Aim Higher – Homemade [EP]

Homemade Aim Higher

Veteran punk Kevin Seconds' home recording side project doesn't live up to his 7 Seconds work, yet is still a good start...

6 out of 10

The opening track of Homemade, titled Stain on Your Generation in true punk style, gives an instant flavour for the EP, which isn’t saying all that much as at 0:50 it is almost a quarter of the length of the 4 and a half minute EP. The styling sounds very much like 7 Seconds music-wise, which is perhaps unsurprising – the guitars are quick change power chords as would be expected, the drums play a generic quick hihat-heavy groove which pins under the vocals well. The downside however is the production; the mix sounds quiet and the vocals are higher in the mix than would be ideal for the style and it sounds rather messy in parts. Second track For A Reason furthers this with its speed, but the vocals have harmonies in the chorus (if you can call it that, it happens twice!) which don’t work too well and sound messy again. A good song as it goes, but it’s clear to hear it’s a DIY job…

Homemade, somewhat ironically maybe, is the best track in terms of production and therefore overall. All of the tracks are solid musically, though second mix of them would improve them greatly! Dual vocals appear in this track, with more punky vocals with less attention paid to tuning of the lines. Closing track Mouth of a Stranger tells of “brighter days ahead” in a quick, roots punk track that doesn’t stop the momentum of the EP at all.

Overall, the release shows a real potential for the project and Seconds will gain traction with it. What the project lacks in production should be made up with fans by putting his name on it and the momentum hopefully will produce more of this songwriting that has drawn everyone to 7 Seconds all these years.

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