Body Count have signed a deal with Century Media Records

The controversial heavy metal band Body Count have now officially signed a world-wide deal with Century Media Records. They will begin tracking a new, full length offering with Will Putney (Miss May I, A Burning Body) who tracked their last effort Manslaughter. 

Ice T said: “It’s cool to be a member of The Century Label Group alongside such a lot of well-established metal artists. With our last album Manslaughter, we tested the waters and got a great response from the fans and critics. Now it’s time to go kill it and make a more aggressive album and keep the Body Count style intact. Producer, Will Putney, is like a member of the band and has an excellent ear. He’s a great producer because he captures the true essence of our band’s sound. Once we are done writing the song it’s his job to step in and make it sound better. He helps move the record in the right direction, were anticipating working with him again. “Once the records done, were going to shoot a lot of music videos and perform spot-dates on certain tests, etc.”

Body Count were founded by actor/rapper Ice T and guitarist Ernie C and have released five albums over the course of 24 years. Their sixth album will surely get tongues wagging as much as their previous work has.

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