Bloodstock Festival Preview Part 2 – Ronnie James Dio Stage

Bloodstock Festival is just over 4 weeks away and to celebrate this their will be a weekly run down of every stage at this years event. To kick it off with the Ronnie James Dio Stage (Main Stage) is something huge and hopefully a reason to attract people to the event.

As with every year their are countless other stages including; Hobgoblin New Blood Stage (Metal To The Masses), SOPHIE (Second Stage) and the as yet to be announced Jagermeister Stage. If any new bands are announced between then and now, they will also be added to this years preview.

The lineup days will be released as if they were at the festival, tune in over the next 4 weeks and get anticipated for one of the biggest events of the year.


Mastodon (Headliner)

What better band can you have to headline the event than Progressive/Sludge Metal legends Mastodon. With great reactions from their most recent album Once More ‘Round The Sun (2014) the group have plenty of material to keep even the most classic of fans happy. With awards from both Kerrang! and Metal Hammer for best album The Hunter (2012) the band have also been critically praised and are more than capable of headlining a festival like Bloodstock. In truth it is arguable that Mastodon have never released a bad album, with classics like Leviathan (2004) and Blood Mountain (2006) and Heavy Metal anthems such as; March Of The Fire Ants, Blood And Thunder, Curl Of The Burl and Oblivion this is a set that will act as only the biggest party for the event. This is the first time that Mastodon have headlined Bloodstock.


Arguably Gojira’s biggest album to date, Magma (2016) really has put the French extreme metal band on the map. With one of the best sets at this years Download Festival, through to having been booked on a band as big as Alter Bridge’s new tour, Gojira need little to no explanation as to why they’re a must see act. This album just scratches the surface on the great band’s career, with classics like L’Enfant Sauvage (2012) and From Mars To Sirius (2005) all expecting a big response from the Bloodstock faithfuls. Pushing French metal way beyond what it ever was, Gojira have become a cultural success from the French Metal scene and their show at this year’s Bloodstock should prove this to fans of the band. Strap yourselves in and get ready for the aural attack that is Gojira. This is the third time after Gojira have previously played in; 2010 and 2013.

Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost are one of the most influential bands in the Death/Doom genre expanding upon the Gothic Metal framework that the band decided to work in. This is a band that has gone through many changes throughout their career changing sound at various points, Be that the Doom Metal sound the band played predominantly in their earlier career, followed by a more Gothic Rock/Metal sound from One Second (1997) onwards and even the dabble in electronic music on Host (1999). To the delight of many fans however, the bands newest album The Plague Within (2015) captures the feel of the earlier albums and brings Paradise Lost back to their initial roots. What is interesting within the bands career is that the group have largely remained as one unit since 1988, with all original members bar the drummer. The group have had no less than 7 drummers, with most recent musician Waltteri Väyrynen making his UK live debut as part of this years event. This is a band however that have the heritage the fans of Bloodstock will truly love and clamber for and a group that will likely make an impact with their set at this years event. Paradise Lost have previously played Bloodstock in; 2003 (it was an indoor event at this point), 2005 (the first open air) and 2012 marking their fourth appearance at this years event.

Fear Factory

Pioneering a lot of the Industrial Metal and Nu Metal scenes in the 90’s Fear Factory, return to their roots playing one of their most critically acclaimed albums Demanufacture (1995) in full at this years event. Getting the maximum award of 5 K’s in Kerrang!’s review of the album and charting in the Top 10 of the Billboard Heatseekers Chart. The album also gave way to some of the Thrash Metal sounding guitar and bass that Fear Factory became known for in their later career, and one with pushed the Industrial band to the forefront of much of the metal scene. With original members Burton C Bell (vocals) and Dino Cazares (guitars) playing this classic in full, it will be a celebration for original fans of the band during this period. However with the addition of Mike Helter (drums) and Tony Campos (bass) it will be interesting to see how newer musicians respond to playing a classic Fear Factory set and one which launched the band on the map. Strap in fans of the band as this will be a set that will likely stick out as one of the most defining of the entire weekend. Fear Factory have only played Bloodstock once before in 2010, 2016 will mark their second time at the event.

