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Lonely The Brave announce EP and UK headline tour

Following the release of their critically acclaimed sophomore release Things Will Matter in May, Lonely The Brave have announced the Dust & Bones EP.

It will be released on the 12th August via Hassle Records. Led by album highlight, the iconic track Dust & Bones, the EP also contains two new original songs in Place Isn’t Lost and Bottled Time and an added cover of legends Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb.

The band have previously supported the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Biffy Clyro and Deftones. They will also be playing at this year’s Latitude, Truck and 2000 Trees Festival as well as a newly announced run of headline shows with Tall Ships in support, dotted around their festival appearances.

See the title track below:

And here are all the tour dates:

08/07/16 – 2000 Trees Festival, Cheltenham – United Kingdom
15/07/16 – Truck Festival, Oxford – United Kingdom
16/07/16 – Latitude Festival, Southwold – United Kingdom
31/07/16 – Y Not Festival, Derbyshire – United Kingdom
27/08/16 – Anchored To The Sound Festival, Plymouth – United Kingdom
03/09/16 – Fort Fest, Bedford – United Kingdom

New October UK tour dates * w/Tall Ships:
30/09/16 – Sheffield – The Plug* – BUY TICKETS
03/10/16 – Brighton – The Haunt* – BUY TICKETS
04/10/16 – Southend – Chinnerys* – BUY TICKETS
06/10/16 – London – Camden Electric Ballroom* – BUY TICKETS
07/10/16 – Bristol – Marble Factory* – BUY TICKETS
08/10/16 – Manchester – Neighbourhood Festival – BUY TICKETS
10/10/16 – Nottingham – Rescue Rooms* – BUY TICKETS
11/10/16 – Glasgow – King Tuts* – BUY TICKETS
14/10/16 – Leicester – 02 Academy* – BUY TICKETS
15/10/16 – Leeds – The Key Club* – BUY TICKETS
18/10/16 – Oxford – 02 Academy* – BUY TICKETS
19/10/16 – Hull – Welly* – BUY TICKETS
21/10/16 – Birmingham – 02 Academy* – BUY TICKETS
22/10/16 Cardiff – SWN Festival. The Tramshed – BUY TICKETS

PUPPY announce new mini album

Puppy have announced their new EP and detailed it a little.

The record is titled Vol II due for a August 12th release, and a free release show celebrating the event will take place on August 23rd at The Black Heart in Camden.

unnamed (7)

Jock Norton (vocals/guitar) said:

“With VOL II we wanted to do expand upon the foundations we’d laid with our first EP, both musically and conceptually. I think we’d wanted the first one to essentially be four singles, whereas this one has a bit more light and shade to it. I know describing something as a ‘musical journey’ is pretty naff but I feel it applies here, at least to some degree. Another thing we were conscious of was trying to streamline our sound a bit more. People always comment on the fact that we mix a lot of indie rock ideas in with more traditionally metal sounding stuff, and I think here we wanted the lines to blur even further; hopefully rather than thinking “this bit sounds like Metallica and this bit sounds like Grandaddy in quite a dichotomous way, the joints have been smoothed down a little and those ideas come together in a more coherent way. We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved and we’re really excited to share it with people.”

The track listing looks like this:

1. Entombed
2. My Tree
3. Arabella
4. Warm
5. Here At Home

Puppy’s Entombed from the record has had a video released, watch it below:

Area 11 – Modern Synthesis

Bristol synth-rockers Area 11 have always been known as a group with a hugely electronically influenced sound, however they also boast technical solos and some of the most diverse styles in modern alternative music. With vocals ranging from soul/pop soaring choruses to guttural bellows and back again, this is continued to an extent into the Modern Synthesis era.

The album opens with a couple of pretty plain tracks that could have come from any old band; only when it hits Watchmaker does it start to truly build but when it does, Versus is the explosive yet party-driven result. The latter has screamed vocals reminiscent of a quality hardcore band and guitars that could slot into any hard rock band in the modern day. It has a heavy undertone to the raging synthesisers that could have been plucked straight from a Shikari set. The roughness slackens off at the start of fifth track Processor but from nowhere comes more of those screams that just curdles the blood of anyone listening. Pop choruses follow and it turns into a roots rock track, which truly displays their versatility as a band together.

The guitar takes more and more prominence as the album progresses, having very little influence with the pop/dance-driven first two tracks but with an absolutely shredding solo at the end of Red Queen and taking the introduction as well as adding fuzz over the verse it makes for great added depth to the sound. Later in the record too, the outro to Nebula comes in the form of another ripping solo before leading into Panacea And The Prelogue which is filled with classic rock sustained high notes with vibratos with bluesy riffs below the crashing drums and verse vocals.

