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I'm a metal fan that gets pumped about most music. I am also into Punk but not as heavily bands, I sort of like include; Sunn O))), The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Exploited and Amon Amarth. I also like comedic music such as Alestorm, Psychostick and Evil Scarecrow
Feed the Rhino

Feed The Rhino – The Silence

Melding a blend of Hardcore with modern day Metalcore, Feed The Rhino have been one of those bands that feel like their on the cusp of something big but for some reason have never made it past the threshold to being household names. On new album The Silence then it feels like the time FTR need to aim for the upper echelons of the metal scene.

With choruses that can rival legendary groups like Killswitch Engage on opener Timewave Zero this is a band which has no problem connecting to the vast melodious nature of the genre. The main thing that is noticeable however is the cockney punk screams of vocalist Lee Tobin being reminiscent of classic Hardcore vocalist Frank Carter.
A main factor which can make the band stand out against bands in its similar subgenre is the notion of the ballad, with Losing Ground connecting the audience straight to the bands heavier sound in a much subtler and inviting manner can make the album seem enticing and almost welcoming to new listeners. Give this band an inch and they will run a mile and thankfully this track proves why FTR are a group that is quite often overlooked in terms of the wider Hardcore scene.

What becomes a slight negative is the album seems to be quite repetitive on its mid-sections with tracks such as All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy and Yellow & Green melding into other sections of the album. The trick on sections such as this is to take your time explore the inner depths of the album and see how 90’s influenced grunge, a technique used later on in the album on The Silence, and 80’s inspired thrash has influenced the bands creativity. With quite scuzzy guitar effects and quite intricate solos this is something past the general spectrum of the scene and pushes them to the levels of bands such as Architects and While She Sleeps.

A truly underrated member of any band is the bassist and, in this case,, Oz Caggs gives the album it’s pure headbanging nature especially on Nerve Of A Sinister Killer his work makes the song go from what’s expected to what feels like a pure mosh anthem. Put this on live at any Hardcore club night/gig and the crowd will move, for what this band wants to achieve this is something that can only be described as commendable.
The guitar work of James Colley gives a complex and technical performance to the album especially on tracks such as Fences, which in turn can only be described as melodious. This is a great moment for the release and possibly more so in the bands overall career.

Whilst this is not a gamechanger album by any means, you can do a lot worse than Feed The Rhino’s latest release. They have a long way to go in terms of becoming the next big thing in metalcore but as a band on the underground scene of the genre they should have the chance to become a lot bigger than they currently are.


New Albums You Need To Hear This Week (8/1/2018 – 14/1/2018)

Here at Musicology we believe in giving you the best music available and so to celebrate this in 2018 we aim to give you a new feature to say what new albums to check out each week. This weeks comes from as far as chart toppers Black Veil Brides through to the intensity of a group such as Hamferð so hopefully there’s something here for every rock fan. If there’s any suggestions you think we have missed out feel free to comment on this post and add to what we may have missed. Below is all the new albums we believe you should be checking out this week:


Black Veil Brides – Vale
Release Date: 12th January 2018
Record Label: Republic Records

Acting as quite a controversial band for many in the scene Black Veil Brides will release their upcoming fifth album Vale this coming Friday. Following on from their previous S/T album hits such as Heart Of Fire, Last Rites and Goodbye Agony have already been major inclusions in the bands live set and great singles for many longterm fans of the band. With Vale already receiving massive singles including The Outsider, My Vow, When They Call My Name and The Last One this looks set to be the most commercial release the band have done to this point. This is a band who will likely rise up to be the next festival headliners of the future and based upon how this album and subsequent tour with Asking Alexandria and Download Festival performance to come this year, the thought of this eventuality might be sooner than we think. Love it or hate it, Black Veil Brides look set to make a huge impact on the world of metal in 2017.

Avatar – Avatar Country
Release Date: 12th January 2018
Record Label: Entertainment One Music 

Avatar’s seventh album Avatar Country might be the album that pushes them up to super stardom. With past tours with Download headliners Avenged Sevenfold through to major appearances at both Bloodstock and Download this is the band that have always been on the cusp of something greater. Following on from 2016 release Feather and Flesh; Avatar Country is set to focus on the theme of “the king” (where every song name on the track listing features the mention of this king at least once). What this means so far is anyone’s guess but when we get the album on Friday we should have some more answers. Avatar have never been a band to do things halfheartedly and singles such as A Statue Of The King only prove this further.

