Boy Jumps Ship talk about their upcoming album and opening for Patent Pending

We caught up with Boy Jumps Ship before their show in York to see how they’re getting on opening for Patent Pending. BJS are a four-piece punk-rock band from the North East. Their debut album will be released on 22nd April.

How does it feel to be opening for Patent Pending?

Gav- It’s great, ever since we’ve met them and got to know them, they’re the nicest and most accommodating bunch of dudes in the world as well as being a really good band. They’re just a real fun time to be on the road with. We’re learning so much from them in terms of the show and before and after the show, so just to hang out with them they’re really cool guys and we get along really well. The English American dynamic has been fun.

JR – Yeah especially the Geordie American has been hilarious. They’re really struggling with the Geordie.

Si – Joe decided to interview us today and it was just like a barrage of abuse for like an hour, like in a nice way. It was funny.

Your album release is very soon, are you excited?

Si – Excited, relieved, nervous all of the above. We’re so excited about these songs and we’re really proud of them.

You’ve had it ready a while haven’t you?

Si – Yeah we have which is part of the reason we’re so relieved ‘cause we’ve been sitting on it for so long. We’re really excited we’re proud of the songs, so whatever happens we’ve made a really honest record that we’re really proud of so we can’t wait to get it out there but also we’re nervous to see how it goes we just hope people like it.

How long has it been ready for?

Gav – It’s been in the can since December 2014 so a while, but we just wanted to wait to get it the right home before we released it. It was one of those things, like Si says we’re really proud of the songs we’ve done so we didn’t want it to just fall out and no-one know about it, we wanted to wait until we had the right platform. That’s why it’s taken so long.

If you had two words each to describe the album, what would they be?

Gav – Raw and energetic

Dougie – Melodic and aggressive

Si – Honest and real

You’re carrying on touring after Patent Pending, are you coming back to York?

JR – Yeah we’re coming back to fibbers, we can’t wait to come back and play it, it’s the first date of the tour so hopefully it will set the bar for the rest of the tour.

What can we expect to be different from that tour compared to opening for Patent Pending?

JR – Obviously headlining, we’ve got a longer set. This tour is basically very much trying to pinch their fans so we’ve got half an hour to impress them and play a load of bangers and get everyone involved with what we’re doing and show them what we’re about. Then on the headliner it’s a little bit different, we can mess around with the dynamics of the set and play different songs. We can mellow it down, pick it back up and just really express ourselves.

Have you got any plans to tour outside the UK any time soon?

Si – Definitely, we’ve been to Europe a couple of times before so we really wanna get back out there before the end of the year if we can. We’re getting a lot of interest from America so maybe one day we could go there but there’s a lot of bridges to cross before you can even think about that so we’ll see what happens.

What is your biggest moment of 2016 so far?

Gav – I’m gonna say the night we played in Newcastle with Patent Pending and Joe came on for the first time and did a song (radio) with us and he made Si crowd surf. That started off a chain of Si crowd surfing every night so yeah that was probably my favourite moment.

JR – It’s probably like this whole tour so far for me, it’s just been brilliant. It’s been one of my favourite tours consistently every night. Last night was great, we played Birmingham for our fourth or fifth time but last night it was just off the chain, it was totally different to whatever we’ve done before there.

Dougie – This might sound a little cliché but every day that gets closer to the release of the album for me is like another favourite. We’re like eight days away from releasing it, every time I wake up and think we’re one day closer to being able to walk into HMV in Eldon Square and actually see something that I’ve released. To me that’s a big deal. I mean you’ve got Spotify and what not but when I was a kid, I used to walk in and pick albums off the shelf so when I walk in and see it, I’m gonna be like a kid on Christmas day. I’ll be pretty chuffed with myself, especially ‘cause we’ve been sat on it for so long, knowing that it’s tangibly there, then you realise you’ve gotta play a gig ‘cause it’s the day of release.

Si – I always enjoy Nottingham and Nottingham on this tour was another highlight, we played Rescue Rooms which is one of my favourite venues in the UK and that crowd was awesome as well, they were up for it from the first note. They were bouncing and the crowd surfing was good that night as well, I didn’t get dropped on my head like I did last night so yeah it was good.

You’ve all been in different bands previously, what is it about this band that has worked so well?

Dougie – Getting out on the road as well is something we never really did as previous musicians.

Si – I think we all share the same drive and mentality.

Gav – When this band got together it was a very different vibe, we all wanted the same things we all had the same ideas and same ideologies with what we wanted to do. We all just wanted to write honest music and write it together. Without sounding cliché when we started writing songs it just felt really right and it just kinda worked, we gelled and felt great and when we write together it’s easy and we’ve got loads of ideas.

Aside from that, on a personal note and I’m sure the lads will say the same, we’ve all grown as musicians, song writers and artists and we’ve had much more of an opportunity to grow in this band as we’ve stuck at it a lot more.

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