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Video Premiere: Safeguard debut single ‘Empty Nest’

Ahead of their debut EP When Did You Stop Caring? Safeguard are streaming their first single and music video with us here at Musicology.

Empty Nest is an honest and raw offering derived from personal experience.

Front man Declan Gough said: “Empty Nest is a song about a time in my life when all my friends in my social group went off to university and moved away, and for one reason or another I stayed behind and found myself in a job I hated.

“It’s sort of about the loneliness I felt and the feeling of seeing them make new friends, having fun and starting new adventures, while I got stuck in the mindset that things weren’t really moving forward for me.”

This track is one that is sure to reach out to many people on a personal level as the theme is so relatable and tackles the struggles everyone goes through growing up.

“The line, take me back to when I was sixteen, rewind to the happiest that I’ve ever been, refers to the summer just before I started college. When everyone was still close by and all the unforgettable nights I had; it was probably the best summer I can remember having.

“I’m sure there are other people who have been in the same boat as me who can relate to this song so this goes out to them.”

The ability to empathise and attach to the music is a theme that runs throughout the entire of When Did You Stop Caring? resulting in an EP that every member is proud of. The EP will be released on March 31st.

Martyn (guitar): “It’s amazing to see how, from conception to EP, the songs we originally set out on writing have evolved and how even the smallest of changes makes the biggest of differences. I think our songs portray a feeling that everyone has felt at some point during their lives, and even if it’s only one person that has one of our songs stuck in their head or has one stuck on repeat, then I’ll be happy.”

Zak (bass): “Without blowing my own trumpet, I love this EP with all my stone-cold heart. Contributing this much to music and knowing people will connect with lyrics I’ve helped write is such an indescribable feeling.
Making it took so long but was worth it, and watching our old demo videos from practice and seeing how much each song has evolved is great. We don’t hold back on discussing brutal issues, like abandonment, depression and obviously, heartbreak. Also, people should listen because I was allowed to do singing on some songs and that’s hilarious.”

Connor (drums): “I am in a unique position in which I didn’t write any of these songs! I was drafted in as a session drummer and we just stuck so I became a permanent fixture.
These songs are amazing and learning them was so fun. Recording the actual EP was great. I’ve had a fair bit of recording experience but this was one of the most exciting and enjoyable I’ve ever done! When we were sent the first draft, I just thought ‘Wow’ ‘Such Good’ ‘Much Banger’ and I just can’t wait for everyone to hear it,”

Declan (vocals): “I’m so ridiculously proud of this EP, every song means so much to me lyrically and I’m so stoked for people to hear it. The recording process was a blast, we did it with our friend Steve Craven who knew exactly how to get the best out of us. He kept us going until we got everything how we wanted it, and I’m so happy how it turned out.
We’ve put our heart and soul into this EP from the very beginning, from the early stages when the songs were just little ideas, right to the end. Also as every song deals with the struggles a lot us go through in our day to day lives, I think everyone will be able to find something they relate to on it.”

Pre-order When Did You Stop Caring? through Safeguard’s bandcamp page here – where you can also grab some of their new line of merch – and of course watch the video for Empty Nest below.


Brand new post progressive metal band RIVIẼRE have released their debut LP Heal today. This French four-piece experiment across a range of rock genres to deliver a record filled with lengthy and melodic pieces. The band take influence from the likes of Deftones, Tool and Cult of Luna.

From the beginning of the first track New Cancer, there is an ambiance of something great. The instrumental introduction creates an overwhelming feeling that something magical is about to happen. As the suspense builds the listener is left imagining what the rest of Heal must offer. Before you know it, the instrumental is seamlessly joined by melodic rock vocals. Although these vocals come across effortless it does not take away from the passion that is injected. This successfully puts the audience at ease making for a comfortable, easy listening experience. The eight and a half minute long opening track includes everything you would expect in a whole EP never mind just one song.

