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Saviour Announce New Album

Saviour have announced they will be releasing their brand new album Let Me Leave. The album will be available from 13th January next year just in time for their appearance at UNIFY 2017.

let me leave

Saviour have given us a taster of Let Me Leave through the release of their new single Pressure and Composure. Vocalist Bryant Best said: “Pressure And Composure is a little bit against the grain when it comes to theme of the new album.

“It has a lot to do with what you want your life to be and the pressures around you that can make it feel like there’s no way of achieving that. I feel like this one is a super relatable to everyday life and it’s strange we didn’t write this one sooner.”

You can check out the video for Pressure and Composure below.


Brutai Release New Video For ‘Never Change’

Brutai have released a new video for Never Change and show just how brightly they can shine. Brutai set themselves alight with the illuminated surroundings in their new video directed by Ben Herbert.

Vocalist and keyboard player, Alex Lorimer said: We’re really excited to bring you our latest single ‘Never Change’. This song is about the bad traits we possess in life, and the way they can consume you if you don’t open up about them. It is about progressing towards a stage where we can open up to others in order to heal and turn a new page.”

The band’s debut album Born will be released on the 25th November and you can pre-order it here.

Check out the Never Change video below.

All Them Witches Announce New Album

Psych-rock four piece All Them Witches have announced the release of their new album Sleeping Through The War. Following an incredible three European tours in 2016 the Nashville based band will be releasing the album on 24th February next year.

all them witches cover
Sleeping Through The War Artwork

The video of the lead single Bruce Lee is unsettling, enchanting and thought-provoking. Director Jason Staebler said: “Bruce Lee is about anxiety taking hold of and following you indiscriminately. The video is meant to represent that idea, the consuming nature of your worries, and the magnification of them in your mind. The creature in pursuit is the personification of your anxiety, who can overcome and control your fate if you let it.”

All Them Witches will also be embarking on an initial North American tour in support of Sleeping Through The War. The tour kicks off in Nashville on February 24th and shows go on sale this Friday, November 18th.

You can pre-order the album here and check out the video for Bruce Lee below.

The Kenneths, Fibbers York, 12/10/16

The notorious Fibbers in York played host to a fantastic night of pop punk starting off with York’s answer to Neck Deep. Newcomers Safeguard certainly made a huge impression with the eager crowd. Frontman Declan Gough oozed confidence and drive that pushed the remainder of the band to deliver an enthusiastic performance. This show was new drummer Connor Dale’s first live appearance with the band and he did not disappoint. He created a solid and impressive base for the two guitarists and bassists to show their talented technical abilities. Gough’s vocals really got a chance to shine during acoustic song Better Off. The rest of their set consisted of a pop filled and lively mixture of original songs and covers of Sugar We’re Going Down (Fall Out Boy) and Still Waiting (Sum 41).


Next up was co headliners, Waco and their performance was just as colourful as their Hawaiian shirts. The Yorkshire crowd were treated to a flashback to influential 60s vibes with a powerful rock edge. There were a couple of tracks that particularly stood out, one of which was Nancy Guntrip. Frontman Jak Hutchcraft dedicated this one to “those who grew up in association housing.” Both the lyrics and delivery gave homage to this with a raw and humble feel. Waco’s set was full of high energy, flawless execution and inspirational speeches. All this built an excellent hippy atmosphere that left everyone feeling the love and put everyone in an optimistic mood for the next band.


Bring on mighty punkers The Kenneths. Anybody who was expecting just another generic pop punk band was mistaken. Safeguard offered modern pop punk, Waco gave us 60s and The Kenneths supplied the vamped up crowd with 80s punk. The band playfully joked around with the audience throughout their set making the experience memorable for all attendees. Audience participation did not end there. Several fans were asked to hold onto the microphone as Josh Weller bounced through the crowd playing guitar.

