Bloodstock Festival Preview Part 1 – Ronnie James Dio Stage

Bloodstock Festival is just over 4 weeks away and to celebrate this their will be a weekly run down of every stage at this years event. To kick it off with the Ronnie James Dio Stage (Main Stage) is something huge and hopefully a reason to attract people to the event.

As with every year their are countless other stages including; Hobgoblin New Blood Stage (Metal To The Masses), SOPHIE (Second Stage) and the as yet to be announced Jagermeister Stage. If any new bands are announced between then and now, they will also be added to this years preview.

The lineup days will be released as if they were at the festival, tune in over the next 4 weeks and get anticipated for one of the biggest events of the year.


Twisted Sister (Headliner) 

We’re Not Gonna Take It will be the message when Twisted Sister headline this years event. After closing a 40 year career with their “40 And Fuck It Tour”Twisted Sister return to one of their biggest and most captive countries, Britain. With hits loud enough to close a festival set Twisted Sister aim to impress giving a moment that will leave their mark in the UK forever. If for no other reason than the fact Twisted Sister aren’t bonafide metal legends. Featured on the tour is Mike Portnoy (Winery Dogs, ex Dream Theatre) who will fill in drums from A.J Pero who sadly passed away last year has slotted in perfectly into the role, though it isn’t the great drummer from Twisted Sister the thoughts are there that this show will act as a tribute to the man. Their new DVD “Twisted Sister – Metal Meltdown” (2016) shows the new lineup and is certainly worth a watch, especially if you’re wishing to see it at this years events. With hit’s like; The Kids Are Back, I Am (I’m Me) and I Wanna Rock this is a band that look set to take this years Bloodstock by storm. This set also marks the second time Twisted Sister are headlining the event followed by their previous headline set at Bloodstock 2010.


Taking influence and inspiring a cross-over of Black and Death Metal in Poland “Blackened Death Metal” Behemoth look set to take this years Bloodstock by storm, by playing their critically acclaimed album The Satanist (2014) in full. Getting 4th on UK Rock Charts, winning album of the year at Metal Hammer Golden Gods and getting 8th on Kerrang’s albums of the year The Satanist has deservedly won the hearts of the mainstream and the rock and metal culture at large. This album also means a lot to the band as it was the first album since Nergal (vocalist) had recovered from a bone marrow transplant as the result of him being diagnosed with leukemia, this was quite a shocking and sad time within the life of Nergal and due to this many of the lyrics on The Satanist result as being much more personal and to the basics of what life meant for Nergal during this period. In both a celebration and reflection, Behemoth’s set at this years event looks set to be huge and will look to celebrate the recent career of the band with many of it’s fanbase. This is set to be the band’s second time performing followed by their headlining slot in 2012.


As seen from A History Of Metal: Black Metal viewable below – http://www.musicology.uk.com/history-metal-black-metal/ – Venom have arguably pioneered much of extreme music and have more than likely influenced half of this lineup. With roots in Thrash Metal as well, Venom aim to please everyone at this event and give a set that will likely be remembered as legend by the Bloodstock masses. With one of the best and legacy defining trio of albums a band can produce with; Welcome To Hell (1981), Black Metal (1982) and At War With Satan (1984), Venom have the hits that can blast Bloodstock Festival to a pulp. Venom unfortunately however have had some descension with the lineup leading to two bands being created both Venom Inc (created in 2015) featuring; Abraddon (drummer of the classic era), Mantas (original guitarist) and Demolition Man (vocalist and bassist between 1989 – 1992) and Venom which features; Cronos (vocalist and bassist at every point in the bands history bar 1989 – 1992), La Rage (guitarist who joined on Hell (2008)) and Dante (who drummed on Fallen Angels (2011)). In the case of Bloodstock however you are looking at the second lineup. With two bands however and the fighting that’s happened behind the scenes Venom have showed no signs of slowing down releasing their new album From The Very Depths (2015) to critical acclaim. Venom look set to take Bloodstock for themselves and with a trio of bands as awesome as the top 3 on this years Friday, you are looking forward to a set that will likely blow you away. Venom surprisingly make their debut at this years event but it will hopefully not be the last time you see the great band at Bloodstock. 

Corrosion Of Conformity

With the band influencing many of the Stoner Metal and Sludge Metal scene, Corrosion Of Conformity look set to bring Bloodstock to one of the best parties ever. Slow moshing, hits such as Albatross and Clean My Wounds and a group which shows an established pedigree what more is there to want from Corrosion. With Pepper Keenan (formerly of Down) back in the lineup the group will also have the star power on vocals and guitar to once again have a classic COC set. With the band’s newest album IX (2014) in the lineup there’s little to argue against the fact that Corrosion have the ability to both punish the masses with classic and new material. Get down, have a mosh and enjoy the greats that are Corrosion Of Conformity. This is the second time the band have played since their set in 2012.

