ASTPAI Announce UK Tour

Australian Melodic-Punks ASTPAI have announced an August UK tour in support of their new album True Capacity released June 22nd via Shield Recordings and Jump Start Records.

ASTPAI have previously toured the UK with Restorations, The Street Smith Band and RX Bandits. 

Guitarist Zock stated about the tour: “It’s been almost two years since we’ve toured the land of Linda McCartney sausages and Yorkshire Tea, which leaves us nothing short of feeling THRILLED to be teaming up with our Shield Recordings label comrades, the amazing Harker, for this great looking run of UK shows in August!”

Brighton based band Harker will support the band throughout all tour dates, the band will tour on the following dates:
14 AUG – Brighton UK, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar
15 AUG – London UK, The Lock Tavern
16 AUG – Bristol UK, Exchange
17 AUG – Manchester UK, Fuel Cafe
18 AUG – Cardiff UK, The Big Top

Zock speaks about the new record: “When re-reading all the lyrics before recording, the word that stuck out the most is the word ‘mind’ – I feel like the older I get, the less my brain/mind/sanity/happiness manages to catch up and adjust to the ongoing impact of both useful and useless information – I’ve been going through really dark and intense phases of feeling absolutely full…you know, like a hard drive that reached its limit.

“The term “True capacity” is used to describe the maximum limit of production of (industrial) machines. I like the thought of using this term, comparing the way that it describes the capabilities of something soulless like a machine and the human brain/mind. The artwork underlines this idea in the way that our brains and emotions are unable to compute all the information we’re given. Daantje Bons really hit the nail on the head with her amazing cover photo. 

“The lyrics on the album are a little less analytical and a little more ‘philosophical’ I guess…they’re all based on personal experiences, some turned out somewhat political, most are either self-critical, self-analytical and at their very core, a sign of exhaustion, sometimes disappointment, but also love and admiration, related to depressing situations and experiences.”

ASTPAI’s new album True Capacity sees the band teaming up with Tom Zwanger at S.T.R.E.S.S Studios, Graz for engineering and production and Chris Creswell from The Flatiners for vocal production. The record was mixed by J Robbins, Magpie Cage, Baltimore USA and Dan Coutant, Sun Room Audio, Cornwall NY USA.

True Capacity is available for pre-orders -HERE-.

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