Borders – Diagnosed EP [REVIEW]

8 out of 10
Released: April 21st 2017 Label: N/A

With the bouncy and somewhat tech-y sound behind them ready to pummel faces, Borders are here with a four track EP ready to show off what the Lincoln crowd can bring to the table. With ‘Diagnosed’ being their third EP of the selection of their discography, it will be exciting to see how they have matured.

The first half of the EP immediately takes you on a punchy fast paced journey with ‘Analyst’ which invokes a lot more technical and progressive metalcore action with the single string riffs that come right out of the gate. The lower toned screams add a nice element to the track with the guitars holding up most of the weight whether it be with palm mutes or the more technical aspects during the more melodic sections that give off a strong atmosphere for the 5+ minutes that the track goes on for. Moving on to ‘Comatosed’, the band swing around more but evidently stick with such a strong sound that they cast through over the first 50% of the record with such a gripping instrumentation that surpasses their older material by far, putting them on par with bands such as Veil of Maya whilst they show off a djent themed package with a lot going on underneath with, again, the guitars giving the recording that added weight to the proceedings.

The second half opens up with ‘Indoctrinated’ which builds up exponentially with a pounding rhythm section whilst the leads glides over the top with a bit more structure in its lead focus. The more melodic metalcore aspect of this gives you an insight into the groups versatility, especially during the choruses where the singing breaks through and freshens up the recording that bit more. The EP closer, titled ‘Watch The World Burn’ which is a great way to round off the EP as it shows you another bouncy and anthem-like qualities in its walls with it being more exemplified in its breakdowns that are full of djent goodness that will no doubt bring people in more, with the harsher screams during the choruses only adding more fuel to the fire as the track engulfs you and finishes on a very positive note.

Whilst you might wish for something more from this EP, the band are definitely finding their ground and pushing what they are good at, creating four tight knit tracks that only set up more momentum for them in the future.


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