Chris Warren + Cody Quistad, Wage War (4/12/16)

A slow and freezing night in Bristol, the fans outside get ready to keep themselves warm before the doors open for the O2 Academy Bristol. Before the show starts, we got to talk to both the bassist and guitarist/vocalist of Wage War about the current tour, tracks off their debut LP and inspirations.

For those who might not be familiar, how would you describe Wage War?

Cody: Uh, were kind of like a metalcore band as kids would describe it. We’re just kinda heavy music with a strong sense of melody.

You’re currently just starting your UK/EU tour with The Amity Affliction, how is that tour going so far?

Chris: The shows have been great, its our second time over here and the crowds this time around have been big as well as all the bands every night have been fun to watch so it’s been a pleasure.

Which upcoming show on the tour are you most excited to play?

Chris: Personally London at the Roundhouse.

Cody: Same.

Your debut record ‘Blueprints’ recently hit its one year anniversary, how do you feel that whole year since release has been for yourself and your band?

Cody: It’s been absolutely unreal. When you record an album, you always hope its gonna do good and we were obviously proud of it but to see what it’s ended up doing for us and paving us an incredible year. We’ve been able to tour all over and really kind of start to live out our dreams. We’ve still got a lot of work to do but its a great start.

What song would you say of that record is the most meaningful to you?

Chris: I would say ‘Youngblood‘ has got some deep meaning. It’s about suicide and depression and it’s got good lyrics that people can connect to.

Cody: I would say ‘Twenty One‘ just because it’s very personal as far as like, the age of accountability and starting to take on life for yourself, figuring out what you stand for and what life is about for.

With you currently working on album number two, what do you feel is going to separate this record from ‘Blueprints’?

Chris: I think its just the progression just from being in a band and being on the road with new life experiences. I’d say that it’s very real as far as being relatable to people’s experiences, its not like ‘always good things happen in life’ and that people might find it relatable. I think we just push the boundaries both ways and expand what we do as a band.

Out of the bands you’ve toured with, which band would you say has helped inspire a stronger work ethic towards your touring/music?

Chris: It’s easy for me, but I would say Every Time I Die. We toured with them in the fall with August Burns Red as well as Vans Warped Tour. Andy from their band in particular  kind of took us under their wings and showed us the ropes of what its like to be in a band and ways to make most of our experience.

What’s the most meaningful gift(s) you’ve ever received from a fan?

Cody: Letters are always really cool for me, like people taking the time to handwrite something and give it to us and we usually get to read it when we’re all hanging out later after shows and, to me, its really special.

Chris: Yeah, like their of how our music has helped them and affected their lives.

Would you take $1,000,000, but every time you ate something, the food screamed in agony as you were eating it?

Cody: Sure, I guess. I’ve seen a video of an octopus trying to escape from some womans mouth, it’s really weird.

Chris: I mean, if its like pizza, it can scream all it wants.

If the tour lineup did a secret santa, who do you think would be the hardest person to get a gift for?

Chris: A secret santa.. That’s a hard one.

Cody: That’s a real hard one.

Chris: Probably Rou, our bands driver.

Cody: Yeah, he’s pretty hard to please.

What three items would you associate with your bands genre?

Cody: Three items.. wow.. These are hard!

Chris: I’ll throw out a hammer for the first one.

Cody: Nice, ill throw out a nail… and a piece of metal! *laughs*

You’re directing a romantic comedy with the bandmates in Wage War. Who is the guy who gets the girl in the end and who plays the hot female lead?

Cody: Seth (guitarist) gets the girl.

Chris: Stephen (drummer) plays the female lead.

What are the plans for Wage War in 2017?

Cody: We are currently working on it, we’ve got a lot of exciting stuff.

Chris: I’m sure we will be doing a tonne of touring.

Cody:  A lot of touring, we got a new record coming out next year, probably spring-ish. Then just do like last year and just tour tour tour and hopefully see as many people as we can.

Any final words to your fans?

Chris: Check out the record next year!

Cody: Thank you for listening to us and supporting our band. We’re really grateful!

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