Cheap Trick – We’re All Alright

Perfect on a future Download line up

9 out of 10

Cheap Trick‘s succesful PledgeMusic campaign to fund We’re All Alright included rare items such as a signed guitar, different presses of the LP and more. Over their four-decade career they have clearly built up a strong fan base, which is why the campaign was so successful.

Opening with the explosive You Got It Going OnCheap Trick deliver an exciting new album called We’re All Alright. Their 18th studio album contains 10 stunningly produced, well rehearsed tracks, each with something different to offer.

With a repertoire probably to rival The Beatles, it would have been difficult to write fresh material for a new album, however Cheap Trick have managed it with aplomb. The listener can really hear different musical influences within We’re All Alright, showing the group’s versatility. There is riff based rock in You Got It Going On and Long Time Coming, hard rock in Radio Lover and acid in Floating DownNirvana influences can be heard in the opening She’s Alright, with more of a summery feeling to it rather than grunge.

You Got It Going On is the perfect opening track to We’re All Alright as it caters to rock fans of all ages. Cheap Trick would be perfect on a line up of a festival such as Download, or even Hellfest, with tracks like this one. With a screaming guitar solo, harmonised backing vocals and high energy, it would be hard for any listener not to enjoy this song.

Nowhere is reminiscent of recent Green Day tracks, which are heavily influenced by The Beatles. There are also other influences such as high energy indie rock. Following Nowhere is Radio Lover, which is riff based rock with Elvis Presley style vocals. Each track in this album really does have something different to offer, however the immaculate production ties every track together to give them that unique Cheap Trick sound.

We’re All Alright gives each musician in Cheap Trick a chance to shine. At the forefront of the group is vocalist Robin Zander, who’s voice varies from track to track depending on the genre. Lead guitarist Rick Nielsen has plenty of guitar solos to choose from, but perhaps the best one is in Long Time Coming, which really shows the range of the guitar and involves notes from the low end of the guitar to screeching notes right at the top. Most tracks are riff heavy too, showing Nielson‘s impeccable timing with the rest of the band.

Although bassist Tom Petersson only has one solo phrase in the album at the beginning of She’s Alright, the bass follows the main guitar riff in Brand New Name On An Old Tattoo, and even expands on it under the rhythm guitar, giving the track the real groove. In all other tracks, Petersson knows exactly where to sit in the mix, and works well together with the drums.

Underneath everything else is drummer Daxx Nielson. Although there is no real shining moment for the drums, Nielson provides a solid base for the rest of the band to build on. Nielson often chooses impressive fills at the end of phrases, especially in You Got It Going On, which adds to the overall shape of the song, instead of detracting from it.

All in all, We’re All Alright is an album to rival the rest of Cheap Trick‘s work to date, and is definitely worth a listen.

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