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Bowling For Soup – Drunk Dynasty

"Rocket science it ain't. Feelgood rock music with a dose of teen-movie humour it most certainly is."
7 out of 10

15 years ago, calling a band like Bowling for Soup irrelevant would have been laughed at. Mainly because they were never particularly relevant in the first place, their sophomoric comedy and catchy choruses tailor-made almost exclusively for college kids and stoners worldwide. Those same kids have most likely moved onto full time careers and started families now, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to be reminded of the good ‘ol days once in a while. One would assume this is why the band’s new crowd-funded project Drunk Dynasty exceeded its requested monetary amount by 95% and is available to hear in all its goofy glory.

The Texan dudes in Bowling for Soup have always come across as NOFX‘s less-punk, less politically sharp, but way more fun younger cousins. They have been steadfast in their cartoony, laugh a minute punk-pop since day one and although the days of platinum album sales may be behind them, they have garnered a solid fanbase that still packs out their shows. Drunk Dynasty does nothing to tamper with that dynamic as the dumbass glee comes thick and fast – the Andrew WK stomp of Sh*t To Do and the Weezer vibes of Go To Bed Mad propelling the album along with bounding energy.

To the casual listener, the band’s 11th studio could be interchangeable with any of their others, but for long-time fans Drunk Dynasty will be a welcome addition to the bands catalog – the ‘love everybody’ lyrics of Don’t Be A Dick and the punchy Hey Diane showcasing the band’s well known talent for a singalong anthem.  There are a few mis-steps along the way however with the naggingly repetitive chorus of Stop Doing That and an Ill-advised cover of Gin Blossoms Hey Jealousy not doing the album any favors. Essentially though its business as usual with the spoof-country tale of Drinkin Beer On A Sunday being about as reflective as the record gets.

Make no bones about it, Drunk Dynasty isn’t here to bring about world peace, it’s not even here to bring anything new to the table for the band. What it is here to do though, is put smiles on faces and show that no matter how old you feel, there is always something to laugh about. Rocket science it ain’t. Feelgood rock music with a dose of teen-movie humour it most certainly is.

Drunk Dynasty is out now and is available on all major streaming platforms.

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