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NEEDTOBREATHE top US iTunes chart

NEEDTOBREATHE’s sixth studio album Hardlove is now their highest charting album ever. The album – that is out now – has topped the iTunes Album Chart and has entered the Soundscan/Billboard ‘Top Current Albums’ chart at number one. Sales are now exceeding 45,000 units.

The Grammy-nominated band’s album has also topped Billboard’s ‘Top Albums’, ‘Top Current Rock Albums’, ‘Current Alternative Albums’, ‘Current Digital Albums’, and ‘Overall Digital Albums’. As well as this it has entered the Billboard 200 at number 2.

Now that is a lot of achievment.

You can listen to Hardlove in full now here.
igned copies of the album will be exclusively availbale for UK fans through the Banquet Records website.

Anna’s Anchor have released details of debut album

Irish emo-indie guys Anna’s Anchor have announced details of their debut album Nautical Miles. The album – which will be released on 23rd September – will feature the already released Signal Tower. 

Front man Marty Ryan said: “A nautical mile is a little bit longer than a mile. I find that with everything I do, be it academically, work or music related, I always have to work a little harder to get where I want to.

“Things generally don’t fall into place for me, I’m a grafter and struggle through, but I generally get there in the end and that’s what Nautical Miles means to me.”

Nautical Miles is a very fitting name for an artist who went to as many landmarks as possible over four days for Signal Tower. Marty filmed for 14 hours straight and clocked up 1,300 miles across 200 locations.

Check out the video for Signal Tower below.
Stream and download new track Hampton which will be on the new album here.

Pre order the Nautical Miles 12″ Vinyl:
In the UK here
n Ireland here

Anna’s Anchor will be on tour with Losing Sleep on the following dates

22/09/16 Roisin Dubh (upstairs) – Galway
23/09/16 Brú Bar – Cork
24/09/16 The Stormy Teacup – Limerick
25/09/16 Fibber Magees (Downstairs) – Dublin
01/10/16 Audio – Glasgow
02/10/16 Pop Records – Sunderland
03/10/16 Star & Garter – Manchester
04/10/16 Santiagos – Leeds
05/10/16 TBC – Reading
06/10/16 Pre Bar – Southampton
07/10/16 Veg Bar – London
08/10/16 TBC – Cardiff

Interview – Brightlight City

The new single ‘Thieves’ is out, how are you feeling about its release?

It’s out today (Friday). We are all feeling very excited and very positive about its release. The response and build up so far for ‘Thieves’ has been really incredible to see.

If you could only describe the track in three words, what would they be?

Passionate, Energetic, Emotional.

It come across as very emotional, what was the influence for the single?

The influence for ‘Thieves’ is about how people are quick to pass judgement and enjoy watching failure. It’s about embracing any doubts others may have in you and to keep fighting for what you believe in, laughing in the face of danger and adversity.

Will there be a full length album coming soon?

Not just yet but that is definitely something we are writing and working towards! We have a brand new EP coming your way first! We are super excited as these are our finest songs to date! Looking to release this around September time.

So, what can fans expect from it?

Our lovely fans and followers can definitely expect a HUGE step-up from our older material. The new EP has a real contrast of heartfelt melodies and aggression, massive riffs and heavy drums! A musical journey from start to finish.The video for ‘Thieves’ shows that you clearly have a lot of fun and energy during shows, will you be touring the UK any time soon?

We have the best time when we perform. It’s what we do best, simply living in the moment and enjoying ourselves. Just let the passion and energy take over! We are on tour from September onwards, dates below:








7. What has been your highlight of the festival season so far this year?

Playing the Camden Rocks Festival a few weeks back. Such an incredible experience, the response we got was overwhelming. It was a real memorable moment of everything going perfectly and our singer, Jamie was climbing the walls and barriers getting the audience pumped!

What’s been your favourite song of the summer so far?

Definitely Biffy Clyro’s song ‘Friends and Enemies’ from their awesome new album, ‘Ellipsis’. The song has that ‘stadium rock’ vibe which Biffy do so well! The heaviness of the chorus is so chuggy and incredibly melodic.You can only listen to the last song you listened to for the rest of your life. What is it and how do you feel about it?

Haha, well luckily the last played song on my iPod was ‘Everlong’ by Foo Fighters! I am very happy with that, I could probably listen to that for the rest of my existence!

Finally, why should people buy ‘Thieves’ on 22nd this month?

For the simple fact that they enjoy the song! But also to support currently unsigned music and artists. We feel there are an overwhelming number of talented bands out there who put their creative energy into something they are so passionate about! So supporting and purchasing songs really does mean the world to us! Thank you!

