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Interview: Deez Nuts’ JJ Peters

After the end of their tour, we caught up with Deez Nuts‘ JJ Peters to see what’s going down in the Aussie band’s camp.

Firstly, you’ve just finished your tour with Comeback Kid and First Blood, how did it go?
It was amazing! It was the first of what we want to be an annual tour. The “You Are Part of This tour”.

It was an interesting line up, how did it come about?
Well the whole premise is touring with our friends, and not just the bands the booking agents and management are throwing at you.  Luckily for us, a lot of our good friends are in amazing bands. When thinking of the first edition, obviously you want it to be a banger right out the gate, so we needed strong co-headliner. CBK were perfect and first blood too. We’ve literally toured most places in the world with these bands.

You’ve got your new album ‘Binge & Purgatory’ coming out soon, are you looking forward to releasing it?
No. Just kidding, of course! Never been more proud to release something.

When you’re in the studio writing and recording, are there any rituals you have to keep focussed or do you just take it day by day?
No rituals. Just wake up, shower, head to studio, eat breakfast and talk about the plan for the day, maybe change something we were working on the day before then have a few drinks.

So, your two singles of your new album have had a very positive feedback from the public so far, how does this feel and does it make you more excited to release the whole album?
It makes me feel great, it’s all you can ask for really.  It makes me more excited to release the album definitely because even with those two singles. People are not going to expect what we’re putting out.

Are there any obvious influences in this album, like we know that you’ve recorded in NYC so can we expect a hint of NYHC in there?
I feel like Deez Nuts has always had nothing but a NYHC influence. In my eyes we’re a NYHC band. The drummer Alex and I are both born and raised NYC. But, in saying that, there’s a big tech metal influence from me and just bouncy and groovy. Some darker chord progressions, I’ve always been a fan of that too.

Going back to touring, you’re coming back to the UK soon with Suicide Silence and Venom Prison. Obviously you’re going to be excited, but what’s it like being on a tour where you’re notably different to the other bands playing?
We accept the challenge, and were looking forward to getting out of our comfort zone and hopefully grabbing some new fans. To be honest we’ve toured a lot with bands like Suicide Silence, Whitechapel etc and we don’t do as bad as one would think.

How are you going to make yourself stand out on that tour?

We aren’t going to do anything different than we already do. Just gonna go out there and do OUR thing.

For a long time Deez Nuts has been a band that’s promoted drinking, drug taking etc, so how does it feel that a lot of straight edge kids are fans?
It’s sick. I have people I consider family in my life that are straight edge. It really means nothing to us what someone else does, some people need to learn that. What WE eat don’t make YOU shit. Let everyone do whatever they want.

You’ve been a band for quite a while now and toured with countless other acts, what’s it like seeing bands that you used to tour with a lot like Bring Me The Horizon blowing up and changing their sound completely?
Bring Me has helped us tremendously in our career and we are still super tight and close with them. We LOVE seeing our friends do good. If you don’t, are you friends?

What’s the most memorable moment you’ve had as being part of the band? Whether it’s releasing a certain album, touring, meeting someone etc?
Music and touring, it’s all memorable. From the bands we play with, to the bands we chill with this life is better than any dream I’ve had of it. I love the fact that I’m in a band that’s just steady releasing.

How many times have you partied like there’s no tomorrow? How many hotel rooms have you trashed together?
We party too hard a lot, I don’t even want to brag but other bands will tell you. We’ve never trashed hotel rooms… well maybe once.

Name 3 things that are unfuckwithable.

Pussy, money, and weed.


Huge thanks to JJ for taking the time out, we wish him and the rest of Deez Nuts the very best for the album release!

blood youth beyond repair

Blood Youth – Beyond Repair

Opening the album is Making Waves, which Blood Youth had written before the Closure EP to bulk out the set (see here for the story). The lyrics on the topic of being “a rascal on a night out” allow for the song to have a cheeky flair, while the undertone of hating quite how rebellious the acts are gives the emotive connection from the very start. The song makes sure Beyond Repair kicks off with a very heavy touch: the breakdown after the second chorus demonstrates the contrast between soaring melodic choruses and the heavy passages remains from the EP era, and in the same style the slinky, loud, treble-rich bass is noticeable even when the guitars are playing through which is a nice touch.

Cited by the band as the “heaviest riff [they] have ever written”, I Remember marks the halfway point of the album. Filled with the pure fury that fuels Blood Youth‘s fire combined with the melodic choruses that characterise the band, the song marks the end of the first side on vinyl. As the closing of the first chapter of the two part play, it lets everyone know that the trio have no intention of letting anything whatsoever get in the way of their cataclysmic rise to fame.

The heaviest song from the outset has to be Parasite, the other song from the album that made an appearance on September’s Closure tour. The song began as a Chris-led piece and this is evident throughout – his influences of Every Time I Die and Slipknot are evident in how heavy his writing is and this gives another angle to the established heaviness in the album beforehand. The track also includes subtle air raid siren sounds playing over the outro riff just make the space that much more full, to great effect.