Stuck Mojo 

One of the best bands in the Alternative Metal genre and Rap Metal scene, Stuck Mojo were arguably just as popular in the charts  and influential as many of the bands during this time, particularly with their classic Pigwalk (1996). This is a band that look set to reclaim their former glory and with new members Len Sommier (bass) and Robby J (vocals) making their debut to the group just this year, Stuck Mojo look set to be on the trail to proving themselves once again. With long term and original member Rich Ward and Frank Fontsere (who joined the band in 1996), this is a group that will look set to give Bloodstock a set to remember. With new album Here Come The Infidels (2016) looking set to give the band plenty of new material to play, Stuck Mojo look set to be an exciting new force on the world of rock music once again. Get down for this band and give them all the love you can when they play this years Bloodstock Festival for the first time in their career.

Misery Loves Co. 

Misery Loves Co. are a band which may resonate in the minds of fans of Industrial Metal. The band was a duo of two members Parick Wiren (vocals) and Orjan Ornkloo (guitar, bass and programming), the group however added Jim Edwards (guitar), Marre Ericksson (bass) and Ollie Dahlstead (drums) to their live appearance. Unfortunately Misery Loves Co. had split by 2000 with their third album Your Vision Was Never Mine To Share which brought a much softer sound to the band and sadly was their swansong, touring with the band on this reunion is the guitarist who was brought in on the critically acclaimed third  album Michael Hanhe. The band have also made waves by having their track Need Another One (1995) remixed by Killing Joke and Pitchshifter and having their second album Not Like Them reach number 12 on Kerrang!’s Top 20 in 1997. This is a band that are shocking to even be at the festival due to how long they’ve been inactive but hopefully this is a set that will make new fans out of the event and also reconnect with their old fan-base. This is a set that looks set to be more of an unknown to the fans of the event, rather than an absolute certainty of what they’re going to do. This is also the first time the band have ever played at Bloodstock Festival. 

Evil Scarecrow 

If you’ve ever been to Bloodstock before, you already know what the deal is with Evil Scarecrow. For the uninitiated however, this is a group that do the best comedy songs within Metal. Be that classics like; Robototron and Crabulon (which both have their own dances) or slightly rarer tracks as Book Of Doom or Dance Of The Cyclops this is a band that needs to be seen live to truly believe. This is almost the house band at Bloodstock however making their name at the festival and getting love from the masses at the event, give the bands new album Galactic Hunt (2014) a whirl however and you can see why this group is so popular. With riffs and laughs galore, fans know from the off what Evil Scarecrow are all about but thankfully, the group are one of the best bands in Metal to do this style of comedic music. This is the band’s fifth time at the event after playing; 2008, 2011, 2013, 2014 and now 2016.


Time for Power Metal fun, featuring Chris Bowes on Keyboards (singer in Alestorm) going by the name of; Zagothrax, Dark Sorcerer of AuchtermuchtyThomas Winkler (Singer) going by the name of; Angus Mcfife, Crown Prince Of Dundee, Paul Tempting (Guitar) going by the name of; Ser Proletius, Grand Master Of The Templar Knights Of CrailJames Cartwright (Bass) going by the name of; HOOTSMAN, Barbarian Warrior Of Unst, and Ben Turk (Drums) going by the name of; Ralathor, The Mysterious Hermit Of Cowdenbeath. If you got through that and not cringed, you’re ready for Gloryhammer, with catchy guitar riffs and singing that will be infectious from the moment you’ve heard it, this is a band that will look to kick Bloodstock off properly and will link to Evil Scarecrow incredibly well. Given that the band only have two albums; Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife (2012) and Space 1992:Rise Of The Chaos Wizard (2015) this is a band that will look to just have as much fun as they can and for a band on second at Bloodstock this is a group that will give the metal masses, something that will wake them up from their hangovers, that was the Thursday night pre-party.


HARK are a Groove Metal that brings back the Stoner Riff and Heavy Bass, back to the forefront, thankfully this is a group of musicians that are extremely talented and are showing that they can give a more up to date sound on their style of music, combining it with much more modern production and proficiency than many of their counterparts. The band have so far released one album Crystaline (2014) but have toured supporting many of the biggest bands within their scene including; Clutch and Prong. Their second album is scheduled for release in October via Season Of Mist. Could we have the potential to hear some new music at Bloodstock? Only way to find out is head down early on the Friday and catch this amazing band out, the mosh is strong with HARK and if the world is a good place, they will become the next biggest metal band, conquering festivals and stages at the UK. Just remember where you saw them first.

Tickets are available below tune in Saturday for Saturday’s Main Stage Preview and the same for Sunday – http://bloodstock.seetickets.com/event/bloodstock-2016/catton-park/902838

The festival takes place August 11th – August 14th, Weekend tickets are available at £146

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