Capsize Announce New Video And Album

The band have a new album on its way; A Reintroduction: The Essence Of All That Surrounds Me out 22nd July via Rude Records.

Discussing the LP, vocalist Daniel Wand states “For this album, I wanted to write lyrics that I felt like I needed to hear, or would have liked to have heard at certain times in my life that I have only just recently worked through enough to put into words. The title represents what the album does for the band, and me personally. It’s a reintroduction of who we are as a band, in reference to the things that have led to this point in my life.”

Lead single from the album; XX (I Sew My Eyes) is available to watch here.

Wand reveals that the single XX (I Sew My Eyes) is: “about the idea of wanting to move on from a moment, person or cycle in life, but feeling like your actions that leave you unexplainably content in discomfort make up who you are, and battling that in your head… the fear that you can’t change fast enough in your own eyes.” Wand concludes: “This record does more for me and my self-worth than anything I’ve ever touched before. Right before going into the studio, I told one of my best friends that the most important thing about this record was that it needed to be something that if I heard when I was at my most impressionable point, it would’ve made me desperate to make a band. I think if I had this record when I was growing up it would’ve led me to exactly where I am today.”

Digital album pre-orders available here.

Physical album pre-orders available here.


1. XX (Sew My Eyes)

2. I Think It’s Best We Don’t Talk Anymore

3. Tear Me Apart

4. Favorite Secret

5. One Day I Won’t Be So Easy to Forget

6. Safe Place

7. Split My Soul

8. Over You

9. You Got the Wrong Idea

10. The Same Pain

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