Corrosion Of Conformity – No Cross No Crown
Release Date: 12th January 2018
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Legendary Stoner Metal/Sludge Metal band Corrosion Of Conformity will release their second album since the return of Pepper Keenan to the band and tenth album overall No Cross No Crown this coming Friday. With singles; Cast The First Stone and Wolf Named Crow available to listen to now gives a good indication of where the band will go on this release. Riff laden heavy this release will appear to fans of bands such as Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin as much as it will to fans of more extreme subgenres of metal, melding both together perfectly. Strap in, pull the denim jackets on and be ready to mosh along to this insanely brilliant metal band.

Audrey Horne – Blackout
Release Date: 12th January 2018
Record Label: Napalm Records

Featuring musicians who play in legendary Black Metal bands such as Enslaved, Sahg and Deride, Audrey Horne bring their love of all things rock and roll in together to a mixing pot in order to create their new album Blackout. Acting as their sixth album overall many fans already know what to expect when it comes to Audrey Horne with inspirations from Kiss and Van Halen being regularly thrown at the bands direction for what their sound. If the amalgamation seems weird to you it’s because at times it can easily be described as being that, however if you wish to try out a band that doesn’t care what the rules of music say they can or can’t do Audrey Horne are your band of choice.

Bleeding Gods – Dodekathlon
Release Date – 12th January 2018
Record Label – Nuclear Blast Records

On only their second album Bleeding Gods are a name many predict will do well in the subgenres of Thrash and Death Metal. With their first however Sheperd Of Souls the band made quite an impact earning them spots on festivals such as Eindhoven Metal Fest and amassed a fan base from legendary metal bands such as Septicflesh, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Nile. This album also promises to be a concept album of Greek Mythology, with expertly crafted Death Metal tracks setting the atmosphere for what the group want to achieve. If you like the heavier end of music Bleeding Gods look set to do huge things in 2018 and look ready to become the next huge underground band.

I Am Noah – Final Breed (EP)
Release Date: 12th January 2018
Record Label: Bastardized Recordings

I Am Noah are a German Progressive Metalcore band which may have been missed by many outside the country. Melding the sound of Architects with August Burns Red this looks like a group which will attract the view of many to the genre. Releasing their debut album The Verdict in 2016 the tracks were written by the point of view of Biblical character Noah. The new EP looks set to carry on this narrative and make for a Metalcore release that is deep in thought, metaphor and intricacy. This may not be a band you will be overly familiar with but with a sense of awareness to make themselves different from the vast majority of the scene through to working their way through four amazing and personal tracks, this will be a release which will not take much of your time and one which will reward you with a solid new band to listen to.

Leaves’ Eyes – Sign Of The Dragonhead
Release Date: 12th January 2018
Record Label: AFM Records

Leaves’ Eyes are a symphonic metal super group featuring the vocalist of EnkElination (Elina Siirala) and Atrocity. This marks Elina’s debut album with the band following the quite messy breakup of former singer Liv Kristine Espenæs. The sound of this release therefore is quite convoluted and up in the air about what it will sound like. With singles currently released such as Sign Of The Dragonhead and Across The Sea being released the first glimmers of the bands sound is there with the new vocalist. Without hearing the album however it can’t be told whether or not the band will retain the same high quality they have throughout their career, but from the new singles it seems like that might be a strong possibility. With many people new to Leaves’ Eyes music anyway perhaps 2018 is the time to restructure the band and make a whole new possibility for the international exposure for the group.

Hamferð – Támsins likam
Release Date: 12th January 2018
Record Label: Metal Blade Records

Following on from Evst; Támsins likam is set to be Hamferð’s major label debut and hopefully the release that pushes the band further on the extreme metal underground. Creating the most beautiful and intricate yet harsh and abrasive Doom Metal this band is suited to fans of extreme metal and is a release perfect for tastes in the extreme and heavier end of music. To show how heavy they are the bands name Hamferð is a Farose word meaning (dead/missing seamen). Creating an intense and intricate backdrop, this looks set to be the cool band to mention at metal clubs and one which will likely cause quite a stir in the extreme metal underground for years to come.