Kehlani releases new track

Young R&B songstress Kehlani has unleased Distraction today. The single is from her forthcoming album which is due out this autumn. The album is a follow up to her well-received and Grammy nominated mixtape You Should Be Here. 

Distraction explains of how Kehlani is searching for someone to be her distraction but only on her terms. The lyrics read “I need you to give me your time, I need you to not wanna be mine.”

The single is available to stream and download now along with the lead single Crzy from the upcoming album.

With Confidence release ‘Voldemort’ music video

Australian pop-punkers With Confidence have unveiled the music video for their single Voldemort. 

Vocalist Jayden Seeley said: “Voldemort is a happy, carefree ‘fuck you’ to mental illness and this video is our representation of that! It’s about rolling with the punches despite life breaking your green screen and throwing beach balls at you.”

Voldemort is taken straight from With Confidence’s debut album Better Weather which came out in June. Fans can catch the band on tour in UK. They will be supporting Real Friends and Knuckle Puck this Decmeber. All tour dates are below.

Check out the video for Voldemort below and purchase Better Weather here.

UK / EU Tour (with Real Friends and Knuckle Puck)
Dec 01 – Paris, France – Backstage By The Mall
Dec 02 – Cologne, Germany – MTC
Dec 03 – Stuttgart, Germany – Kellerclub
Dec 04 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Melkweg
Dec 06 – Hamburg, Germany – Hafenklans
Dec 07 – Antwerp, Germany – JC Kavka
Dec 09 – London, England – Electric Ballroom
Dec 10 – Birmingham, England – Asylum
Dec 11 – Newcastle, England – Riverside
Dec 13 – Glasgow, Scotland – St. Lukes
Dec 14 – Manchester, England – Club Academy
Dec 15 – Leeds, England – Stylus
Dec 16 – Bristol, England – Thekla
Dec 17 – Southampton, England – Engine Rooms

The Brave reveal new single ft. Marcus Bridge of Northlane

The Brave have today released their newest single Dreamless from their upcoming debut album Epoch. The song features Northlane’s Marcus Bridge who The Brave’s frontman Nathan Toussaint said was “a natural fit for Dreamless with his his incredible vocal range.”

Toussaint continued to explain that he wrote the song during a bout of insomnia: “I wrote Dreamless about when I was going through a pretty tough time in my life and sleep pretty much became a non existent thing for me. When I finally did get some sleep I was still waking up feeling as if I hadn’t slept in days… It was just adding to the issues I was already trying to deal with and was just building up . I didn’t feel like the person I used to be, I felt like a bit of a zombie just walking around aimlessly.

“When Dreamless started to really come together I knew straight away that was the song for Marcus to feature on,” Toussaint continues. “It was amazing to watch him do his thing in the studio, I’ve never seen someone just come in and nail take, after take, after take and then bust out all these amazing harmonies at the drop of a hat… It was crazy!”

Check out the video for Dreamless below. Pre-order The Brave’s debut album Epoch which will be released on 5th August here. 

I Prevail announce debut album

I Prevail have announced that their debut album Lifelines will be released on 21st October. The rock band that gave us that epic cover of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space are following their massively successful 2014 EP with this highly anticipated full length record.

Vocalist Brian Burkheiser said: “Making this record pushed us to our limits, which is exactly how we wanted it. That’s how you know you’ve put your all into something. The writing process took over a year because we just refused to settle. We’re going to prove to the world that we’re here to stay. Our heart and soul is in every track.”

Lead guitarist Steve Menoian added: “We really wanted to stay true to our sound, but also find a way to continue maturing at the same time. I think we found a good balance. The choruses are bigger, the heavy parts are heavier, and we were able to express a message that is really meaningful to all of us.”

I Prevail have also just been announced as support for Pierce The Veil on their US tour. UK dates are expected soon.

Check out their latest video for the single Scars below.

Save The Lost Boys – Temptress

Save the Lost Boys is a very fitting band name for their latest album, Temptress. Although it feels lost at points, it is saved by other superb points. Make sure you are wearing your ‘I Love Pop Punk’ t-shirt before listening to this one.

Temptress has a fairly slow start with its first track, Wasting My Time. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Although nothing special, it is a good, solid song. It is the kind of track that would fit well over the top of a teenage rom-com movie montage, if only it had a stronger beat. The overall composition captures what the song is about – a relentless longing for someone with the knowledge you are wasting your time. So, not the best of starts to the album but enough to keep you interested and convince you to give the second track a chance.

