As The Sun Sleeps – As Good As Gold – Review

If your a fan of Pop-Punk then don't sleep on this upcoming EP.

7 out of 10

As The Sun Sleeps are a Pop-Punk outfit hailing from Swindon. The band are set to release their latest EP As Good As Gold during January of next year and after releasing their EP Never Stars during this year, there are high hopes for what is contained on this EP. The band have friends in the energetic Junior from Cardiff and after taking the road with them in February the band have created an even more solid fan-base for themselves. But without further ado lets break down this EP.

Kicking off As Good As Gold is the lead single Beering, a song which sums up the band but not to the full extent that the EP as a whole does. With the tracks energetic instrumentation and solid structure it is a great beginning to the 5 tracks which are found on the EP. Although there are occasions where Beering feels like any other Pop-Punk band Joe Beck’s infectious voice make you unable to resist bopping along to the track as it speaks about drinking too much and making mistakes.

Coming next is Florida which holds one of the best instrumental parts on the entire record with great riffs and drums to match the track is infectiously fun and gets its chorus quickly stuck to forefront of the mind. Around the 1:50 mark the track truly comes into its own with this instrumental part which is the main highlight of Florida.

Forever Sick comes third on this EP and is unfortunately the weakest track on this EP as it seems to miss the mark in its instrumentation and vocals as there are occasions where the two seem to clash. However this track is still a lot of fun and for the connoisseurs of Pop-Punk there is a lot in this track which does make it worth a second listen.

What Matters Most is a track which truly does matter to As Good As Gold as it shows a different side to this band. With its slower make-up it allows the band to explore something which isn’t ventured too much within the rest of the tracks on the EP. The only thing that stopped this track from being the strongest track on this release is the fact there feels to be something missing, something fundamental that is found in the EP’s closer.

The closing track on this latest EP by As The Sun Sleeps is Nothing But Net. It is not only a great closer to the EP but it is also the strongest track that is on the release. This track is not only the most interesting instrumentally but also vocally as Joe’s vocals carry the track, with its slick riffs and explosive drums, and with its flawless harmonies it truly cements itself as a track that could carry the band to far places.

As The Sun Sleeps do a very good job of showing off their potential as a pop-punk band however it is hard to determine whether the sometimes generic sound that the band is producing will be enough to cement themselves alongside the other Pop-Punk bands the UK has to offer. However if the band continue to create tracks which perfectly encompass what Pop-Punk has been in the past and not so much right now As The Sun Sleeps has not only a bright future but also a chance at making it big.

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