Ho99o9 Announce UK Tour

Following a sold out show at London’s Underworld this past May Ho99o9 (pronounced as Horror) have now announced their first headlining European tour. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 9am.

The band have now played at various festivals from Glastonbury to Gathering Of The Juggalos, Reading and Leeds to Download Festival and have supported various artists including The Dillinger Escape Plan, Faith No More and Ghostface Killah. 

The tour will be in support of the band’s debut album United States Of Horror which was released earlier this year.

Combining elements of Punk, Rap. Hardcore, Industrial and Metal together this is a group which is damn near impossible to describe the genre of but one which has laid waste to many a festival stage. Make sure to catch Ho99o9 at the following dates:

Nov 24 Paris, France – Les Inrocks Festival
Nov 28 Brussels, Belgium – Botanique
Nov 29 Orleanse, France – L’Astrolabe
Nov 30 Bordeaux, France – Rock School Barbey
Dec 01 Toulouse, France – Connexione Live
Dec 02 Bern, Switzerland – ISC
Dec 03 Milan, Italy – Magnolia
Dec 04 Munich, Germany – Strom
Dec 06 Hamburg, Germany – Hafenklang
Dec 07 Amsterdam, Netherlands – Bitterzoet
Dec 08 Brighton, UK – Haunt
Dec 09 Bristol, UK – Fiddlers
Dec 10 Manchester, UK – Deaf Institute
Dec 11 Glasgow, UK – Stereo
Dec 12 Leeds, UK – Brudenell
Dec 13 London, UK – Electric Ballroom

Foo Fighters Announce Dates For Both London And Manchester For June 2018

Legendary rock band Foo Fighters have announced a three date UK tour of both Manchester and London for June 2018. This follows a London show in celebration of their new album Concrete And Gold where they invited Rick Astley on stage with them and a headlining performance at this past Glastonbury Festival.

The dates for the tour are below
June 2018
Tuesday 19 – MANCHESTER Etihad Stadium
Friday 22 – LONDON Stadium
Saturday 23 – LONDON Stadium

Tickets for the tour are available on 20th October at the following link

A Silverchair Covers Album Is Being Made By Bands Such As Northlane, In Hearts Wake, The Amity Afliction And Many More

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Silverchair’s second album Freakshow comes a heavily anticipated covers album entitled Spawn Again featuring some of the best bands in the Australian Metal scene such as; The Amity Affliction, Tonight Alive, Northlane and many more.

The first single to come from this cover’s album is Northlane’s version of Anthem For The Year 2000. Guitarist John Deiley said to Australian music site

Anthem For The Year 2000 was the first Silverchair song I ever heard.

“To me as a young kid, it was intense and heavy and it wasn’t til a few years later that I really began to appreciate the impact their music had on me at an early age.

“I think Australia’s love for Silverchair runs deep and their influence on Australian music is still felt today. There’s very few bands who can bring together artists to celebrate their work, and Silverchair is one of them.”

Spawn Again: A Tribute To Silverchair is scheduled for release on 17th November via UNFD Records.

1. The Amity Affliction – Tomorrow
2. Void of Vision – Israel’s Son
3. In Hearts Wake – Freak
4. The Brave – Cemetery
5. Northlane – Anthem For The Year 2000
6. Hands Like Houses – Ana’s Song (Open Fire)
7. Ocean Grove – Spawn (Again)
8. Storm The Sky – Emotion Sickness
9. Tonight Alive – Without You
10. Columbus – Straight Lines

Phil Anselmo’s Scour Release Their New Track Piles

Scour, Phil Anselmo’s band which features members from Cattle Decapitation (Derek Engemann), Animosity (Chase Fraser) and Pig Destroyer (John and Adam Jarvis) have today released their new song Scour which is featured on the band’s upcoming six-track EP Red. 

This EP is the second release from Scour following their debut S/T EP in 2016 and is set for release on November 3rd via Anselmo’s label Housecore Records.

