The Autumn Ravine – An Intrinsic Evolution

For fans of Deaf Havana and Twin Atlantic, The Autumn Ravine release their debut EP “An Intrinsic Evolution” depending upon your relationship with Pop Punk however will determine the amount you will enjoy the album.

The guitars on a track such as “Saganism” feel upbeat and fresh giving the band somewhat of a creative bounce and edge to the style of music that they are creating. This is a track for fans of a somewhat serious nature as well, with singer Damon Griffith’s giving a performance that feels personal and a critique of his situation with words such as “pessimistic” given more of an elevation within the song itself. Griffith’s vocals itself are also extremely talented and hark back to many of the biggest Pop Punk bands ranging from Neck Deep to Green Day.

The use of two guitarists both Griffiths and Alby Wallbank layering upon each other in “Saganism” also gives the song more of an edge. This is something that feels left out on what is otherwise a very clean and polished release but for what they add to the table makes the band have that extra level of fun that is needed within a Pop Punk band.

“Narcissus” also gives a chance for both bassist (Lee Smith) and drummer (Thomas Gaskill) to shine. With an infectious beat and quite punchy rhythm this is a song that allows the band to go down much more creative and explorative avenues and ones which will let their mark be known within the band itself.

Unfortunately the criticism comes from the fact that the band feels a bit like bubble-gum, it’s fun whilst it’s there but doesn’t really leave any lasting taste for the listener. This can be said about “Eulogy” as whilst the subject matter is serious the repeated guitars and drums can simply leave the listener to drift off away from the track. This is a group that is easy to digest and unfortunately due to that doesn’t leave the listener with anything strong enough to remember them by. For a band in their infancy however, there’s room for the group to grow and expand, and whilst listening to this album the feeling that it’s available for them to do so, remains extremely prevalent


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