Blindwish – Good Excuses

9 out of 10

Out yesterday, Good Excuses is the debut album from Dallas born Blindwish. Taking influences from the likes of Taking Back Sunday and Neck Deep, the group is sure to make an impact relatively quickly. Songs on Good Excuses seem to come paired by genre, with a break in the middle, which is a different structure for most listeners, but it does not detract from the overall experience.

Opening Good Excuses is debut single After Midnight, which captures the post punk essence of the group. Following is Bittersweet,  a more riff based track, but with a less solid chorus when compared to After Midnight. However listeners will be able to relate to the lyrics, particularly in the bridge; ‘Different day, same old shit’. The post punk element rushes back in Infected, with influences such Thirty Seconds To Mars heavily present in the verses, however the chorus returns to more of a Taking Back Sunday feel.

Rise Records, who Blindwish are signed to, have provided the best in terms of production, as the group sound epic. The  balance and spacing of each instrument and the vocals is just right. The evolution of the album throughout each track is also planned carefully and executed through both musical performance and technical production. The heavier elements begin with Single Words, and spill over to Cold Shoulders, which incorporates heavy riffs and distorted guitars, whilst still maintaining balance and space in the mix.

The softest track, Down, is placed in the middle of the album to juxtapose the heavier tracks preceding it. Using acoustic guitars and strings to bulk out the sound, the softer vocals have a lot of empty space to suddenly fill, but the track sounds great. Another surprise acoustic track comes in later on with The Maze, which is more reminiscent of the likes of Neck Deep, but Blindwish have a stronger vocalist.

They’re Not Real is the catchiest track on the album and would make a good choice for the next single, as the catchy chorus is easy to sing along to. The multitracked vocals on the chorus make the listener feel like they are in a crowd singing along. Echo is the final track on the album, beginning with autotune and a number of other effects as an introduction, and recurring throughout the track on the ‘let it go’ parts.

Overall Good Excuses is a stunning example of how varied the post punk genre can really be, with influences that range across the board. Blindwish are a great band for listeners just getting into the post punk genre, as well as enjoyable for those who are already huge fans. The biggest standout track is Down, as it will speak to quite a few fans of different genres.




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