Anselmo said to Metal Hammer in a recent interview:
“The Scour thing was just something that popped up – it’s something I think I can kill, I can lay it out. It’s predominantly modern-ish thrashy black metal stuff. I’m going to put my own spin on it.

“I don’t have to sound like your boy from Gorgoroth to get the point across – there’s other ways of singing over that style of music, and I shall employ many styles.”

The track can be listened to now on Metal Hammer’s site

Scour Red EP Tracklist:

  1. Red
  2. Piles
  3. Bleak
  4. Barricade
  5. Sentenced
  6. Shank


Moose Blood Announce 2018 UK Tour

Kent based rock group Moose Blood have announced they will be touring the UK this coming March with support from The Dangerous Summer. 

The band will be touring around the release of their third album (which release date is still unconfirmed) which is scheduled for release next year. Moose Blood are currently in LA recording the release with long-time collaborator Beau Burchell. 

Tickets for this tour are scheduled to go on sale Friday via Ticketmaster with exclusive album pre-orders/ticket offers from the band’s official site.

Tour dates are below:

Mar 02: Nottingham Rock City
Mar 03: Manchester Academy
Mar 05: Glasgow QMU
Mar 06: Newcastle O2 Academy
Mar 08: Birmingham O2 Institute
Mar 09: Bristol O2 Academy
Mar 10: London Roundhouse

Prophets Of Rage Announce London Show For November

Prophets Of Rage, the side project of Rage Against The Machine featuring members of Public Enemy and Cypress Hill have announced today they will be playing an exclusive show at London’s 02 Kentish Town Forum on 13th November 2017.

This will be the band’s first chance to play their S/T debut album in the UK which is scheduled for release on 15th September  This show is following the band’s debut UK show at Download Festival this year and their 13th June show at 02 Academy Brixton.

Presale for the tickets begins on Wednesday with general sale beginning on Friday. They can be bought from the following – link. 


Metal Blade Records – Newsletter 6/5/17 (6th May 2017) (Featuring: Goatwhore, Igorrr, Entrails, Downfall Of Gaia and Sacred Reich)

Upcoming Releases
05.05.17 GOD DETHRONED – “The World Ablaze”
19.05.17 AMON AMARTH – “The Crusher” (vinyl re-issue)
19.05.17 AMON AMARTH – “Versus the World” (vinyl re-issue)
19.05.17 BELOW – “Upon a Pale Horse” (Digi-CD/LP)
16.06.17 ENTRAILS – “World Inferno” (Digi-CD/LP)
16.06.17 IGORRR – “Savage Sinusoid” (Digi-CD/LP)
16.06.17 TOMBS – “The Grand Annihilation” (Digi-CD/LP)
23.06.17 GOATWHORE – “Vengeful Ascension” (DCD Book/Digi-CD/LP)
14.07.17 BLOODCLOT – “Up In Arms” (CD/LP)

Goatwhore will release their new album Vengeful Ascension on 23rd June. This ten-track (41 minute) album marks the band’s seventh  and second recorded reel-to-reel captured at Earth Analog in Tolono Illinois with producer Jarrett Pritchard (whose previous work includes records by 1349 and Gruesome) breaking a 4 album tradition of working with Erik Rutan. The album was also mixed by Chris Common (whose previous work includes records by Tribulation and Pelican) and mastered by Maor Applebaum (whose previous work includes records by Faith No More, Halford and Today Is The Day).

Frontman Ben Falgoust said: “Working with Rutan was awesome. We did some great records with him. But you come to a point where you’re like, ‘All right. Let’s try something new.’ It was part of trying to remove ourselves from a comfort zone and a risk thing we needed to take. Plus, we really wanted to hit the essence of where we are live and what better way to harness that than by having our live sound guy involved. Jarrett is knowledgeable with the studio stuff. He also knows how we sound coming out of a PA and we really wanted to get closer to that.

“Each song is a representation of Goatwhore. From day one until now. It really shows our evolution as a band,” the front-man reflects.”I don’t think that this band has reached its peak yet. I mean, I think we’re closer now than ever but we’re still growing; we’re still evolving.”