The Kenneths’ 22 years of experience was obvious as all three members seemed at home on stage sharing their art. The intimate chemistry between the three formed a warm and friendly ambiance throughout the venue. This review cannot go without mentioning Aicha Djidjelli who proved that she is one of the best female drummers that the rock genre has to offer.

Weller added to the fun of the night by doing the impossible of crowd surfing in a crowd of less than 50 people. But he made it work and looked damn cool while doing it. The performances of each song was like having a live visual of what goes on inside the band’s head, crazy, loud and passionate. This fit in perfectly with the song I Can’t Focus which Weller confessed was a song about his struggle with ADHD. A short but unruly piece that hooked everybody as Weller leaped around the stage hanging off the ceiling and connecting with the crowd. It really was an unforgettable evening for everyone lucky enough to be there.


Taking Back Sunday – Tidal Wave

Taking Back Sunday have treated us to their eighth album Tidal Wave, and what an album it is. On the whole, it is different from anything they have provided us with before. This album is the first time that the band have written in the studio whilst recording and the product is something first-class. They have used their experience well and ironed out any kinks. It is unbelievable that by their eighth album Taking Back Sunday still manage to grow and improve and present us with something different and distinctive.

The band hit you with everything they have got with opening track Deaf Wolf. It has a fast paced tempo that promises this album is going to be great. The intensity of Adam Lazzara’s vocals is incredible as he sings “Had a little bit, now we want some more.” This lyric could not be more fitting for how the listener is feeling at this point.

After an explosive start with the first two tracks, You Can’t Look Back slows things down. Despite the gentler tone, this song still conveys the same sense of urgency that makes this album unique. The guitar work in this song is particularly excellent. Its profundity reaches levels that is difficult to accomplish with the instrument.

The album takes a different turn half way through with I Felt It Too. A truly beautiful piece that strips back to a place of bliss. You are left with Lazzara’s composed vocals and a serene feel created from carefully controlled playing from the rest of the band. This song will undoubtedly suck you in and be over before you even notice. It shows off the depths that the band are capable off.

The final track I’ll Find a Way to Make It What You Want is like the band are sat on your shoulder in the same room. Its tranquil beginning is taken over by a sense of desire before returning at the end. The track ends on an unexpected yet nice piano sequence that leaves you feeling calm. It also lets you take a breath and allows you to take in and reflect the whole and album and the journey undertaken.

Tidal Wave could be compared to a few things such as the similar passion and power to 80s rock legends Queen and David Bowie; or the raw underlying roots of early punk bands. However, in all honesty, this album cannot be compared. Of course all music takes its influences from somewhere but this record is just simply Taking Back Sunday. Their own sound, their own message, their own offering that will now go on to influence others. Tidal Wave has been expertly crafted and moulded into a fantastic artwork. This is an album not just for lovers of rock, but for lovers of music.


Lost Empires – Death: The Unveiling of Eternity [EP]

The new EP from Oklahoma’s Lost Empires, Death: The Unveiling of Eternity will be released on Friday 30th September. Having formed back in 2011 this band are dedicated to hitting metal fans with the heavy music they crave. There have been a few setbacks along the way while creating this EP. However, they finally got it finished and have a product that they are proud to share.

The second track, Standing at Death’s Door is one that gets better each time you listen to it. Although the rest of the elements are good, the guitar riff is the clear stand out point. It is no exceptional song however it shows a lot of potential at points. Standing at Death’s Door manages to strike a good balance between heaviness and melody.

One of the best tracks on the EP is Up the Shred. Both the vocals and drumming in this track are delivered with conviction. The guitar work maintains the high standard it has built up throughout the EP so far with slick riffs. This song raises the bar for Death: The Unveiling of Eternity. The breakdown runs on the border of losing its way in the overall piece however it holds on just long enough to work.

