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Dave Hause

Dave Hause announces new album

Rise Records have announced they they will be releasing the upcoming third album of hardcore/punk veteran and “songwriter’s song writer” Dave Hause. The collection is titled Bury Me In Philly and is set to be released on the label on 3rd February worldwide.

Frank Turner said of Hause: “I’ve been sharing stages and singing with Dave Hause for 8 years now and he’s still teaching me things I didn’t know. A true diamond in the punk rock rough.

Hause is also heading out on tour in March:

March 1 / Cologne, GER / Gloria
March 2 / Hannover, GER / Faust
March 3 / Berlin, GER / Postbahnhof
March 4 / Munster, GER / Skaters
March 5 / Wiesbaden, GER / Schalachthof
March 6 / Vienna, GER / Arena
March 7 / Munich, GER / Strom
March 8 / Zurich, SUI / Dynamo
March 9 / Stuttgart, GER / Universum
March 10 / Amsterdam, NL / Bitterzoet
March 11 / Hasselt, BEL / MOB
March 12 / Brighton, UK / The Haunt
March 13 / Leeds, UK / Brudnell
March 14 / Manchester, UK / Gorilla
March 15 / Glasgow, SCT / King Tuts
March 16 / London, UK / Garage
March 17 / Bristol, UK / Thekla
March 18 / Birmingham, UK / Academy 2
March 19 / Nottingham, UK / Rescue Rooms

Hear the lead single from Bury Me In Philly below, titled With You:

Periphery European Unrest

Periphery announce ‘European Unrest’ tour

In association with Impericon, Washington DC prog metal band Periphery have announced a tour round Europe that they are calling ‘European Unrest’ – presumably due to Brexit and political confusion generally in the continent.

They will bring with them The Contortionist and Destrage who are definitely good members of the tour party to absolutely crush it before Periphery cause ‘unrest’ every night.

Tickets go on sale Monday, available here.

Periphery European Unrest


Biffy Clyro Re-arrange

ICYMI: Biffy Clyro release ‘Re-arrange’ video

Biffy Clyro have released another video from the Ellipsis era, this time for Re-arrange. The track is loved by fans as one of the slower numbers from the record, which was released in July via Warner Bros.

They have just wrapped up a UK & Ireland tour with Brand New and their setlist featured Re-arrange so if you like it, check them out at Download Festival in 2017 or catch them on the EU tour going on in January/February for which you can see the dates here.

Over Throne

Hacktivist release surprise EP ‘Over-Throne’

Ahead of their UK tour starting tomorrow, Milton Keynes’ grime metal quintet Hacktivist have released a new EP ahead of their UK tour that kicks off in Camden’s Underworld tomorrow night. The EP is called Over-Throne and features one original track and three reimaginations of other selections from their catalogue, released today on UNFD.

Over-Throne track-listing:
1. Over-Throne
2. Taken (acoustic)
3. Buszy (TimyJames remix)
4. (Rock) Superstar

Vocalist Ben Marvin said: “Over-Throne’ is one of the first new tracks we’ve written since the Outside The Box album came out earlier this year. It’s about people taking the power back into their own hands. We no longer want or need to be governed by soulless money making machines. THEIR interests are not OUR interests. Too much blood has been shed.

The tour dates look like this:
10.12.16 – London, Camden Underworld
12.12.16 – Bristol, Thekla
13.12.16 – Birmingham, Flapper
14.12.16 – Manchester, Sound Control
15.12.16 – Glasgow, Audio
16.12.16 – Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
17.12.16 – Brighton, Sticky Mikes
29.01.17 – Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes

Hear the title track below:


In The Spotlight: COPE

After catching COPE opening for Blood Youth in October and being absolutely blown away (read the full review here), we thought we’d catch up with them to have an insight into their world.

Basic Info

Josh Bowles (guitar): “Our band is made up of myself, Adam Bates (vocals), Ross Long (guitar), Florian Labour (bass) and Ed Thompson (drums). Our home town is London, however 3 of us are from the West Country, Florian’s from France and Ed is from Slough, but is half French, so you could say we have the ‘French connection’! We’re aged between 25 & 31. The name has 2 meanings; the first being the obvious, and the second being an acronym, standing for ‘Challenge Oppression, Pursue Equality’, which is also the title of our debut EP.”

