when they choose to play, ‘Tracks’ acoustic. Mobile phone lights fill the room and the whole crowd sway from left to right. Announcing that they’re playing Slam Dunk, ROAM, play ‘Deadweight’ from their recent debut album, Backbone, which is a lot heavier and has everyone moving. ROAM are competent enough in their delivery and have the bullseye precision in both music and performance that allow them to stand out from the crowd. 9/10

Against the Current are the perfect band, a band who are on the divide between pure Pop and Pop Punk, and certainly have the momentum to be headlining arena’s within a couple of years. The band are non-offensive, full of energy and manage to get a solid reaction from their fans. Coming out onto the stage to a thunderous cheer, Against the Current opened with ‘Running with The Wild Things’, which instantly showed off what they can do live. Singer Chrissy Costanza was moving around the entire stage at every available opportunity, jumping up and down and getting the crowd going. Playing ‘Infinity’, the crowd goes insane and Chrissy’s vocals do everything right, holding notes and keeping the dynamics in check. There was a level of energy that was maintained throughout the whole show. When announcing to play a new song, the crowd cheered with glee. ‘Chasing Ghosts’, a softer song in comparison, highlighted Chrissy’s vocals.  Guitarist Dan Gow and Drummer Will Ferri, were also on top of their game, even so, Dan felt he had to crowd-surf for the first time in London.  Dan was able to show off a lot more of his ability, as songs such as ‘Runaway’ being a lot more pop, Dan was able to showcase his solo licks and chord progressions. All members had a great deal of presence as they performed with great enthusiasm.

Against the Current know how to work the stage and definitely made sure that everyone felt involved. When playing ‘Uptown Funk’ a Bruno Mars cover, the crowd bounced and the band put on a solid performance.  Overall Against the Current gave it their all, and proved that they’re moving on to bigger and better things. 9/10

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