The next track On a Pale Horse takes a slightly heavier turn. This track builds all the way through with each instrument getting better and better and more technically difficult. The fiery side of Lawrence’s vocals are thrust to the forefront. Therefore, if gritty, heavy metal is your kind of thing, you will love this track. After five minutes to song comes to an explosive end and stops, leaving the listener exhausted as well as wanting more.

The EP wraps up with Hope which has a beautiful keyboard introduction. This adds a whole new dynamic and defies what is expected. After being joined by the rest of the band, the peaceful ambience is interrupted with Lawrence’s heaviest vocals yet. Any rage and anger that has built up is released in this final offering. Hope gives a taster of the complexity that Lost Empires are capable of. It is a very good conclusion to round up what this band have achieved.

There are some obvious areas of improvement with Death: The Unveiling of Eternity. For example, there does not seem to be a succinct theme. Although, this is not necessarily a terrible thing, it does seem to make you wonder where this record is actually going at points. Another down side is that none of the tracks are massively prominent within the metal genre. Despite all this however, it is a solid foundation for Lost Empires to work off for the future. All the tracks are enjoyable and show that they have the ability to become an even more successful band in the future.


Pre-order bundles for the EP are available here.

As It Is announce main support State Champs

It has been announced that New York’s State Champs will be supporting As It Is on their UK headline tour.

The tour kicks off on 9th March in Southampton and will end in London on the 18th. The tour follows the unveiling of As It Is’ new album Okay which will be released on 20th January.

Speaking of the upcoming album, vocalist Patty Walters said: “These are by far the most personal and honest songs we’ve ever written. We made a conscious effort to truly push ourselves musically and lyrically, to create something that didn’t feel entirely safe or calculated. We wrote songs about our families, our personal lives, and our struggles more vulnerably than ever before, hoping to encapsulate sincere moments in our lives. We feel a huge sense of pride having created this record, and we’re immensely excited to share it with the world. We love and cherish you all for supporting us and giving us this opportunity.”

Check out the video for the title track Okay below.


Alter Bridge – The Last Hero

After their massive success with the critically acclaimed Fortress back in 2013, Alter Bridge are back. Their follow up album The Last Hero is everything you want it to be and then some. Powerful, soul touching vocals matched with impressive riffs and emotive themes makes this album simply brilliant.

The opening track Show Me A Leader has over a minute and a half of instrumental introduction that cultivates and sets up for an epic five-minute track. The pure genius of this piece raises any expectancy and sets the bar extremely high for the rest of the album. It takes on elements of classic rock and thrusts them into the modern music scene. Certainly a good choice to start this album with.

There are a couple of standout tracks on this record, the first being My Champion. This song is a voyage to discover/remember what makes a great rock anthem. The lyrics send you on an expedition of self-empowerment and focus. “The world’s gonna try and knock you out, just pick yourself up when you go down. You’ve gotta keep fighting and get back up again, my champion.”

Another highlight of the album is You Will Be Remembered. This one is impossible not to sing along to at the top of your lungs. There is just something about this song where the guitars, vocals, bass and drums all complement each other fantastically well. Every layer displays the rock genre at its finest establishing a moving and passionate track. It also includes one of the albums best, most face numbing guitar solos.

The record ends with the title track The Last Hero. This is a piece that flawlessly rounds up an excellent album. The most impressive component to this track is the guitar composition. The riffs and chord progression keeps the listener hooked on every bar throughout. The heights and depth that are reached by the outstanding guitar work in this track cannot be ignored. The overall product of this song enables the album to finish on a well-deserved high and ties a neat bow on top of Alter Bridge’s musical present to the world.

The Last Hero is a huge step up from their last album and thrusts Alter Bridge into a whole new league. Although Fortress was a very good album, this record breaks through onto a level that was not expected. Every single track is a masterpiece in its own right and each has something different to offer than the one before. The end product of this album portrays hard work, dedication and pure talent. So, for epic introductions, commanding vocals and just good rock music, put the rood down on your car and sit back to this influential piece of art.