The Past

Josh: “We met on an online forum for people who’re looking for other musicians to start a band. Myself and Ross had both posted similar ads, and when we all met up, it turned out me and Ross already knew each other, and me and Adam had loads of mutual friends. So from there, we starting putting together what we had written separately, and wrote Here’s Hoping, the 3rd track on the EP. We then self-released our first single, Now Or Never, 5 months after we’d formed.”

The Present

Josh: “Right now, we’re kinda winding down for the Christmas period. We’ve just released our debut EP a couple of weeks back, so we’re still riding the release wave and will have a couple more shows before the year’s out in support of that. It’s been a long year – there’s a lot of work to be done when self-releasing music, so we’re excited to have a short break! That being said, we have some stuff planned for early next year, so we can’t rest on our laurels for too long, there’s always more to do!”

The Future

Josh: “We’re currently planning a string of dates for the first quarter of next year, so that’s our main priority for the minute. We’re also just confirming some festival dates too, so we’ll be hitting the stage a lot more and will be way more active in 2017. We’re almost done with the writing process for the follow up to Challenge Oppression too, so you can expect new music in the Spring time. I’m super stoked with what we’ve written so far, so if you liked COPE, just wait and see what we have in store for you next year! There’s never any let up, the world’s still fucked and we’re still angry, so we’re not going anywhere any time soon.”


Check out the COPE‘s new EP Challenge Oppression, Pursue Equality here and find them on all social media @copetheband. See the new video for Seasons Ending below:


The Orwells announce Spring 2017 UK tour

The Orwells have announced a UK tour in support of their upcoming third album for Spring 2017. The record is titled Terrible Human Beings and is due out on 17th February.

The album was recorded over the course of a month at Chicago’s Electrical Audio, produced by Jim Abbiss (Artic Monkeys, Adele) who the band had worked with a bit before.Guitarist Matt O’Keefe said “The Pixies were an obsession when we were writing this album. I think that’s where a lot of trying to make the songs and the guitar parts very simple was coming from, because the Pixies are kings of that. We’ve always been a simple band, but this time it was about trying to keep everything straightforward, nothing flashy.”

See the full The Orwells dates below:

1st March                   Glasgow, Stereo                                   tickets
2nd March                  Birmingham, Hare & Hound           tickets
3rd March                   Brighton, Haunt                                 tickets
4th March                   Bristol, Thekla                                    tickets
5th March                   Manchester, Gorilla                           tickets
7th March                   London, Scala                                     tickets

Aphyxion same kind of different

Aphyxion release ‘Same Kind of Different’ video, album

To coincide with the release of their new album Aftermath today, Danish modern metal outfit Aphyxion have just released a new video. The track in question is titled Same Kind of Different follows previous singles Dark Stains on Ivory and Destined to Fail which have collectively passed 250,000 views/streams across all platforms.

The album as a whole was recorded with Jacob Hansen (VolbeatPromal Fear) at the Hansen Studios in their hometown of Ribe and features 11 tracks of solid, raging metal. In the past, Asphyxion have been noticed by several awards committees including Danish Metal Awards and Royal Metal Grand Prix and for a band in their twenties it does real testament to their brilliance.

See the video below:


A Loss For Words – Crises

Crises starts out with the only track released so far, titled Existential Crisis at the Cask ‘n Flagon which couldn’t be more in the styling of A Loss For Words – a punchy riff/drum combination with vocals from the rougher end of the pop punk spectrum that breaks out into a massive catchy chorus.

The momentum moves well into I Feel An Army In My Fist, which involves emo influences to create the melodic hardcore/pop punk cross that the band have created through the years. The vocals here are rough with more shouted/screamed backing vocals and power chord rhythm guitars keeping the whole tune in check. It provides the real kick-off point of Crises and pushes the energy right up to change the tracks following from becoming one of their good albums to perhaps their best.

In Your Company is a standout track, not only for its quality but for its style that is so different from the rest of the pieces on Crises. For the first three minutes, there are just vocals over a quick acoustic guitar part that keeps the pace of the song right up. The address to someone special allows the lyrics to dig deep yet the pace keeps it light and the breaking into full band means the words get a different feel to them despite keeping the same melodies and tempo.

