Chariots Of The Gods ‘Ages Unsung’

Almost a decade old, Canada’s Chariots Of The Gods have spent the best part of the last ten years shredding their way through the scenes of metal. Through line-up changes and a recent hiatus; the five piece have maintained a healthy following due to their ability to create material that can never be in doubt in terms of quality. New album ‘Ages Unsung’ is the first with the bands’ current list of members, and the musicianship is as phenomenal as ever.

Most compelling of all about this new record is how Chariots Of The Gods manage to flit in and out of musical styles so expertly, and with such timing that it’s pretty difficult to point a finger at what genre suits them best. ‘As The Sky Falls’ is an all-out metal banger with pacey, slithering riffs throughout while ‘Prometheus And The Sacred Flame’ takes its time to start with heartfelt tones before vocalist Christian Therien burns through the track delivering coarse and ruthless vocal lines.

‘Through Darkness And Decay’ offers something completely different, but no less encapsulating. With its gentle, sombre hooks the track gives backing vocals and lead guitarist Mathieu St-Amour the opportunity to spend the better half of 5 minutes laying his vocal personality on the record. Most similar to the heartfelt tones of Creed/Staind, it’s just yet more proof that Chariots Of The Gods can be at home with any genre.

As expected; ‘Ages Unsung’ stands tallest when the musicianship is at its most prominent. The shreds, riffs, and pounding drum fills on powerhouses ‘Resurrection’ and ‘New World’ are nothing short of blood twistingly awe inspiring and delivered with true excellence. Chariots Of The Gods have a blatantly obvious knack of sensing when to let a track breathe, and let the instrumentation speak for itself, which it does on several occasions throughout ‘Ages Unsung’.

There’s so much about ‘Ages Unsung’ that oozes of Chariots Of The Gods’ personality, but what’s most obvious is that here, we have a quintet which are masters of their craft, and with this record have allowed fans from a multitude of genres in for what should be a phenomenal ride for the band from here on out.

Score: 8/10

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