Butserfest Interview: Blood Youth

Blood Youth Butserfest

While the heavens had opened, Blood Youth took some shelter to eat lunch in the press area after just getting off the bus at Butserfest and interviewer James Maddern took this opportunity to have a chat.

How are you guys feeling about the performance later?

Kaya Tarsus, vocals: We’re looking forward to it! We’ve been in the van for about seven hours so it’ll be nice to come here and do what we do, we always like playing shows. We literally got here twenty minutes ago so we haven’t really had a look around yet but it looks great so far. It should be pretty sick.

What can we expect to see on the Closure tour at the end of the month?

Kaya: We’ve gone all out with it production-wise, we’ll be playing new songs.

Chris Pritchard, guitar: We have pyro! [laughs]

Kaya: We don’t actually have pyro (Chris: Do we fuck…) We have new songs, a bigger set and this is the biggest thing we’ve ever done.

Where do Zoax fit into the equation on the tour?

Kaya: Well, they played before us at 2000 Trees and we were like “this is so sick”, then afterwards and our team asked “who do you want to bring out on tour with you?” and we said “we saw Zoax and they were insane so let’s ask them”. We haven’t actually met them, I’ve heard they were right here a little while ago [laughs] but yeah, they sound great and we’ll see them soon.

You’ve mentioned new songs a couple of times, are they making an outing later on?

Chris: Is that a cheeky “is there an album?” [laugh]  We can’t say…

Kaya: They’re not coming out today, no. We were thinking about it but if people hear them tonight they won’t come to the tour so you know, wait til we’re headlining and see them then.

Are the new songs the Blood Youth style we know or are they a shift away?

Chris: It’s a step in the right direction. 

Kaya: It’s the same. Not like “oh it’s the same old Blood Youth” type ‘same’ but it’s more like Blood Youth V2.0 in a way. 

Sam Hallett, drums: Listen to the ‘In My Head’ EP then the ‘Closure’ EP and you’ll realise it’s progressed naturally, but in a good way – the songwriting and everything.

Chris: Then hearing these newer songs it’s the same natural move. I know a lot of bands say “let’s try something new for this record” (James: so no synth-pop-rap shift then?) [laughs] No, none of that but I wish… It kind of happens on its own, they sound a little bit different but better.

Anything else at all you can reveal for us in the near future?

Kaya: There’s a lot of stuff going on that’s exciting. It’s just a sort of “watch this space” deal currently. 

Chris: And come to the Closure tour! Big things are going down, be there.


Huge thanks to Blood Youth for being involved in this, and especially Max for holding the mic all the way through and not saying a word!

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