As It Is – Never Happy, Ever After (Deluxe Edition) [EP]

The Never Happy Every After (Deluxe Edition) from As It Is offers fans a teaser of new material from the band. Brand new song,Winters Weather is a fairly laid back song compared to some of their previous work. It has a more mature sound and relaxed feel with a solid drum and bassline that work perfectly together and with the rest of the band. Patty Walter’s vocals are on point with passion and depth and back-up vocals from Ben Biss add profound complexity as usual. Hopefully this is a preview of more to come from AII.

Along with this and the original 11 tracks, the deluxe edition also includes acoustic versions of hits from the first album, Cheap Shots, Dial Tones and Concrete featuring Ansley Newman. The three songs are suitably stripped back leaving the guys to be musically exposed creating for an almost tranquil sense. A softer side to Ben’s vocals is also shown through these songs, especially Dial Tones and although his familiar gritty tone is fantastic, it is good to hear a smoother tone from him. The choice to include Ansley Newman in the acoustic version of Concrete is pure genius. Her sound teams perfectly with Patty and gives the song an entirely new twist and tone that is gold to listen to. The EP will certainly give fans itchy feat for a second album of new tracks as it is now time for the guys to start releasing even more new music.


Check out the video for Winters Weather here, the deluxe EP is available to buy and download now.

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