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Bowling For Soup Announce Tracklist For Upcoming Release

The US giants Bowling For Soup only released Drunk Dynasty earlier this year but already the band are set to release their second album of the year Acoustic In A Freakin’ English Church. The album which will be released alongside the live DVD is boasting a great track listing which the band have announced now a week before its release date. Check out the track list below.


1. Me With No You
2. Almost
3. A-Hole
4. 2113
5. Since We Broke Up
6. The Bitch Song
7. Last Call Casualty
8. Ohio (Come Back To Texas)
9. Emily
10. Two Seater
11. A Friendly Goodbye
12. Envy
13. Goodbye Friend
14. All Figured Out
15. Punk Rock 101
16. A Really Cool Dance Song
17. If You Come Back To Me
18. Turbulence
19. 1985

Young Legionnaire – Zero Worship – Review

Alternative/Indie band Young Legionnaire and its members have been leaving their mark on the British music market for years with some hailing from bands such as Bloc Party and yourcodenameis:milo. After forming in 2010 the band quickly proved themselves to be a force to be reckoned with, especially during their debut album Crisis Works and now 5 years later the band have released their Sophomore record Zero Worship. Now without further ado let’s break down Young Legionnaire‘s new album, Zero Worship.
Kicking off this Sophomore album is the track Year Zero, which is a clever introduction to this album, there is no explosive entrance as there is almost a sense of calm as the band move through a track which not only showcases some tight instrumentation but also some very well constructed vocal melodies. As the track reaches it’s mid point the introduction you almost expect to come from this album moves in to the spotlight with the explosive drums of Dean Pearson and powerful bass and guitars of Gordon Moakes and Paul Mullen. The track quickly moves its way through its full run time, and shows itself to be not only a great starting track but also a promising look at what else this album has in store.
Following this energetic opener are the tracks Heart Attack and Hail, Hail which although different in execution still produce this explosive entrance that Year Zero provided. Through both tracks there is a sense that over the past five years Young Legionnaire have been preparing for this moment; waiting to come back not only sounding tighter than ever through the first three tracks but to prove themselves yet again, and with Paul Mullen’s soaring voice dancing atop the tracks there is never a moment through either of them where they don’t land almost perfectly.

Coming off the end of Hail, Hail is a trio of tracks each more different than the last. Starting off with Simone there is a slow almost Alt-Rock feel to the track with the cleverly toned guitar and backing vocals that creates a very ambient atmosphere even when the track starts to pick up towards the end and is truly a piece of music which could be played a hundred times through with each time there being something new to notice. Candidate however flips everything we had in Simone with it’s far heavier makeup, with not just the blistering guitars but also the occasional screams. The track powers to the foreground as Young Legionnaire in parts seem to tackle some quite complex rhythmic sections.
The last of these three tracks is Balaclava and as a whole it truly lives up to the notion that the band do draw from some indie influences as it feels far different to everything that else that has featured on this sophomore album so far. Despite it being a strong track, constructed beautifully and packing a punch, it’s far lighter than what we’ve heard already.
Sawn-Off Shotgun continues this Sophomore album and is unfortunately the weakest track you can find on this release due to the odd effects on the voice and it makes the track almost feel very out of place in Zero Worship as in comparison to everything else we have heard it is very inconsistent. But that isn’t to say the track doesn’t have it’s highlights with the very obscure timing and structure so there are times where the track feel to have its own identity, but sadly it doesn’t really fit with the album thus far.
You and Me counters this however, being the strongest track on Young Legionnaire‘s newest release. As this track starts to play it feels very reminiscent of the earlier Simone whilst also drawing from the more indie styling of Balaclava and truly makes for an exciting listen as the track plays through. Throughout You and Me there is a clear indication at how strong this trio are instrumentally but also vocally as the melodies on this track truly do stick in the mind well after the albums end.
As the album starts to draw to a close we get the complex rhythms of Hospital Corners and Disappear, these two tracks that on occasion even sound a little mathy in composition, truly add to the albums already strong rally of tracks, yet also start to draw the album towards a perfect close. With their musical prowess truly shining through, it is good to see how Young Legionnaire are proving themselves to be a force to be reckoned with.
Closing off this new Young Legionnaire album is There Will Be An Escape Hatch and being a mirror image of what we heard on this albums opener there is a great sense of a perfect circle being drawn, not only through the tracks but through the album as a whole. As with the track’s, even slower, beginning it feels almost picturesque similarly again to Simone, yet with it’s inventive pattern and enjoyable listen it feels as if the band took all the best bits and accumulated it in to this one song which not only ends the album well but also gives a great sense as to what this band will produce in the future.
Overall this album is a very interesting listen and is something any fan of Bloc Party or even yourcodenameis:milo should check out if they haven’t heard the band before. With it’s complex instrumentation and soaring vocals the album never seems to miss a beat however, that doesn’t mean to say the album doesn’t come with issues, as there are times where it feels lack lustre and doesn’t feel as strong as it possibly could have been. Yet Zero Worship is still a great must listen from a year which has been jam packed with great music.