The most standout physical instrument on Modern Synthesis though is the bass. Every single track bassist Jonathan ‘Kogie’ Kogan is the shining star who propels this band to a funky new level through the riffing away he does throughout the verses to all the tracks. Whichever other members and instruments playing at the time, there are very few periods the bass doesn’t play and when they do the moment tends to fall flat.

Vocally, there are literally two modes: scream or bubblegum pop with no in-between measure at all and while in some parts this works well, it creates a rather lacking vibe when juxtaposed with the solid rock instrumentals going on underneath ‘Sparkles*’ Clarke. This is especially noticeable towards the end of Angel Lust and through The Life Of A Ghost where the guitars sound almost Saint Asonia-esque yet the vocals point towards a pop-rock track and the gulf leaves something to be desired. That being said, there are tracks like Panacea And The Prologue where it works and matches up fantastically to create a whole-band crescendo before breaking back down to a piano/vocal closing.

Overall, a slightly lacklustre record but a clear display of the band’s skills, with a few golden tracks in there such as Versus and Nebula that fans of anyone from Enter Shikari to Led Zeppelin will love; there is a Modern Synthesis track for every mood and everyone.

Of Mice & Men announce new record

In addition to the new track they premiered earlier on tonight, Of Mice & Men have just announced the follow-up to Restoring Force will be released later this year.

The record has been well-documented on Twitter and Facebook with their huge number of references to and even photos from the studio throughout the last year.

The track listing is as follows:

  1. Game Of War
  2. The Lie
  3. Real
  4. Like A Ghost
  5. Contagious
  6. Pain
  7. The Hunger
  8. Relentless
  9. Down The Road
  10. +
  11. Away
  12. Transfigured

And the album announcement came in this form on the band’s social media pages:


Of Mice & Men debut ‘Pain’

The long-awaited return of metalcore gods Of Mice & Men has officially come, currently in the form of new single Pain.

The track is a shift towards a more roots metal sound from the very distinctive melodic direction they developed with bassist/vocalist Aaron Pauley‘s arrival back in 2012. It is presumably taken from their yet-to-be detailed follow up to 2014’s Restoring Force which was recorded after frontman Austin Carlile‘s recovery from his surgery for Marfan’s Syndrome last year.

Watch the video below (warning: it’s stupendously heavy…):

Of Mice & Men to premiere track


Orange County’s Of Mice & Men have a well-publicised comeback after about 9 months off the road this year with their mini UK tour before going off to play a run of European festivals, which they used to record their fourth full-length.

The release has been a long time teased but until this point, nothing has been released by the band at all but this seems to indicate the first video/track will be out sooner than some people may have thought.

It has been announced the track will be titled Pain and the video is tipped for a Monday 27th June release. The track will premiere tomorrow at 8pm BST (noon PST) and the video looks grim so far…

Oh, by the way: it looks pretty psychotic…

See the clip and cover below:



Vexxes Unveil New Single ‘Lead Us Home’

Alt-rockers Vexxes have unveiled their new single Lead Us Home, from their newly-released EP Common Ground.

Vocalist Tom Fieldhouse said of the video: “With it being such an energetic track, it would have been far easier to throw together another generic performance-based video. Instead we spent a few weeks bouncing ideas back and forth developing a storyboard for a kind of short film. The epic scenery just seemed like a more fitting way to match the size of the song. Between us, we’ve played everything from large venues and concert halls, to squats and youth hostels around mainland Europe. The feeling you get when you see people singing your songs back to you is so amazing; it’s addictive. Also, who doesn’t want to be in a band, touring and playing every night?! We’re in a massive digital age of music, some people say it’s over-saturated and that live music is ‘dead’ – but we just think it’s really exciting!”

See the new video below:

New Label SharpTone Is Founded

Nuclear Blast CEO Markus Staiger and Shawn Keith have decided to cooperate and launch a brand new label, suitably named SharpTone.

The new label will encompass a multitude of genres and subgenres in rock music as can be seen in the opening roster and cover a number of locations across the world with offices located in Los Angeles with satellite centres in the UK, Germany and Australia.

The afformentioned opening roster features a few well-established bands, see the 6 bands so far below:

sharptone bands


Chris Fronzak of Attila has stated: “We are REALLY excited to announce that we have officially signed to SharpTone! We are at an amazing point in our career and we know that these guys have the power that we need to take things to the next level. We’re ready to dominate the planet with our brand new album. SharpTone is a label that shares our enthusiasm and understands who we are and what our vision is. So let’s fucking crush the world and spread party metal to the masses!”

Co-founder Shawn Keith said: “Developing this label has been very exciting for me. The opportunity to partner and cultivate new and established artist working towards broadening their global potential is thrilling. SharpTone will continue to diversify and evolve as a brand for music fans to truly identify with. We are not just another record label, we are new music company, allowing artists to be as creative and passionate as they choose to be.