Another standout is Boston’s Wayward Son (Exit 16B) which is both a comment on how far they have come from their humble roots and how they are still fond of their home back in Massachusetts. The opening line of “lately I’ve been looking back to where I fell off-track” sets the tone instantly for the song – a light-hearted view of the past while being serious about the present. The instrumentals throughout are also solid, with a soaring chorus and clever scale leads throughout.

Lyrically, the record is very diverse. It goes from themes of change, loss and home and switches between with ease. Lines like “I was a hollow shell of my former self, and I missed her so much I felt physically ill” from In Your Company show how they can manipulate word sounds however they like to fit the instrumental below it – a regular sign of good songwriting.

Overall, an album that sums up the music of A Loss For Words in the space of a 45-minute period. As final albums for bands go, this one is one of the finest not only for its nostalgic feel but also its ability to be a fantastic standalone album. A fitting end to a fitting career for one of the most downright awesome pop punk bands this century, a band that has left many people including the Musicology Team at A Loss For Words. They will be sorely missed.

Preorder the Crises here, you won’t regret it.

Within Shadows

In The Spotlight: Within Shadows

With the return of the In The Spotlight feature comes an introduction to an extremely hardworking band called Within Shadows. The band originate in Canada and currently consists of Sean Farias (vocals), Jordan Heffernan (drums), Brad Tiessen (guitar) and Jacob Bailey (bass).

The Past

Sean Farias (vocals): “Within Shadows started in 2012, founded by me alone. I began this band as a solo project and I worked on songs by myself in the early days before releasing a few instrumentals in 2014. Since I had just recently left a band I was dedicated to at the time, The Culls, I wanted to keep pursuing music on my own. During that year, I met Jordan (Heffernan, drums) because we ended up working at the same workplace together. We both connected since we both have a passion for music and many bands like Slipknot and Avenged Sevenfold among others, so I invited him over to try recording some improvised sessions together. This quickly turned into an improvised EP which we called Release the Disease.  Everything fell into place perfectly, and the songs basically wrote themselves since they were all on-the-spot performances. We then decided to keep the project progressing forward and became a duo officially in 2015. That summer, Jordan suggested to work with his friend Brad Tiessen (guitar), who has always been a close childhood friend. We all hit it off and then became a trio. With the EP released and being sold, we made a $500 profit from the sales and donated that money to our local food bank. The rest of the year and first half of 2016, we began working on our full length album Mind = Enemy, this time as a trio. During summer 2016, another close friend of the band named Jacob Bailey began playing bass for us. He filled the position perfectly and now has finalised the four-man band Within Shadows is now. Throughout the last 2 years of the band growing, we have held practices once a week to keep ongoing progress.”

The Present

Sean: “Within Shadows is currently putting the finishing touches on our upcoming album and to get ready for the release. The album will consist of 11 new songs and 4 remakes of our EP songs. We have just filmed our very first music video for a new song called Get Up, which will be the lead single to begin our new era.  We have also had band photos done by Zeebrahmedia recently. We are currently planning out showing bookings and getting our name spread more throughout the media in preparation for the album.”

The Future

Sean: “We have have aspirations to take Within Shadows as far as we can go in the music industry, as any band does. We are working hard every day towards the possibility of being able to join a record label and doing music as a full-time job. Touring and releasing more music is a dream of ours that we are very much determined to make a reality. We plan on releasing more music videos in the coming year, playing a lot of shows and sending our new tunes out to radio stations and labels.

If you interested in new unsigned bands and hearing new music, please check out our band. Any form of support is greatly appreciated and helps us progress further to achieve our dream of doing this for a living. From every share follow, listen to post likes, we are so thankful and will keep producing more content in return, not to mention the fact that we love interacting with our fans. You can message us anytime on any of the platforms we have and we will respond to you. We are always here, and supportive people like you all are the reason why we enjoy doing what we do so much!

Visit Within Shadows‘ socials on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, email them at or visit their website here. You can also support the band on: iTunes, BandCamp, SoundCloud, Spotify and buy their merch here.

Photo and video credits go to Ryan Brougj (Zeebrahmedia), who is on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you also to James Maddern and Musicology for this opportunity!”