Vengeful Ascension will be available on the following formats:
–Digipak CD
–Limited “spell book” edition including two CDs (limited to 3000 copies)
–180g black vinyl
–clear/black-marbled vinyl (limited to 300 copies – EU exclusive)
–sepia/white-splatter vinyl (limited to 200 copies – EU exclusive)
–violet-red marbled vinyl (limited to 200 copies – EU exclusive)
–Clear with black and white swirls (limited to 1500 copies – US exclusive)
–sepia-marbled vinyl (limited to 100 copies – US exclusive)
* exclusive bundles with a shirt, plus digital options are also available!

Goatwhore’s new album has been described to theme itself around Luciferian notions, with Lucifer seeming as a emancipator and a guiding light. It is seen as a theme of struggle and transcendence and is heavily borrowed from John Milton’s Paradise Lost.

Falgoust said: “There’s that whole idea of Lucifer being the anti-hero, he’s cast out from this place in Heaven to the depths of nothing. He keeps trying to ascend to the top again but no matter what, there’s always this significant force trying to destroy him at any point and banish him back to Hell. If you look at it from an everyday aspect in life, it’s the idea of people, hitting the bottom of the barrel or you know, things just aren’t going right in life… emotion plays a huge part in how people react. Whether it’s based on love or hatred or sadness or whatever, there’s always an aspect of emotion that drives people to an extent. So the whole idea of a ‘Vengeful Ascension’ is built on being at the bottom, working your way to the top, and realizing along the way that there are other facets to the journey aside from just pure retribution. Within negativity there can exist a positive angle as well.”

Vengeful Ascension‘ track-listing:
1. Forsaken
2. Under The Flesh, Into The Soul
3. Vengeful Ascension
4. Chaos Arcane
5. Where The Sun Is Silent
6. Drowned In Grim Rebirth
7. Abandon Indoctrination
8. Mankind Will Have No Mercy
9. Decayed Omen Reborn
10. Those Who Denied God’s Will

Goatwhore are currently on tour supporting Amon Amarth the dates for this are below:
May 8 – TLA – Philadelphia, PA
May 9 – College Street Music Hall – New Haven, CT
May 10 – The Paramount – Huntington, NY
May 11 – The Garrison – Toronto, ON * Goatwhore only
May 12 – 20 Monroe Live – Grand Rapids, MI
May 13 – Dark Lord Day @ Three Floyds Brewing – Munster, IN
May 16 – The Cotillion – Wichita, KS
May 17 – Boulder Theatre – Boulder, CO
May 18 – Lookout – Omaha, NE * Goatwhore only
May 19 – The Blue Note – Columbia, MO
May 20 – Mercury Ballroom – Louisville, KY

Entrails look set to release their new album World Inferno on 16th June with Metal Blade Records. Check out their site now where you can order their album as either a Digi-CD or on Vinyl.

Entrails guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist said: “I am damn proud to finally unleash this nasty beast, A new chapter is written for Entrails to satisfy all old school maniacs out there. Having new blood in the band, Martin and Tommy, helped making this fifth album the rawest and heaviest to date. Prepare yourself to stretch out your neck in full headbanging!

The recordings for the new album started in December 2016 in Lundqvist’s Bloodshed Studio, Dan Swano who did mixing and mastering for the album said: “I don’t know if I had said this before, but I say it again. Every time I start thinking about putting together some new SweDeath project, Entrails show up at my doorstep with a new album to mix, and every time I think “Fuck!! – What’s the point in making my own project when this is so fucking good, and exactly what I wanted to do…” And if I felt there were some details to improve upon from our previous work together, they fix that and then some, and return with an album even stronger than the previous one. What the fuck is going on in Linneryd!? Are Jimmy cloning death metal warriors in some barn over there or what!? To sum it up. Yet another amazing slab of SweDeath coming your way from Entrails! Beyond. Blown. Away!

World Inferno‘ track listing:
1. World Inferno
2. Condemned to the Grave
3. Serial Murder (Death Squad)
4. The Soul Collector
5. Dead and Buried
6. Insane Slaughter
7. Into Eternal Fire
8. Suffer
9. The Hour of the Casket
10. The Blood Breed

Downfall Of Gaia release their new lyric video for Atrophy the title track of their album released last November, check this track out now to sample what they had in store on their most recent release the video was made by KDigitalProductions. 