Bad Names’ intro is the definition of a perfect, catchy pop-punk song opening. The riff grasps your attention right away and Lee Weiss’ vocals holds it. His voice is nostalgic of when pop-punk was at its best in the 90s however very cleverly combines with modern elements which makes the sound relevant. Still, there is the sense that the guys are holding back somewhat. There is a distinct lack of passion, it almost feels like they are trying that little bit too hard to play it cool. Unfortunately, this does take away from the song.

It is unclear what Save The Lost Boys were attempting to achieve with the introduction of the fourth track, Dancing. The otherwise well thought-out riff is out shone by an inapt drum beat that simply does not fit. This distracting drum beat makes several appearances throughout the song, which is a real shame as the rest of the song is spot on. The song’s break down features Tyler Smith and it works excellently. It adds a lot of depth to the band’s sound and gives this song a unique edge to the rest of the album.

Everything Is You is the sixth track and has by far the best chorus on the entire album. The combination of the lyrics and the fantastic support coming from the rest of the band shows the potential that Save the Lost Boys have to write an effective pop-punk song. It is definitely a song that gets better every time you listen to and it wrestles with your emotions more and more with each play. Everything Is You is a real turning point on the album and reinforces why these guys deserve to be making music.

After Everything Is You has opened up your emotions, it is now time for Things I Never Could Forget to cut them even deeper. Successfully playing off the poignant atmosphere that the previous track has created, the track gently pulls you through an expressive journey. This is a really raw and honest song that the guys should be proud of.

Temptress has a bit of a shaky start but really picks up half way through and holds until the end. It is a perfect album for all lovers of pop-punk, especially those who enjoy the more retro 90’s/00’s sound. Save the Lost Boys have a long way to go before they are massively affecting the music scene. Yet, if they progress as quickly as the album does then it will not be long until they are. If the second half of this record is anything to go by, this band are one to keep an eye on for the future.



In Dynamics – Everything I See

Everything I See by In Dynamics is an album that is surprising. In a good way. It offers some unexpectedly virtuous pieces and is incredibly pleasant to listen to. There are some obvious areas of improvement that will inevitably come with time and experience. Bearing in mind that this is the band’s first full length album, it is a great start to their future.

This is the Start of Nothing gives the album an intriguing start. It includes charming vocals from Beau Boulden and easy listening throughout. It certainly does not give the impression that Everything I See is ‘the start of nothing’, but rather, a creates a fascination of what is to come. This is an anthem of a track that perfectly sets up the play for the rest of the album. An excellent choice to place as the opening.

The fourth track A String of Losses has a fantastic introduction, something that is somewhat lacking in the album until this point. It is followed up successfully by a very well executed blend of progressive rock and pop with a hint of more mainstream elements. Boulden’s vocal range is nicely explored in this song hitting falsetto at points. This track reinforces the albums laid back, effortless feel. Jack Wrench’s drumming is second to none and builds up layers to the song that would not have been possible without such a well thought out score.

The next track, Leviticus is Everything I See’s slower, ballad offering. Although at times, it is a bit too repetitive, it is a decent song. If you like reading between the lines and looking deeper then this is the song for you. However, the previous tracks have not quite set you up effectively for this song and it unfortunately does not work as a stand-alone song. It feels slightly lost in this album and could have maybe been held back until a record that it would fit better into. Despite this, it does give Everything I See some much needed depth and versatility.

The title track Everything I see certainly is saving the best until last. It is the first time you really take notice of Boulden’s guitar talent as he performs some excellent work. Boulden is backed up impeccably by the remaining two members to form a brilliant sound. This song’s only fault, again, is the repetition within the lyrics that was evident in Leviticus. Unfortunately, the lyrics in all the songs on the album leave room for improvement.

Everything I See is a breath of fresh air in terms of modern pop music. For only a three-piece band, there is a full sound and it feels like there is nothing missing. The sound shows influences from bands such as Lawson and 5 Seconds of Summer. However, the cheeky Brighton ambiance gives them a certain unique edge and allows them to stand out from anything else. This band have the potential to shake up the mainstream music scene and inject it with some exceptional talent.


Rooney Unveils New Video For ‘Why’

Alt rockers Rooney from LA have revealed their new romantic video for Why. The video features well-known French actress and musician and Soko. 

The video shows lead singer Robert Schwartzman and Soko on the streets of California. Lyrics delivered from the pair speak of love and emotions during a break up.

Schwartzman said: “The lyrics are about a couple realizing maybe this is it, maybe it’s over, my tears have all dried up, and we both accept this. The beat and music seems to say the opposite, creating some conflict in the song, which is actually true for love and our emotions. We have so much inside of us during a breakup, even if we know it’s right and must embrace this feeling”.

Why is the second single released Rooney’s upcoming album Washed Away. The album will be out later in the month on the 29th. Watch the video below.