The third track Symbol has a slightly different mood to what has previously been presented on LP. This song takes a more relaxed approach and leaves the bassline exposed. However, it is obvious why RIVIẼRE have chosen to do this as the bass work is fantastic. This was a genius idea that really pays off and shows that the band have their own style to express. The rest of the band do a solid job of appropriately backing up the bass. Despite subconsciously being drawn to the bass, the elements of this song allow for each instrument to have their moment to shine including an epic saxophone solo which is fantastic to hear.

By track five, Cobalt, the LP is – unfortunately – in danger of becoming monotonous. This could either be a very good thing, if the listener loves slow melodious rock and are in the right mood. However, if the audience is seeking something unpredictable and varied, this could be the point they crave a different artist. At just under three minutes long, this track is by far the shortest on the record which could be just what is needed to keep the listener’s attention until the penultimate track, Binary Love.

The final song Yosemite lies 10 seconds short of being 10 minutes long. In this time RIVIẼRE emphasise the sound they have shaped throughout Heal. There is an excellent guitar solo toward the end of the song with is a riff nothing quite like you have ever heard previously. Before you know it, you are wound down to the end of this marathon track and, therefore, the end of the entire LP. All in all, it is a nice round up to the RIVIẼRE experience leaving no unanswered questions and giving a feeling of satisfying completion.

It is clear that this record has had a lot of time spent on it in order to craft a prominent sound. Heal is a fitted song to music lovers who love just that, music. People passionate about musical skill and abilities will immensely enjoy this LP as well as other metal and progressive rock fans who are looking to expand their musical encounters.


Check out the video for the second track on the album Golden Wounds below.

Interview: Seaway

With three EPs and two studio albums under their belts, Canadian pop-punkers, Seaway are really finding their feet on the scene. We caught up with them for a chat before they explode into the UK on their tour.
You’re about to hit the UK again, what’s your favourite part about visiting here?
The shows, the friends we’ve made over the years, and the short drives. Kids always go nuts in UK, and compared to the lengthy tours we’ve done throughout North America…touring the UK is a breeze. We’ve also managed to do some travelling in and around or previous UK tours which has been great. This time we are spending a few days in Iceland before and after the tour and we are stoked on that. Bummed we don’t have time to hike in the Lake District this time around though. That has always been a highlight of touring in the UK for us. 
You’re bringing along WSTR and The Gospel Youth, what made you pick these bands?
We have heard a lot of great things about WSTR from friends of ours in Neck Deep. We like touring with nice, good people. No attitude. And that is what we had heard about them. They are starting to tour more and grow as a band so it felt like a great choice for the slot. He Gospel Youth came from our friend Matty from A Loss For Words who is now managing them. He caught wind of our tour and suggested them. We checked them out and they are a great band, and a nice change from the bands we usually tour with so we are excited to meet and hang with those guys. 
How would you say the pop punk scene differs between Canada and the UK?
It is a much bigger thing in the UK. Canada is a massive country, so touring can be very hit or miss. In Canada, you have a small, select number of cities that draw solid crowds for bands of our size. In the UK, every city pops off and that is a testament to the attitude and support kids are putting forth overseas right now. Canada is definitely getting there. When we started the band, you were lucky to get 50 kids out. Now, we just headlined our biggest show yet in Toronto and it felt great to see how far our scene has come and how supportive and enthusiastic the kids are that come out. 
Do you feel the pop punk scene is dying or getting stronger?
It’s only getting started.  But I think that the label “pop punk” is dying. Bands are pushing their boundaries and trying new things. Our next record is not going to be a pop punk record, it’s has pop and punk elements, but it will be much more than that. I think that alternative music in general is growing and that’s an amazing thing.
What UK pop punks stand out to you the most?
Boston Manor. They are great. They are great people. Great stuff. Great. 
Do you have any plans for a third album, and if so – can you give us an insight on this?
I am currently writing this from  Fox Sounds where we are working on some pre-production. Still aways away from recording our record, but we have some ideas and songs floating around. Everything so far has me VERY excited to do the record. I can’t say much else right now but we are working away. 
If you had to re-record any song from Colour Blind or Hoser, what would it be?
I’m gonna go off script on this one. If I could re-record any song from our catalogue it would be “Over My Youth” from our acoustic EP ‘Clean Yourself Up’. I would want to change it a lot, but it could be a great full band song. Unfortunately our old label owns the rights to it. Oh well. 
How was 2016 for you as a band? What’re you looking forward to in 2017?
2016 was our biggest, best year yet. We are excited for everything we have planned for this year, and for what is still unknown. 
What’s the best show you’ve ever done and why?
Hmmmm. Lots of shows come to mind. Hard to say, but for me personally I really had a lot of fun at our holiday show this year. It was the first time in a while where I kind of felt like I had truly accomplished something great. We play lots of amazing support shows, but headlining to 550 kids in our home scene and watching them all lose it made for a show I won’t soon forget. 
What’s the craziest tour story you’ve got?
Holy. Way too many come to mind, which is kind of terrifying, and I will spare you all of those and keep it PG.  One time I got pulled over and checked by the secret service in Washington, DC. That was an interesting night.
Can you recommend a band that you’ve been listening to a lot recently that others may not have heard of?
These aren’t new bands, but important nonetheless. In two days we are all seeing two bands play together that were very important in shaping us as musicians and music fans. Moneen, and The Fullblast. Both from the greater Toronto Area. So I’ve been listening to them a lot to get pumped for the gig.
Without selecting pizza, what three items would you associate with pop punk?
Vans, short shorts, bad band merch.

