Antillectual – Engage!

Punk Rocker's new album due for release on the 29th July

In a world conflicted with social and political issues, Antillectual arise to bring you ENGAGE!   Their new LP which raises such issues mentioned.   Whilst it is good to see bands standing up and bringing these issues to the attention of the masses, the question we pose is if Antillectual deliver this message in an interesting musical format.

The attitude doesn’t exactly scream “screw the government, screw this and that”, whilst it is a punk rock record, the punk attitude is somewhat lacking.   Titles such as Priest Without A Religion, Europe This Is Your or Racist Rash are just let down by the lack of punk attitude in the songs, and these songs are 3 out of 4 songs which start the record off.   In all honesty, the music could easily be mistaken as that of a pop punk band, if you took away the artwork and album title, you could be easily mistaken.   Change The Standard and The Players & The Game have a bit more bite and do a good job of getting the album back on track, they’re a lot less upbeat and more heavier, the message also starts to become a little clearer now

Unfortunately, many of the songs that follow do not maintain that same vibe, except Obsessive Cosmetic Disorder and All In The Mix.   There’s not really anything fresh or groundbreaking, nor is there a sound that conveys the message this album is trying to deliver, it’s not bad, nor is it great, it’s just very okay and slightly bland.

Whilst the message of intent is there, ENGAGE! fails to deliver said message, and instead delivers an album with some bright points, but not being able to bridge them all together.   [5/10]

For Fans Of – Neck Deep, Simple Plan, Bowling For Soup

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