Quinn Sullivan Announces New Album

Quinn Sullivan shared the stage with names such as Eric Clapton, The Roots and even opening for BB King. It is amazing to see all Sullivan has achieved at the ripe age of 17. Now after two previous album releases, Quinn Sullivan has announced his third album Midnight Highway and not only has released a trailer for this upcoming release but also the first track off of the album called Something For Me. The album which was recorded at the prestigious Blackbird Studio is set for release on the 24th of March. Check out Something For Me and Midnight Highway’s trailer below.


Track Listing:
1. Something For Me
2. Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming
3. Midnight Highway
4 .Crazy Into You
5. Eyes For You
6. Lifting Up
7. She Gets Me
8. Rocks *
9. Going
10. Graveyard Stone*
11. Big Sky*
12. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
13. Buffalo Nickel

Download Announces Second Wave Of Bands

Download Festival have today announced the second wave of bands who will be gracing the stage at Donington Park this year. After a massive announcement first time around with the likes of Biffy Clyro and Aerosmith being announced it would seem that the line up couldn’t get better yet with the likes of Four Year Strong, Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan and Astroid Boys and many other joining the line up in this second announcement. Download is looking more and more like festival to not be missed when it comes around in June. Check out both announcements in the poster below.


Fragile Things – Broken Sun – Review

UK Rock’N’Rollers Fragile Things have been leaving their mark on the UK classic rock scene and are set to release their latest work Broken Sun during the February of next year. Being inspired by the rock greats of the past the band are putting this modern edge to their tracks. Alongside the release of this new EP Broken Sun the band are in the midst of planning a tour for 2017. With out further a do lets break down this EP.

Starting off this EP is the track Enemy Is I which buzzes with electricity and powerful riffs as the band seem to speed through the 3 minute run time. With it’s crashing drums and persistent vocals this not only kicks the EP off well but it also bodes well for what is to remain on the rest of the EP. During this track one thing does stand out and that is the pure skill of Mark Hanon as the guitar riffs that run through the song seem to carry the track.

Following Enemy Is I is what is possibly the strongest track on this entire release, which comes in the form of Open Cage. As the track begins there is this blistering opening that sticks in the mind not only through to the tracks full run time but also to the end of the EP, as you will find yourself replaying it in your head time and again. Alongside that the soaring vocals of Richie Hevanz truly help tie what is a very explosive and well thought out track together.

Coming next off of this EP is the title track Broken Sun, which carried on this string of strength albeit from the track that was just before it, yet again similarly like it had been with Open Cage the opening of this track is what makes it truly memorable with the very explosive opening and softer verses there is a great juxtaposition between the sections that make up this track. However during this track, it seems to loose steam and starts to weaken and that is unfortunate as with such a strong opening it seemed like it would stay consistently strong throughout.

The final track on this EP is So Cold and is unfortunately the weakest track that comes off Fragile Things‘ EP with a very lack luster track in almost every aspect, however there is some potential in this track but for whatever reason what was possibly a great song in notion wasn’t executed with the same power that the rest of the EP is, but that isn’t to say for those who are more tuned to the tropes of Classic Rock won’t be able to find the key highlights that run throughout this track.

Fragile Things have created an EP which produces a great standing point for the band and their nearby future as it not only shows the bands immense passion but also their ability to construct tracks which not only show off each members talent but also their understanding of the modern twist to classic rock that they play. However, that isn’t to say this EP is perfect, with moments occasionally feeling lack luster it is almost as if Fragile Things‘ new EP is doesn’t always connect in the way they had hoped

Reading And Leeds First Announcement

This morning the first announcement of yet another festival was revealed, this time it was for Reading and Leeds. After the festivals stand out line up of this year it is sure a tough act to follow and with some much anticipation and some unfortunately lack lustre reveals already there were worries and high hopes for Reading and Leeds’ first announcement.

However in similar fashion this first announcement delivers with not only a wide array of genres but also a solid first reveal of some of the bands who will grace the attendees of this coming years festival. With Muse as the first headliner alongside the likes of Architects and Danny Brown, Reading and Leeds looks to be shaping up nicely. Check out the announcement below.


State Champs Drop New Video

Pop-Punk giants State Champs have today dropped a brand new video for their track Losing Myself. The track comes off their release of last year Around The World, and with its fun new video the track still manages to pack a punch of upbeat riffs and powerful sound that State Champs deliver time and again. The video directed by Kyle Trash is somewhat pushed as a promo video for a water park, but without further a do check out the video for State Champs’ Losing Myself below.

Excuses Excuses Release Debut EP and New Video

The Ontario punk rock trio, Excuses Excuses, on the 25th of November released their debut EP Frame of Mind. The EP which has been released so recently touches many topics from drug use to the notion of losing someone close to you. Having been inspired by bands such as Green Day and Billy Talent, Excuses Excuses have spent the past year developing their sound. Alongside releasing this EP the band have also dropped a music video for the EP’s opener The Outsider. Check the video out below.

Support Excuse Excuses and buy the EP today HERE. But also download The Outsider for free HERE.

Frame of Mind Track List:

1. The Outsider (3:41)
2. Alibis (3:59)
3. Rewind! (3:33)
4. Frame of Mind (3:43)
5. (Is That) What You Meant (4:36)
EP Length: 19:34