Busted announce Natives as support for UK tour

Natives have been announced as sole support for pop giants Busted. The UK and Ireland tour starts in January and runs through to March.


Natives guitarist / synth player Jack Fairbrother said:We’re really excited for this tour, it’s a chance for us to show people from all over the UK what Natives is all about. We thrive on the challenge of converting audiences who’ve never heard us before into members of The Tribe and we’re extremely grateful to the guys in Busted for giving us the opportunity to do that for so many nights.”

After completing UK tours with MOTHXR and Farro 2017 will also see the release of Natives’ second studio album. The album will be accompanied by a book which delves even further into the narrative.

Check out all the tour dates below as well as the audio for thier single Passion.

28/01 – Norwich, UEA **Sold Out**
29/01 – Norwich, UEA **Sold Out**
30/01 – Cambridge, Corn Exchange **Sold Out**
01/02 – Leicester, De Montfort Hall
03/02 – London, Eventim Apollo
04/02 – Bournemouth, O2 Academy
06/02 – Southend, Cliffs Pavilion **Sold Out**
07/02 – Folkestone, Leas Cliff Hall **Sold Out**
09/02 – Newport, Centre
10/02 – Plymouth, Pavilions
12/02 – Bristol, O2 Academy **Sold Out**
13/02 – Portsmouth, Guildhall **Sold Out**
14/02 – Brighton, Centre
16/02 – Manchester, O2 Apollo
17/02 – Liverpool, University
18/02 – Birmingham, O2 Academy **Sold Out**
20/02 – Nottingham, Rock City **Sold Out**
21/02 – Leeds, O2 Academy
22/02 – Newcastle, O2 Academy
24/02 – Aberdeen, GE Oil & Gas Arena
25/02 – Edinburgh, Usher Hall
26/02 – Glasgow, O2 Academy
28/02 – Belfast, Waterfront
01/03 – Dublin, Olympia Theatre

Ghost Iris sign with Long Branch Records

Danish Metalcore band Ghost Iris have been added to the Long Branch Records roster. The band will release thier new album worldwide early next year.

The band said: “It is such a pleasure to continue our journey as a band with Long Branch on board. It makes us proud, it makes us happy but most importantly it boosts confidence to our ambitions and dreams.”

Ghost Iris were founded in 2015 and since then the four-piece have made a name for themselves with successful live performances at Euroblast, UK Tech-Fest and more.

Florian Kreutzfeldt – A&R Long Branch Records – adds:Ghost Iris was one of the highlights at this years Euroblast Festival, so we immediately decided that we want to work with this band. We are really proud to welcome such a young, ambitioned and creative band to our LBR-family.”
Check out the video for their latest single V I S T Λ below.

BABYMETAL to support Guns n’ Roses

They treated us to their support announcement for The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and now BABYMETAL have revealed they are supporting rock legends Guns n’ Roses on their Japan tour.

