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After what turned out to be their biggest festival show to date, we spoke to Tigress about their experiences at Butserfest, the past year and the next few months to come.

I was on the barrier for you at Warped UK last year and you’ve come a long way since then. How would you say the past year has been?

Katy Jackson, vocals: It’s been challenging because we’ve been learning lots of things along the way and developing our sound as Tigress. It has been really fun though because of those things, and we’ve had fun experimenting and working with new people so we’ve been having a really good year. It’s been different to anything else we’ve done! It’s been rather experimental…

On that subject then, congratulations on the EP! Have you got anything you can reveal about the new material?

Sean Bishop, guitar: We just shot a new music video!

Katy: Yeah there’s a video coming up, and we’re going into the studio in November which is booked in, confirmed and all the rest. We’ll have some new stuff out early next year, probably another EP and I personally think they’re the best songs we’ve ever written. We’re really excited to get them done.

Sean: Definitely, they are strong [laughs]

How’s your experience of Butserfest been so far?

All: So wet!

Josh Coombes, drums: I’m actually enjoying the rain, it’s refreshing so it’s been good.

Katy: If it was sunny, this would be a perfect day.

Sean: Well, we were playing in the [Crossroads Stage] so it was good for us because it meant our tent was full [laughs]. We had a packed-out crowd, it was awesome.

Just in terms of Katy and Sean, how did the covers series come about and how do you choose tracks?

Katy: I just go with what I like at that moment, to be honest. Me and Sean work together on them all so he does a lot of the hard work and I just have to sing with my own spin on it really, then sort out if I’m doing a collab[oration] or solo.

Sean: Yeah, you just turn up and sing… [laughs]

Katy: It sounds like we’re joking but this is a serious thing outside Tigress. I really like doing the covers and I think the hardest part is picking a song because some songs are just really hard to change to make them sound really different so some we’ve started and then not finished.

Sean: Yeah, you don’t want it to sound the same as the original so you’ve got to put some sort of twist on it but then sometimes you start it and when it’s finished you’re like “that sounds weird” and you just can’t put it out.

Katy: It’s cool though because we’ve had some really good feedback from the artists we cover, so I think we must be doing something right.

Starting today, are there any bands you’re going to be seeing live?

Katy: Today, we’ll probably watch Young Guns and Mallory Knox just because they’re faves, I watched Faultlines earlier. We’re going to see Bring Me The Horizon in October on the Halloween date so with Enter Shikari that will be so good. I really want to make sure I see Twenty One Pilots again… It’s hard because a lot of the people I love and really want to see the tickets just go and I hate that, we need more shows for those bands.

Tom Harrison, guitar: I’m seeing Steel Pather soon, that’s going to be a amazing! A Day To Remember as well, and Jimmy Eat World. I’m going to have no money at all [laughs]

Katy: I mean, I’d love to be on all these tours as well… We’ve got one more festival in the season then back to the studio and hopefully people will like the new stuff as well and we’ll get some awesome tours.

Have you got a tour planned for after recording?

Katy: We’re planning to tour, but we haven’t got anything down yet. We’ve just signed to a new booking agency so lots of things are new and fresh. It all just takes time though so we’ll have to wait.

Would you rather do a tour supporting someone to play huge shows or your own headliners?

Sean: I would absolutely rather have a headline show where they’re there to see us, the vibe is just so much better. When you do a headline show and the people there see you, it’s just the best feeling; when you do support shows it’s fun but of course the crowd don’t get into it as much. 

Katy: Yeah, you’re winning over new people so they don’t know the songs or anything. We’ll just steal some fans like that and then get them to our headliners next time! [laughs]


Huge thanks to Tigress for taking the time out to chat to us, read the review of their set in our overall Butserfest review here.

Here’s their latest video for current single Power Lines

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