Alexa Wilding Releases New Song Wolves

The New York solo artist's upcoming EP is due for release on friday

Solo Artist Alexa Wilding has released the title track of her upcoming EP Wolves.

The New York solo artist is due to release her EP on July 8th via her own label Tiny Prism.   Wilding wrote all the songs on her EP whilst in hospital as her son was being treated for cancer.   Wilding states –  “I had yet to come to terms with being a new mother, let alone the crisis I was in the middle of, so I turned to the only thing I knew how to do. I wrote at night, to escape really, revisiting people and places I missed, reliving moments, life on the road, relationships, all pre-motherhood. The songs kept us company, I made peace with the past, and we both made it out alive.”   “‘Wolves’ tells the story of a love affair that never took off, due to the lovers inability to ‘do as the wolves do’ and go for it, so it’s a song of frustration as well as a call to arms. Usually songs come fast, but this one I worked the hardest on, slaving over the arrangements, trying to get the story and the textures just right. It brought out a ferocity in me as a songwriter and therefore became the title track, holding a special place in my heart.”

Check out Wolves and another track titled EDEN below.

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