Butcher Babies – 24.03.16 Review

From Los Angeles, California to The Talking Heads, Southampton, Butcher Babies came through in a whirlwind, leaving mosh pits and crazed fans in its wake.

Sumo Cyco, all the way from Toronto, Canada was first up to show the room a true rock show. Wow did they set the bar high. A barrage of riffs and high energy tunes lead by frontwoman Skye Sweetnam who knew exactly how to work a crowd. Bounding around the stage, still carrying off insanely good vocals and hyping the audience, memorable doesn’t even do these guys justice. Throwing in a cover of The Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘Give It Away’ with their unique spin on it really had the crowd in high spirits singing along to every word.

Next up, Butcher Babies took to the stage with a declaration that there was only 1 rule to heed at their shows, “to lose your fucking minds”. Despite having a lot of members for such a small stage, there was no compromise in energy for the Californian metallers. They stomped their way through killer tracks such as “Jesus Needs More Babies for his War Machine” and “Monster’s Ball”. Deciding they needed the fans to pick a track for them, frontwomen Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey opened their setlist to the masses in the room. Amidst shouts of tracks “Dead Man Walking” was picked up on by Shepherd and the crowd was appeased. There’s no denying that Butcher Babies fans are hardcore, with everyone shouting along, every song became an anthem. Despite the small venue and no crowdsurfing or moshing rules in place, the frontwomen let it be known how they felt about them and pits opened up regardless.

Whilst Butcher Babies might be small time on the radar, they certainly aren’t letting that hold them back. With the energy of their live show and the tightness of the bands dynamic, they’ve certainly got bigger things headed their way. 9/10

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