Cold Collective stream new single

Cold Collective (new project from Tim Landers ex. Transit, Misser, Off and On and members of Defeater and November 5, 1955) have released a single from their debut album Bachelorette Party, out now via Rise Records.

Check out the track here.

Grab the LP over here, both single and LP are available from Itunes.

“Away From You” is a special track in particular, as it is the only song I began writing before the birth of Cold Collective. It was a very different song, years ago- but it was an important piece for me to finish and include. I value songs that begin in a certain subject matter, but can speak so much more when revisited at a contrasting point in time.” – Tim Landers

Bachelorette Party Track Listing:

01. Feel Out

02. Tred

03. Away From You

04. No Escape

05. Prey

06. Wanna Change

07. Bottleneck

08. Waiting On Me

09. Platonic

10. Adieu

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