Overall, a sensational effort from Blood Youth who have topped a couple of classy melodic hardcore EPs in true style. With Tarsus’ gritty realism yet positive outlook on life flooding the lyrics of the release like never before being backed up by Pritchard’s earth-shatteringly heavy riffs and Hallett’s , Blood Youth‘s debut album is one to behold and lays down a challenge to all other bands around. It is everything the fanbase was expecting and so much more – Beyond Repair goes beyond emotion and into the very soul of the three members.

Usually, Musicology reviews feature a “standout track” when a song is set apart from others by its sheer quality, but this is categorically not possible for Beyond Repair. Every single track has parts that make even the tamest want to batter everything within reach as well as parts that will provide mass singalongs as every show gets bigger. This album is set to define a monumental career, and we’re going to be with them all the way.

Blood Youth Butserfest I Remember

Blood Youth release new track ‘I Remember’

Harrogate natives Blood Youth have released a third track from their upcoming album Beyond Repair which is due out on Rude Records on 7th April. The song, placed as track five of ten on the album, is titled I Remember and it is (rather unsurprisingly) absolutely fierce.

Vocalist Kaya Tarsus says: “When I wrote the lyrics for I remember, I was thinking about what it would be like to have a conversation with my younger self and what we would say to each other. I used to get very frustrated and I would blame myself for being unprepared for what life was throwing at me, it took a while for me to realise that in reality we all just go with the flow. Life is something you have to figure out on your own. Musically, A lot of our hardcore influences come out in this track, probably one of the heaviest riffs we have written, so we’re all really looking forward to playing it live!

He continues on about the album: “These songs are about how we deal with anger in the modern age. When I was writing the lyrics I became fascinated with heartbreak and how everybody deals with this trauma in their own way. Many tend to numb the pain in an attempt to forget, instead of facing it head on, this is something I am guilty of myself. We were aiming to create something very aggressive but very real. With Beyond Repair, I believe we have achieved just that.

The band are also playing some release shows around the country:

08 Apr – The Garage Attic, Glasgow (w/ Loathe)
09 Apr – The Key Club, Leeds (w/ Loathe + Holding Absence)
10 Apr – Boston Music Room, London (w/ Loathe + Holding Absence)

Hear the song below:

dead enough

Dead! release ‘Enough, Enough, Enough’ single

London’s famously independent rockers Dead! have released another single, titled Enough, Enough, Enough.

The song has featured on the setlists at their shows since before their Download Festival appearance last summer so many fans are finally relieved to be hearing a studio version:

Frontman Alex Mountford said: “Its a really critical self evaluation. Covering the shortfalls and negative aspects of my personality. But hopefully people can find common ground with it, maybe question their shortfalls too. Sometimes there comes a point when you have to say I’ve had enough.

Hear the song below:

The band are also on tour later on in the year:

Sat 29th April – Live At Leeds, Leeds
Sun 30th April – Handmade, Leicester
Fri 2nd June – Rock am Ring, Germany
Sun 4th June – Rock im Park, Germany
Fri 9th June – Download, France
Sun 11th June – Download, Donington
Sat 17th June – Nova Rock, Austria
Sat 29th July – Fat Lip, Bristol
Sun 30th July – Kendal Calling, Kendal

With Confidence

With Confidence announce more UK dates

Australia’s With Confidence have announced more dates for their return to the UK in May. Since finshing their February/March European tour on Saturday, the band have announced that they will be playing dates around the UK when they return in May for Slam Dunk Festival.

Joining them will be US band Set It Off, who have also been confirmed for the Bank Holiday trio of day festivals.

See the dates below:

With Confidence UK Tour dates:
23-May-17  Bristol  Marble Factory (w/ Set It Off)  –  TICKETS
24-May-17  Manchester  Sound Control (w/ Set IT Off)  –  TICKETS
25-May-17  Glasgow  G2 (w/ Set It Off) –  TICKETS
27-May-17  Slam Dunk Midlands  –  TICKETS
28-May-17  Slam Dunk North  –  TICKETS
29-May-17  Slam Dunk South  –  SOLD OUT
31-May-17  London  O2 Academy Islington (w/ Set It Off) – TICKETS

And here’s the current lineup for the festival:

With Confidence


Northlane release new single ‘Citizen’

Northlane have released a new single, titled Citizen. The track follows January’s single Intuition and comes after being teased using a Facebook chatbot calling itself “Citizen”. The bot released photos and some of the concept of the song before the track itself came to light last night.

Guitarist Josh Smith said: “Citizen is a song that was written about the first world police state and our willingness to live under the watch of those in power, for their means, while those who blow the lid on it suffer. Writing this one was quite a mission – it took a lot of work but we are proud of it and beyond excited to share it with you all.”

