Belial – Nihil Est EP [REVIEW]

Being dark and mysterious, the band known as Belial are here to show off how they can bring something exciting and pounding to the technical deathcore genre with their upcoming EP ‘Nihil Est’. Featuring their older tracks off of the debut EP and instrumental tracks of the new EP tracks as a massive bonus towards this, we are here to see if the new tracks hold any extra levity compared to their beginning material.

Opening up with ‘In Extremis’, the brooding intro that could be used as part of a pivotal point in a movie, throws immediately into a crushing low end from the guitar that is provided from beginning to end. Whether its through simple chugs that provide something booming or the lead guitar melodies that throw your head in a circular motion, the EP is definitely not calming down on the punches already. Next comes in ‘Eon’ which brings out the lead guitar out of the gate and a bouncy low end from the rhythm structure that is fuelled even more from the drums elevating the sound. The production element on this EP is definitely a focus point on this EP as with every gloomy chug-filled section is mixed with the more reverberated lead picking and guitar solos. The progression from this band is starting to show a lot more.

The first single ‘Ø’ comes up in the middle of the record with a perfect placement that brings you everything you enjoyed about that track. Fast paced sections all rounded together with a very boisterous sound and a new flavour of picking style that highlights the bass playing a little bit more during elements of the song. ‘Odium’ mixes the playing style up a bit more with something with more of a metalcore twang laced in its walls and it one of the more enjoyable tracks produced in the new five shown, but doesn’t showcase off anything that could be deemed surprising. Closing the EP with ‘In Origin’, the band show even more of their dark and maniacal power with the track and fully captures what Belial are bringing to the genre. Something that isn’t afraid to be somewhat stand-out from its predecessors with a definite throwback to genres such as a black metal influence with the blast beat areas.

As the genre grows ever quicker, its great to see bands like this that can still make their mark and shine through some of the sea of similarity. Belial are giving you everything they have and are showing you that size doesn’t matter in the genre world.


Belial - Nihil Est EP

8 out of 10
Released: 27th January 2017 Label: Siege Music For Fans Of: Thy Art Is Murder / Whitechapel / Carnifex
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