The Last Hero will be released on October 7th. Check out the opening track and first single from the album, Show Me A Leader below.

LIVE REVIEW: Motion City Soundtrack with support Dinosaur Pile Up, The Ritz Manchester 17/08/16

A fantastic night of live music at The Ritz kicked off with a fairly small time band with a very big sound. Lacey played confidently and brilliantly to the early crowd who all responded well to the band. The guys sound was laid back but enthusiastic. This sound was given a little extra boost with a touring member playing acoustic guitar which gave an all-around excellent vibe. Every single member was on point with their performance and front man Graz Turner’s vocals were honest, humble and a pleasure to listen to. It is hard to put your finger on, but there was just something about Lacey that really hooked you that night.




Next up were The Xcerts, a distorted pop band from Aberdeen/Exeter. Although they are a trio, they managed to match the standard that Lacey set with their five. As the only guitarist, front man Murray Macleod definitely made up for it. An absolutely brilliant, dedicated musician. So we can forgive the double denim disaster that he was wearing. The stand out song from these guys was I Don’t Care, if you have not already heard it, you should. This song was a touching performance from all three. After this they played He Sinks, He Sleeps which had fitting purple dreamlike lighting creating a silhouette view of the band. However, this lighting lasted the entire song and got boring after a while. It would have been nicer if the lighting had lifted toward the end. Nevertheless, it was an extremely successful set for The Xcerts.




Things got a lot heavier when Dinosaur Pile Up entered the stage. They introduced themselves to the crowd with Arizona Waiting. This was a good choice as it instantly broke the night up with a weightier genre of music to what had already been heard. Their fourth song White T-Shirt and Jeans was a particularly high point for the band. All the members showed how well they gel together perfectly to produce and perform a truly excellent song.  Throughout Dinosaur Pile Up’s set, you could not help but make associations with Nirvana from the band’s sound and look as a whole. However, this by no means is a bad thing, it gave a nice nostalgic feel to the night, keeping in theme as to why everyone was there. The guys ended on the mighty 11 11 all set with crowd participation and high energy. It was impossible not to join in with this infectious performance. Dinosaur Pile Up definitely ended by leaving the crowd wanting more.





Motion City Soundtrack’s Justin Pierre came on the stage on his own to a very eager and worked up audience. He took his place behind his microphone and started “When I was younger I fell in love with the girl next door. Back to the beat yo, back to the beat of 1984.” Then one by one the rest of the band joined him building more and more of a buzz with every second that went by. The response from the contagious, everyone was singing, dancing and just having the best time with each other. It was a real mixture of people from young to old and rockers to hippies. It would be impossible to comment on even half the songs from the set list as it was so packed, however, every performance was executed with just as much passion and devotion as we have come to expect from Motion City Soundtrack. Their crowd interaction and banter made the night even more special than it already was. All five guys put their hearts and souls into this night and sincerely played like it was their last time. The band maintained the melody and precision from their recorded tracks while still managing to give that extra dynamism that makes live shows exceptional. A testament to their talent and experience. Motion City Soundtrack successfully crammed over a decade of hits into one night ensuring that everyone would leave The Ritz with on high from a night they would never forget. Whether you have never seen them live or you’ve seen them 10 times, this really is a tour not to be missed. So Long and Farewell Motion City Soundtrack, may your music forever live on.



All photos by Lauren Stead Photography for Musicology.

All you need to know about Seasick Festival 2016

Seasick Festival is a day of metalcore vs pop-punk held at The Wedgewood Rooms in Southsea, Hampshire, UK. It will take place on Saturday 19th August. The festival aims to raise awareness for Diabetes UK. It will be free to enter the festival and donations will be collected throughout the day. The excellent line-up will guarantee a fantastic day, so without further ado let’s introduce the bands.

In team pop-punk corner.