This fantastic line-up will hit four cities in Japan in January 2017.

SU-METAL said:”I am really happy that we’ve been confirmed as support on the upcoming Guns N’ Roses tour. And it’s happening in Japan!!  We’re going to create a live performance that shows how wonderful Japan is together with everyone in the audience on that tour.”

These Japanese dates are an extension of Guns N’ Roses current Not In This Lifetime… tour which features original members Slash and Duff McKagan with singer Axl Rose for the first time since 1993.

The sold out Red Hot Chili Peppers UK tour kicks off next Monday at London’s O2 Arena. Check out all the dates below.

Monday 5 December           London The O2
Tuesday 6 December          London The O2
Thursday 8 December        Glasgow The SSE Hydro
Saturday 10 December       Birmingham Genting Arena
Sunday 11 December         Birmingham Genting Arena
Wednesday 14 December    Manchester Arena
Thursday 15 December        Manchester Arena
Sunday 18 December           London The O2

Sioux Falls, All Talk Is Small Talk [EP]

Pop-punk newcomers Sioux Falls are releasing their debut EP on the 30th of this month. The collections of songs are well thought out and work very well together. There have been some excellent choices made in regards to the structure of the EP All Talk Is Small Talk. This band are presenting to music world with new ideas concepts and perceptions.

All Talk is Small Talk starts off with a short but effective introduction. Pitstarter does exactly what it says on the tin. A heavy opening chord progression will have listener raring to get up and mosh wondering when their next live gig is. Anticipation builds over a minute and halts at just the right point leaving you eager for the next track.

The listeners zealous cry is met with Heart and Home and you are not left disappointed. Although, still very rough around the edges, there is a path and a determined sound that seeps through. Vocalist Callum Middleton would benefit from taking a more relaxed approach as unfortunately his enraged singing comes across somewhat fake giving the impression he is trying too hard.

Thankfully Middleton redeems himself with I Fell Faster where his talent is evident. This is a very nice song that ticks all the boxes of a successful slow pop-punk song. The light and dark shades of the song are beautifully displayed with subtle shifts in tone. Alfie Butcher’s drumming is a hidden gem that pushes the track to be better and would not be the same without it.

The fourth track Stutter is where this EP comes alive and potential starts to become apparent. There is a fantastic blend of the modern pop-punk sound like Neck Deep and undertones of melodic 00s pop-punk components. Stutter is a breath of fresh air to the pop-punk genre with insane guitar work that works extremely well within the song. This is also the first time you take notice of Michael Long’s bass playing as it successfully accompanies the drumming providing a solid ground.

The final offering on the EP comes in the form of That’s How It Seems to Me. This is a great song to finish on as it wraps up everything that has been heard throughout. It also shows a lot of promise for future releases from Sioux Falls by demonstrating they are capable of interesting ideas. If they continue to experiment like they have done with this track, then they are certainly skilled enough to make an impact on the pop-punk scene.

Sioux Falls have created a group of all-round good songs to make up All Talk Is Small Talk. Anyone who listens to this EP will be sure of what they are getting with this band. There are obvious areas of improvement such as chemistry and attention to detail that will inevitably come with time and experience. They also need to craft their sound and play to their strengths more. However, overall there is a definite capacity for these guys to make an impression and accomplish good things with their music.

Check out the lyric video for I Fell Faster below and keep an eye out for more to come from Sioux Falls.

ONE OK ROCK Unveil New Album

Japanese rockers ONE OK ROCK have announced the details of their upcoming album Ambitions. The Fueled By Ramen’s recording group debut will be released on 13th January next year but fans can check out new single Bedroom Warefare now.

'Ambitions' artwork
‘Ambitions’ artwork

Front man of the band Taka, said: “Yellow is the colour of hope, and in making this album, I incorporated the themes of hope, inspiration, and elevation. From those themes arose the album’s title “Ambitions.” He added, “We wanted to make an album where we can all sing along together. By singing strongly in unison about hope, we wish to reinforce the importance of not giving up.”