Rotting Christ

Rotting Christ are often credited with creating an entire scene of Black Metal within their home country of Greece. The band have arguably created one of the most infamous albums within Black Metal’s history, with albums such as The Mighty Contract (1993) and A Dead Poem (1993). The band have made waves within the entire Black Metal scene and are one of the most underrated bands in the entire history of metal but thankfully their set at this years event will aim to prove why Rotting Christ are a band that needs to be taken seriously. With new album Rituals (2016) and critically acclaimed Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού (2012) this is a band that aren’t slowing down any-time soon and are still powering through the great scene that they created being one of the best bands within the entire Black Metal scene as a whole. If this sounds like it interests you, make sure you check out Rotting Christ as they are likely to be the band that brings the extremity out of the entire weekend, and smash it into a 40 minute set. The band have previously played the festival before, headlining the SOPHIE stage in 2014. This year marks the bands mainstage debut however


Akercocke are one of the most unique bands on the lineup, seeing as they had previously pulled out of the event, after being announced. It seems now though, that the band are once again on the lineup poster and on updated news on the website so it’s safe to assume they’re on the bill (?). Regardless however Akercocke bring progressive blackened death metal to the fore-front and have had one of the most unique careers out of any of the bands on the lineup itself. The mere fact that their return is as shocking but surprising to fans (in a good way) marks the fact that Akercocke still know how to create intrigue, releasing their first album in 9 years Renaissance In Extremis some point later this year, the band will hopefully have some new material to perform at this years event. Despite thoughts of this however, don’t be disappointed if they decide not to, with classics such as; Revenge Of The Bastard Nazarene (1999) through to Antichrist (2007) the group have enough classic material to keep both Progressive Metal and Extreme Metal fans happy, and even to the purist of fans Akercocke have exactly what it takes to give a set that is aurally encapsulating. Akercocke have played the festival only once before in 2008.


Vallenfyre are a Death Metal supergroup featuring many members that are big within the scene. These include Gregor Mackintosh (Paradise Lost) (vocals), Hamish Glencross (My Dying Bride) (guitars), Adrian Eriandsson (At The Gates) (drums) and Scoot (Extinction Of Mankind) (bass). In essence many supergroups gain significant controversy and questioning but in the case of Vallenfyre the band have become a functioning band taking part on the Decibel Tour and releasing two quite successful albums in the case of both A Fragile King (2011) and Splinters (2014), the band also released an EP last year entitled The Last Of Our Kind which will make up a good portion of the bands set. This is a group that will aim to prove sceptics wrong and one which will bring the star power but also great songs that will make a festival such as Bloodstock, great again. This year marks the debut appearance from the band.

Kill II This 

Kill II This are a British Nu Metal act from Manchester UK. The group are one of the rare British Nu Metal acts and act as a benchmark for the British scene during this period. This is a group that it is surprising to even see at all live, never mind at Bloodstock due to their split in 2003, the group have returned with little fanfare and many sceptics however. The set at this years festival will aim to prove many of them wrong, and will aim to push the band back in the midst as one of the more exciting “heritage bands” that have come from Britain’s 90’s Metal scene. With underrated classics such as Another Cross II Bare (1996), Deviate (1998) and mass (down) – sin (drone) (2003) this is a group that will bring back many memories for fans of Nu Metal during it’s heyday. It will also aim to show new fans and listeners why they were so important during this period and why fans of metal who got into it post their split might need to listen up to Kill II This. This band will be an interesting live experience and few know what to expect when the group finally make their UK festival return at this years Bloodstock. This will also mark the debut year Kill II This have ever played Bloodstock.


Showing how successful a platform Metal To The Masses is Technical Metal band Cambion have grown to become one of the most loved groups at the event. With awards from TBFM Online for their EP Virus (2012) this is a group that have grown to be successful and inspire many critics to take note of their unique take on Metal. With three EP’s City Of Ember (2010), Last Rites (2011) and Virus (2012) Cambion show why their one of the most exciting new bands in Metal. With their debut album scheduled for release this year, Cambion will hopefully aim to prove why their one of the most exciting bands within the new breed of metal. This is a group that are look set for big things and Bloodstock seems the perfect place for  band as unique as Cambion to truly grow and expand. The group have also made headways by playing at this years Download Festival on the Boardie Takeover. The group have previously played in; 2012 and 2014 but this year marks the first time that they’ve made it to the Main Stage.

Tickets are available below tune in tommorrow for Sunday Main Stage’s Preview – http://bloodstock.seetickets.com/event/bloodstock-2016/catton-park/902838

The festival takes place August 11th – August 14th, Weekend tickets are available at £146

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