The band’s new album can currently be ordered on vinyl,  as a Digi-CD or bundled with a T-shirt check the link out – here to order.

Atrophy was recorded at the Hidden Planet Studios in Berlin with Jan Oberg and mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley from the Atomic Garden Studios in San Francisco.

Downfall Of Gaia will also be on tour in Europe this week, check dates out below:
6/05/17 UK – Manchester – Rebellion
07/05/17 UK – London – Underwolrd
11/05/17 PL – Poznan – Pod Minoga
12/05/17 DE – Hannover – Bei Chez Heinz
13/05/17 DE – Leipzig – Westwerk
17/06/17 DE – Kiel – Kiel Explode
24/06/17 DE – München – Saint Helena Festival
05/08/17 DE – Karlsruhe – New Noise Fest

Igorrr – the creation of French musician Gautier Serre – will release their new album Savage Sinusoid via Metal Blade Records on 16th June. The record sees the melding of instruments such as electronic manipulations, accordion, saxophone, sitar and the harpsichord alongside blastbeats, death grunts, chunky riffs and soaring operatic vocals.

The band’s new single Opus Brain is available now to see what this intense creative mind can do within the world of music.

Be sure to check out the band’s site at Metal Blade Records, where the album can be boughts in the following formats:
–Digipak CD
–pale skin clear vinyl (limited to 500 copies)
–cream/white splatter (limited to 200 copies – EU exclusive)
–golden yellow vinyl (limited to 100 copies – Bandcamp exclusive)
–tan-marbled vinyl (limited to 200 copies – US exclusive)
*exclusive bundles with a shirt, plus digital options are also available!

‘Savage Sinusoid‘ track-listing:
1. Viande
2. ieuD
3. Houmous
4. Opus Brain
5. Problème d’émotion
6. Spaghetti Forever
7. Cheval
8. Apopathodiaphulatophobie
9. Va te foutre
10. Robert
11. Au Revoir

Serre has collaborated with several musicians on this project including vocalists Laurent Lunoir and Lauere Le Pruenec, drummer Sylvian Bouvier and plenty of collaborations including Cattle Decapitation’s vocalist Travis Ryan on Apopathodiaphulatophobie, Cheval and Robert. 

Serre says: “I just want to make the music I love, without asking myself if it’s gonna be too complex or too far from what people like. I want to make the music which has sense to me, with no restrictions, like a big party with metalheads, electronics nerds, classical and baroque-heads and gypsy violinists getting drunk and joining together to bring the best of every genre.

Igorrr will be on tour in Europe this summer, dates are below:
June 17 – Hellfest Open Air – Clisson, France
Jul. 7 – What The Fest?!#2 – Vendargues, France
Jul. 9 – UK Tech Fest – Winthorpe, United Kingdom
Jul. 15 – Dour Festival – Dour, Belgium
Aug. 11 – Brutal Assault – Jaromer, Czech Republic
Oct. 17 – l’Aeronef – Lille, France
Nov. 15 – La Maroquinerie – Paris, France

Sacred Reich will do a global tour in celebration of their album Ignorance reaching it’s 30th anniversary. The tour will feature Byantzine as support and will look set to commemorate this historic milestone for this classic Thrash band. The group shares lineage with many of the second wave Thrash Metal bands including Testament, Destruction and Dark Angel.

Byantzine will be touring their new album The Cicada Tree due for release this Summer. The band have also started a PledgeMusic campaign with every purchase receiving a digital download of the tracks and other exclusive content including cover songs by Fishbone and The Cars, reserve your copy now.  The dates for both of these bands are listed below:

