Brutai – Born

7 out of 10

Brutai, a metal fivesome hailing from London/Reading, are due to release their debut album, Born, on 25th November via Transcend Music.

Brutai do not mess around in introducing their album. The first track, Relapse, launches straight into the hook that repeats itself throughout the song. The keys help the guitars and bass to ease off the heaviness that generally comes with the metal genre, giving Brutai an almost techno feel. The second track, Deep, is different to Relapse in that it starts with an almost pop punk feel, before going back into those heavier riffs. The chorus has backing vocals harmonising with the lead, showing the talent of each vocalist because they can not only scream, but sing, and sing well. The listener can imagine the live performance that Brutai would undeniably give, just based on the first few tracks of the album alone.

One of the most diverse tracks on the album is Valediction. The six and a half minute track contains heavy metal, melodic metal, a slow bridge, and vocal harmonies to name a few. This track switches between mainstream and alternative in a brilliant way and it’s clear that the members that make up Brutai are excellent musicians.

Once the listener gets to the second half of Born the tracks begin to blend into one and sound the same. Born would be a better album if there was more diversity between tracks rather than within them, just to break up the album a little more. However, suddenly there is a difference in sound with Over Now and The Border at the end of the album, the vocals are softer and the guitar has backed off just a little. However, the thing that makes Brutai different to other bands of the same genre is probably the tasteful use of effects. There is the usual distortion, reverb etc, but the ending to Lucidity contains expert muffling of the overall sound, giving a clear ending to the song.

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