Blank Parody reveal music video for ‘Locket Picture’

Black Parody are an alternative rock ensemble from the west midlands of the UK gearing up to release their debut EP (as yet unnamed) early next year.

Locket Picture follows earlier single Dark Pretenders, and it’s just as thematically intense. Dealing with isolation, insanity, anger and more, it’s a complex formula.

The band commented: “‘Locket Picture’ is about the way loss and suffering contorts our personalities and manipulates us into completely different people. Painful memories become weights around our necks which do nothing but remind us of times when we were happier, and the more we stare into that, trying to find answers, the more we invoke desolation and despondency. The song is as much about self-destruction as it is about self-realisation and abandoning the weight of nostalgia before it tips you over the edge.”

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