Having recently been named the ‘Best Japanese Act’ at the 2016 MTV Europe Music Awards, expectations are high for the this album. With collabotarions with the likes of Alex Gaskarth and 5 Seconds of Summer it will be sure not to disappoint.

Watch the video for Bedroom Warefare below and pre-order Ambitions here.

“AMBITIONS” tracklisting:

  1. Ambitions  – Introduction
  2. Bombs Away
  3. Taking Off
  4. We Are
  5. Jaded (featuring Alex Gaskarth)
  6. Hard To Love
  7. Bedroom Warfare
  8. American Girls
  9. I Was King
  10. Listen
  11. One Way Ticket
  12. Bon Voyage
  13. Start Again
  14. Take What You Want (featuring 5 Seconds of Summer)

The Erik Chandler Band – The Truth

Introducing Bowling for Soup bassist, Erik Chandler’s brain child The Truth. Chandler’s solo project from The Erik Chandler Band offers hints of the satisfying melodies that fans are used to hearing from Bowling for Soup. However, the album is a fresh sound that is obviously different from anything that the bassist has released before.

The opening track After 12 includes a riff in the introduction that instantly hooks the listener in. From this first song, it is easy to tell that the band have taken influence from melodic rock like The Foo Fighters as well as channelling elements from early 60s rock. After 12 is an excellent beginning for the album and sets a high bar for the rest of the journey.

The record carries on with the same vibes through Hold It Together and Tonight’s the Night until you hit the fourth track Anna. The pace slows down somewhat while still maintaining the essence that has built up. “The years, they all blew by so fast, and you can’t catch up a lifetime in a day”- however the band give it a damn good try to catch up a lifetime in under four minutes with this song. This is the song that you’ll be singing at the top of your lungs after a few drinks with that one person in mind.

The album is at risk of slipping into the pop punk genre with Push the Pedal and Where Did You Go. Nevertheless, the sound remains a far cry from anything that Bowling for Soup are accustomed to. Furthermore, both songs uphold the same high standard as the rest of the songs on the record with memorable grooves and captivating melodies.

It Ain’t Right and This Time have a rather surprising twist with an almost country twang to them. Both songs focus the fantastic song building craft of the country genre as well as the same passion and love for music that it presents. The new levels that the album hits with this innovative experimentation thrusts it into greatness. Just when it feels like it cannot achieve much more, it answers and proves that it can.

The Truth ends with Rudderless which is calming yet full of rhythm and it works. It is a gratifying end to what has been a genuinely excellent record. The track effectively leaves the audience wanting more and hitting the repeat button to listen to entire thing again. One listen is not enough to take in The Truth.


Pre-order the album here.

Lewis Watson Announces New Track, Album and Tour

Singer songwriter Lewis Watson has released brand new track Little Light along with a cool 360° video. The track is straight from the forthcoming album Midnight which will be released on 3rd March next year.

Artwork for upcoming album 'Midnight'
Artwork for upcoming album ‘Midnight’

The emotional new track is portrayed in the video by Lewis performing beautifully on an East London rooftop.

The Oxford based artist will also be embarking on a UK headline tour from the 26th November. Fans can check out all the tour dates below as well as the brand new video for Little Light. 

Pre-order Midnight here. 


Saturday 26th – Esquires, Bedford
Sunday 27th – Plug, Sheffield
Monday 28th – Arts Centre, Norwich
Tuesday 29th – The Cookie, Leicester
Wednesday 30th – The Globe, Cardiff

Thursday 1st – The Wardrobe, Leeds
Friday 2nd – Electric Circus, Edinburgh

Tuesday 21st – Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth
Wednesday 22nd – The Haunt, Brighton
Thursday 23rd – Tabernacle, London
Friday 24th – Thekla, Bristol
Sunday 26th – Sound Control, Manchester
Monday 27th – The Garage, Glasgow
Tuesday 28th – Think Tank, Newcastle
Wednesday 29th – Institute, Birmingham
Thursday 30th – SJE, Oxford

Sunday 2nd – Portland Arms, Cambridge
Monday 3rd – Bodega, Nottingham