Sacred Reich “30 Years of Ignorance” EU tour dates
Jul. 26 – London, United Kingdom – The Underworld
Jul. 27 – Birmingham, United Kingdom – O2 Academy Birmingham
Jul. 28 – Glasgow, United Kingdom – The Cathouse
Jul. 29 – Belfast, Ireland – The Limelight 2
Jul. 30 – Dublin, Ireland – Voodoo Lounge Dublin
Aug. 2 – Aschaffenburg, Germany – Colos-Saal
Aug. 3 – Osnabruck, Germany – Bastard Club
Aug. 4 – Wacken, Germany – Wacken Open Air
Aug. 5 – Eindhoven, Netherlands – Dynamo Metal Fest
Aug. 6 – Drachten, Netherlands – Into the Grave Fest
Aug. 9 – Munich, Germany – Backstage Halle
Aug. 11 – Josefov, Czech Republic – Brutal Assault Festival
Aug. 13 – Kortruk, Belgium – Alcatraz Festival
Aug. 16 – Dornbirn, Austria – Dornbirn Conrad Sohm
Aug. 17 – Innsbruck, Austria – Innsbruck Hafen
Aug. 18 – Dinkelsbuhl, Germany – Summer Breeze
Aug. 19 – Essen, Germany – Turock Open Air
Aug. 21 – Thessaloniki, Greece – Eightball Club
Aug. 22 – Athens, Greece – Kyttaro Club

Sacred Reich “30 Years of Ignorance” USA tour dates
w/ Byzantine

Sept. 14 – Santa Ana, CA – The Observatory w/ Hirax, Yidhra
Sept. 15 – Los Angeles, CA – The Roxy Theatre w/ Hirax, Yidhra
Sept. 16 – San Francisco, CA – Slim’s w/ Yidhra
Sept. 18 – Denver, CO – Marquis Theater
Sept. 20 – Chicago, IL – Reggie’s
Sept. 21 – Toronto, ON – Opera House
Sept. 22 – Montreal, QC – Les Foufounes Electriques
Sept. 23 – Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall
Sept. 24 – New York, NY – Gramercy Theater
Sept. 25 – Philadelphia, PA – Voltage
Sept. 27 – Atlanta, GA – Masquerade
Sept. 28 – New Orleans, LA – Southport Hall
Sept. 29 – Dallas, TX – Trees
Sept. 30 – Houston, TX – Scout Bar w/ Slim
Oct. 1 – San Antonio, TX – Rock Box
Oct. 2 – El Paso, TX – Tricky Falls *
Oct. 7 – Phoenix, AZ – Club Red *
* = no Byzantine

The Rising Few Claim To Have A Bigger Sound On Their New EP “Adult Entertainment”

Montreal QC band The Rising Few have claimed to increase their game and have a bigger sound on their new EP Adult Entertainment, the followup to the Alt-Rockers 2014 EP Sinners On St-Laurent. 

The band have been described as being a culturally diverse group with members coming from; Haiti, France, Syria, Canada, Brazil, Armenia and Egypt coming together in Canada with a love of Bruce Springsteen and a knack of storytelling within their music.

Delusional behaviour is what describes the EP’s lyrical content with Big Boy Games describing treason, The Sinking Of The I’m Alone describing the sinking of the Canadian schooner the “I’m Alone” during the prohibition era, Try Try Again depicts the delusion of failure and Lights And Shadows tackles melancholy in love-loss. The Rising Few might be a new band but with the statement that is driven from all of the above songs, their certainly a group to keep an eye on.

The main songwriter for the band Karim Terouz said: “It was GO BIG or GO HOME! We’re all recent immigrants to Canada and in a time where cultural differences are threatened, THE RISING FEW take the chance to promote their unity, by tackling these issues and presenting them in classy, colorful, adult contemporary rock.

Adult Entertainment is set for release this coming Friday and will be available on iTunes and Spotify.

Track Listing:

1. Try Try Again (Gonna Need A Helping Hand) (4:24)
2. Gullible (4:08)
3. The Sinking of The I’m Alone (3:22)
4. Big Boy Games (2:52)
5. Save Yourself (2:52)
6. Lights And Shadows (5:16)
7.Try Try Again (Bonus) (3:40)
8. Hit The Monarchy (Bonus) (2:46)

EP Length: 29.24
The band will also be hosting a free entrance CD presented by Hennessy   at Le Plateau Lounge (901 Rue du Square-Victoria) on the 26th May in Montreal. The show will be opened by Po Lazarus performing an acoustic set and will also serve as a gallery with a hand drawn photo of the mural created by Karim Therouz and the installation art, all of which will be auctioned. The Rising Few will also be joined by The Vocalist Magazine and The Bell Media Documentary Show (the Bell Media documentary show that highlights Montreal artists on Bell Fibe TV).