High Down an obvious contender will be joining the SeaSick Festival line up this year. Originally from Portsmouth, the lads have been described to showcase and explore a ‘new wave’ of pop punk. Already breaking through the masses of home-grown pop punk, High Down were voted by fans to play the introducing stage at Butserfest festival, where giants Mallory Knox and Young Guns are set to headline. Apart from playing kick ass pop punk the band has collaborated with Thai street wear Effort Never Surrender.

Facebook: HighDownUK

Home For The Weekend are a 5 piece band from the South Coast of England. They are a fresh band having only been founded in January 2015. They are also set to play Butserfest alongside High Down.  They have said that their style is hugely influenced by the likes of Neck Deep, Wstr and New Found Glory. The band continue to expand their reach, playing lots of shows and rapidly growing their fan-base.

Facebook: HomeForTheWeekendBand

The Gospel Youth hail from the South Coast and after releasing their EP Kids at the end of 2014 they haven’t stopped. 2015 saw them share the stage with the likes of We Are The Ocean, Mallory Knox and Deaf Havana as well as releasing new music along the way. In 2016 The Gospel Youth decided to start releasing a single every month via their fan club. They have also toured with Hands Like Houses this year. And now they are gracing Seasick Festival with their pop punk awesomeness.

Facebook: TheGospelYouth

In team metalcore corner.

Prolong The Agony are a band that come from Portsmouth and are signed to In At The Deep Records. Their most recent EP is entitled All We Are released in 2015. The band released their debut EP Make Me Feel Alive in 2011. Following this they were put on Van’s US Warped Tour in 2012 as an unsigned act which is a huge achievement. The band have also previously supported bands including IWRESTLEDABEARONCE, Tonight Alive and Crossfaith. As far as new bands go this is a group that are promised big things and with plans to record their debut album, the skies the limit. Catch them at this year’s festival, as they’re almost guaranteed to get a big reception from the release of their debut album.

Facebook: ProlongTheAgony

Networks also come from Portsmouth and are signed to Viper Trail Records. Their new EP Enough To Save Us, released in 2015, has launched the band to critical praise. This is the debut record by the band and thankfully one that has pushed them leaps and bounds amongst the rest of the scene. This is a group that look set to create a stir within Portsmouth’s scene and with a headlining show at The Talking Heads with support from Vera Grace this looks like a group that can spread to the wider range of UK Hardcore.

Facebook: NetworksBand

Sleepwalker are a five-piece band that feature members of Kill Em Dead Cowboy, The Obsolete and Bare Your Scars. This is a band that have a real sense of mystery about them as they have not officially released any material. However, they have teased what their performance at Seasick Festival will hold with multiple Facebook posts and a short video of their final rehearsal before tomorrow. Last month they played along side Diabolus, Harbinger, Incarcerate and Heritage at Al’Burrito in Portsmouth.

Facebook: SleepwalkerOfficialUK


As well as yours truly, Seasick Festival has the following sponsors.

Death Marks is an independent clothing line and graphic based store, as well as being one of the sponsors for this year’s Seasick Festival.   The company is only a year and a half old, and it’s already getting attention with over 1,500 likes on Facebook. All the prints and designs produced by Death Marks are hand drawn, as well being digitalised in shop. Be sure to check out all their products when you attend.

WANDERLUST will stand beside Death Marks as co-sponsors for this year’s Seasick festival. Originally formed in 2013, it underwent a refurbishment and re-launched last year between a group of friends who share the same love for music and street wear. WANDERLUST and Death Marks have teamed up to release a collaboration project which you will see in the near future, after forming a close relationship with the fellow clothing brand. Check out WANDERLUST’s collection at this year’s Seasick festival.

Wishbone Collective offer the following range:
Wishbone Apparel provides high quality apparel with custom hand drawn designs in house.
Wishbone Records is a competitive online vinyl record distro supplying an alternative music range.
Wishbone Promotions works with both new and established bands at venues based in the local area of Southsea.

Check out the festival’s Facebook event page here.