Coast To Coast – Birmingham – LIVE REVIEW 18/04/2017

Coast To Coast earlier this year released their new EP The Length Of A Smile which was received with a lot of success from critics and fans alike. Following on from this release the band have headed out on tour with label buddies Better Than Never and Pine. This tour promised to be a big hit due to the success of the EP and from past experiences with Coast To Coast’s live shows.

Opening up the night was Pine a band whom had released their own EP just before heading out on the road with Coast To Coast, for many in the room it was the first time seeing Pine live and was a great chance for them to impress people who may have never heard of them before. The band managed to get the evening off to a great start despite their overly short set time. With very strong instrumentation and vocals to match Pine did showcase why they have gained a following thus far.

Part way through their set Pine dropped a cover, one which made the room come alive with even more energy then it already had been during the main chunk of their set, as they powered through Teenage Dirtbag there weren’t many people who weren’t shouting the words back at them, and it was in this moment that the first crowd surfer of the night surfaced. Overall Pine opened up this night well, with a very cohesive performance which was strong instrumentally and vocally throughout, with songs like Barricade and Empty Head truly showcasing their ability in not only creating a cohesive track but also keeping their live performance close to their recorded sound. Pine truly show why they will be a band to watch in the near future. [6/10]

Following on from Pine was Luke Rainsford. During this tour Luke had been filling in on drums for Coast To Coast and during the Birmingham show got his chance to play full band once again. Starting off with Home Safe it was apparent that many people were excited for Luke’s set as the room seemed to have tripled in attendance between Pine and himself, and without a single voice being left out of the crowd it was clear how well Luke’s set was landing with the Birmingham crowd.

Throughout Luke’s set the band made up of members of Fullshore and Zak Taylor from Coast To Coast showed their tight instrumentation and flawlessness in replicating what was on Luke’s latest record I Feel At Home With You. It was in these moments in which the band were perfectly orchestrated and well rehearsed that it was evident that there is no difference between Luke playing solo or as a full ensemble as the emotional delivery of the lyrics truly hone in on the messages that are being portrayed through tracks such as I am Melodramatic (A Song About Death). As this set powered on through it was evident that not only did the amount of people shouting back his lyrics mean so much to Luke but the words meant a lot to the members of the audience as by the end of the set there weren’t many dry eyes in the house.

As Luke Rainsford brought his set to a close with Frame, he took a moment to address the issue of mental health with the audience in which he spoke as honestly as I Feel At Home With You does. The words spoken at this moment hit home and accompanied by the messages in Frame it truly made Luke’s set stay in the forefront of the mind for a long time after the band had departed from the stage, and with his tremendously honest vocal delivery and the band’s tight and well orchestrated instrumentation this set felt perfect. [9/10]

Following on from Luke Rainsford was Oxford’s Better Than Never, whom wasted no time in showing just how much energy they would be injecting in to the evening. With an explosive opener in the form of 126, Better Than Never showed just how tight they are instrumentally and how quickly they can get an audience moving. Alongside the tight instrumentation it was in this moment that James Harris and Will Keating showed their coordination and ability to accompany each others vocal melodies well track after track.

Credit: Nick Neuenhaus

As Better Than Never moved on through their set, the amount of energy continued to build coming to a climax during set highlights Fourty Eight and their rendition of Sugar We’re Going Down. These tracks showed a mass amount of audience participation, with a hardcore style space being created by a few audience members and mic grabs galore during the Fall Out Boy number. Despite what seemed a few minor mistakes the band managed to continue creating a strong performance which showcased their ability in recreating their recorded tracks almost beat for beat as they are on their latest EP.

Credit: Nick Neuenhaus

As Better Than Never brought their set to a close with the first single off of Head Under Water, Learning To Swim their set truly came in to fruition, the best parts of their set in terms of tight instrumentation, strong vocal performances and mass amounts of crowd energy came together to end their set strongly. Despite a few slip ups here and there Better Than Never did produce a very entertaining set. [8/10]

Following a 15 minute change over Keiran Hyland of Coast To Coast uttered a slightly different line many people from Birmingham have heard before ‘We are Coast To Coast everyone come down’. Without a second thought the entirety of the audience moved forward for the first track in Coast To Coast’s set Geranium. This track which not only beautifully opened up their set also showcased their clear instrumental ability, as Keiran Hyland effortlessly sang note for note as it is on The Length Of  A Smile. As the band continued on through their set they played hits of off of their first EP Bloom and Cornerstone, which were met with a chorus of voices shouting back every word.

During this set Coast To Coast continually showed their strong instrumentation but also their ablity to control an audience, getting them moving and singing back words from track to track. As the band plowed through AjaxHeredity and set highlight Stale the band continued to put on a performance that was almost flawless, apart from a few slip ups, and showcased just why Coast To Coast may be one of the next big bands in the UK.

As Coast To Coast started to bring their set to close everyone in the room was fully involved with the band even taking time to bring guitarist Josh Taylor in to a crowd surf, it was during these moments that the set truly came in to fruition with the entire band playing cohesively, as they have done for the majority of their set. After finishing on Post Graduation the chant of ‘one more song’ began, before Coast To Coast began Bunkbeds to a chorus of people shouting back words as the set came to a close, not only rounding off a near perfect set, but also perfectly ending a show full of emotion and energy [9/10]

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