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Asphyx release video for Candiru

Denmark born Asphyx have released the video for single Candiru, taken from their latest album Incoming Death. The video was filmed at Germany’s Turock Open Air Festival, where the group first performed the track live.

Candiru is a no-nonsense, non-compromising 3 riff containing fast Asphyx Death Metal track. A gory story about a revolting little fish from the Amazon that can nest itself in human genitals to suck blood after it got there via the urine stream. Only removable through amputation, so be careful there where you relieve yourselves folks! The video was recorded at this year’s Turock Open Air in Essen Germany, which we can almost call our second home. The very first time we ever rammed that tune on stage. We had a ball, as always, so hope you do too while watching this” – Vox Martin van Drunen 

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