Northlane will also be on tour in Europe as of June:

Friday 9th June – Download Festival, UK
Sunday 11th June – Download Festival, France
Monday 12th June – La Chabada, France
Friday 16th June – Graspop, Belgium
Sunday 18th June – Hellfest, France
Monday 19th June – Pont Rouge, Switzerland
Tuesday 20th June – Colos Saal, Germany
Wednesday 21st June – Tower, Germany
Friday 23rd June – Jera On Air, Netherlands
Saturday 24th June – With Full Force, Germany
Sunday 25th June – Randal Club, Slovakia
Monday 26th June – Zaklete Rewiry, Poland
Tuesday 27th June – U Bazyla, Poland
Thursday 29th June – Garage, Germany
Friday 30th June – Kellerklub, Germany
Saturday 1st July – Vainstream Rockfest, Germany
Sunday 2nd July – Dissonance Festival, Italy
Monday 3rd July – Conrad Sohm, Austria
Tuesday 4th July – Airport Germany
Wednesday 5th July – Rock For People, Czech Republic
Friday 7th July – Resurrection, Spain

Something Mechanical Less Than Human

Something Mechanical – Less Than Human [EP]

Opening track Gunn opens with some promise with a chunky riff and solid vocals over the top, but the vocals start to be the characteristic letdown when the song gets going. The voice seems to be too clean for the bluesy hard rock vibes underpinning it. The song is growing more and more repetitive then BOOM! Out of nowhere, a Hammett-esque solo just starts raging with copious amounts of wah use and it steps the otherwise fairly average hard rock up a level. The title track is slightly different however, which seems to hold some hardcore influences as the verse switches between two chords with heavily played drums and bass. This suits Something Mechanical better but again, the vocals seem incredibly out of sorts with the rest of the band.

something mechanical

Third track Needful Things is the highlight of the EP without a doubt though. The song shows restraint on the part of all of the members of the band with the lower tempo and building styling turning from a quiet piece to a colossal, pulsating beast that leaves the headphones of the listener suddenly. Next comes In Shadows,

Final track Pretty Misery is a good yet incredibly generic hard rock song. Opening with piano and vocals before the rest of the band kick in is a nice touch that brings some ambition to the EP and backing vocals are used throughout to soften the dominance of the lead vocal which is another good decision. The instruments are all well-played, and the recurring guitar riff suits the song well despite the guitar tone being poor.

Overall, Less Than Human is a supremely average EP. The The vocals across the board leave something to be desired and seem quite half-hearted at times, not to mention fairly poorly mixed. The lyrics are stereotypical and seem to be an attempt at a new Three Days Grace album, which sadly hasn’t worked out. Something Mechanical show good promise still on this EP, but they need to find their own identity and focus more on songwriting before they progress any further.

Can't Swim Fail You Again

Can’t Swim – Fail You Again

Can’t Swim have returned following their debut EP last year to release their first full-length Fail You Again. The album is the first release to feature new drummer Andrea Morgan taking Danny Rico’s place as he shifts to guitar. It takes a stylistic stance between indie, emo, pop punk and grunge with tendencies of all four throughout. With some tracks holding pace and power and others slow and steady, the album demonstrates just how good Can’t Swim really are.

Fail You Again opens with an aggressive, fast-paced piece called What’s Your Big Idea. The song is one of the heaviest on the album as it pulsates through the verses and breaks into massive choruses asking “what you running from?”. The outro is one of the hardest-hitting pieces on the album, verging on hardcore levels of sludginess. A good start to the album.

Directly contrasting this is second track We Won’t Sleep, where the album has its first moments of true brilliance. The song opens on a softer, more indie-centred sound that the band execute well. The chorus choir vocal works fantastically, yet Chris LoPorto’s distinctive voice keeps the song sounding like the same band the Can’t Swim the fanbase are used to. The song’s style is different, but they have their own songwriting techniques and personal styles that keep it very recognisable.

The top song is $50,000,000, which has serious grunge flair. The pace is slow allowing a hard, packed out sound to hit that causes this song to be one of the heaviest on the album. The after the quieter bridge there is a pause for Chris to have a quick shout before a giant guitar-led fill comes in, absolutely battering the listener with the rough tones of the instruments.

Closing track All The Moves We Make Are In The Dark sums up the different styles Can’t Swim incorporate on Fail You Again with the alt-rock verses, grunge/emo choruses and a breakdown of a more melodic hardcore sound that they execute immaculately. A fitting end to a fantastic album that’s as diverse as it is classy.

Overall, an album that demonstrates a fantastic development from Can’t Swim‘s first release in last year’s Death Deserves A Name EP. With the whole album falling into the same pioneering area between emo and pop punk as Moose Blood and Boston Manor, Fail You Again is a potentially genre-defining release that sets Can’t Swim apart from the rest. The album will set the band up fully for the US tour with Four Year Strong this month and the April Real Friends UK tour, but most of all the whole album is a lie – they haven’t failed us before and they most certainly don’t fail us now!

columbus stream ep process

Columbus announce acoustic EP, stream process

Columbus have announced that they will be recording an acoustic EP from this Friday (24th Feb) to 1st March, and they will be livestreaming the process as they go.

The record will feature re-worked tracks from last year’s debut album Spring Forever, alongside a new song. The band are aiming to have it released late spring/summer.

See the first stream below:

EP Recording Day 1!

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