Cancerous Womb’s EP Is Out Next Week

Scottish Death Metallers Cancerous Womb have announced that they will be releasing their new EP It Came To This on Tuesday. The band have previously toured with Benighted and is the first release to feature new singer Bernard. 

Guitarist Mike Robertson stated that the album will have a different sound to their debut Born Of A Cancerous Womb (2014) stating “the usual death metal lyrical theatrics of gore/violence/horror/shock and likes and heads down a more self-analysing approach with a grindcore appeal.”

Their new single Isolation Frenzy can be streamed below;

Tracklisting reads:

  1. The Shrieking Of Idiots
  2. Formless
  3. Isolation Frenzy
  4. When All Is Said And Done

The album will be released via Rising Nemesis Records you can order the album from the band’s official BandCamp now –

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