Blackberry Smoke – Like An Arrow

10 out of 10

Atlanta southern rockers Blackberry Smoke have announced their brand new studio album, Like an Arrow.

Due to be released on October 14th, Like an Arrow follows the band’s hugely successful 2015 album, Holding All the Roses. It landed in Top 50 charts around the world upon its release, including the UK, USA, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Norway and the Netherlands, as well as taking the top spot in the UK Rock Chart and the US Country Chart.

As soon as the first track opens, the listener is immediately taken back to the great artists from previous years. The musicians in the band are incredibly talented, each instrument sitting perfectly in the balance of the music. The mixing and mastering is top notch, and the only way is up for Blackberry Smoke.

However, setting them apart from the likes of legends such as Black Sabbath, and Chuck Berry, there is an obvious country twist to Blackberry Smoke that will make them instantly popular with most listeners.

The album opens with the single Waiting for Thunder, which immediately draws the listener in with it’s guitar hooks and catchiness. Immediately following in the same tone but with a more cowboy vibe is Let It Burn, which would be a great song for a barn dance.

However the band mellow things out by the third track, showing that they can write both chilled out music as well as energetic music.

What Comes Naturally comes with a surprise jazzy piano instrumental in the middle, further showing the true skill and talent of the musicians who make up Blackberry Smoke.

While the beginning of the album is very electric and energetic, the middle of the album is more mellow and introduces some acoustic instruments, picking up the pace as the album moves towards the end. There is a clear beginning, middle and end to this album which makes the listener feel more at ease and will keep them listening, and coming back to Like An Arrow.

The title track, Like An Arrow, is an iconic title track, containing catchy guitar riffs and memorable lyrics. One day this song will be known by people the world over, and should be on a future Guitar Hero game.

The penultimate song, Believe You Me, is funky rocky country, something like if Jamiroquai was alt-country. It doesn’t sound like those are genres that would go together, but Blackberry Smoke pull it off brilliantly.

High points: Waiting for Thunder, Let It Burn, The Good Life, Like An Arrow, Sunrise in Texas, Believe You Me.

Low points: Running Through Time goes on for too long, however that’s not to say it’s a bad track.

You can catch Blackberry Smoke on tour in the UK from March 2017.

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