Create To Inspire – Sickness [REVIEW]

6 out of 10
Released: May 26th 2017 Label: Basick Records

Bringing you some strong blends of melodic hardcore and post hardcore to your ears, Essex based Create To Inspire are set in their ways to drop their debut album ‘Sickness’ next week. With the eyes set on them in new formatted territory, the band are here to pull out all the stops and possibly give you something you’ve been waiting to hear.

The record opens up quite strongly with the first bunch of tracks. ‘Agony’ really helps you get into the mindset that the band are in with the rhythm helping to elevate the lead sections where needed to help show off more of the bands style. The clean intro to this track is a perfect way to get you slowly into what they have coming with the band hitting many decent points where they can. The vocals hit the genre very well, both screams and cleans, but with the former they can feel a bit piercing and straining at points which whilst it helps add to the overall emotion, it will take a couple of listens to fully get into. ‘Recluse’ takes the bull by the horns again with a grasp of the heavier side of alternative rock seeping through the bands bloodstream and breathing a new breath into the record. Moving into the third track ‘Regret’, the band push a lot more of the darker side of the melodies on the lead guitar side, which is one of the best features over the entire record. The song seems to channel a more post hardcore punch in it with the clean vocals flowing over the choruses really elegantly and  gives you a feeling of what a UK version of Being As An Ocean would be like in a formation.

The aforementioned influence carries on through the record and they hit that superbly with the next two tracks like ‘Loss’ and ‘Sinking’ and whilst it gives off that kind of vibe, the band still maintain their own originality which is rare for a band in this genre and the vocals start to make a lot more sense as the record progresses. Sadly, as the record moves closer to the end, the element of keeping hooked into what is being laid in front of you starts to lose its grip with songs like ‘Cope’ being great to listen to in the background, but nothing to truly spend your time focusing on. The final moments of the record start to pick up a little bit more with the song ‘Blue’ giving off another accomplishment with the bands instrumentation and structure as well as its clean vocals, but the screams once again feel that much more tiring and can put a dampener on the whole affair for new time listeners. Closing the record with ‘Adjust’, the melodic and post hardcore elements give the record that final burst into the stratosphere with a beautiful blend of cleans guitar hooks and punchy distortion only being more raised due to the drum pattern being flowing through the band from start to finish and ends the record on a more than positive note.

The band’s first full length is a surefire way of hitting the right notes for their Day 1’s that have been with them through thick and thin. Now that the band are pushing more boundaries within themselves, they’ve released something that might feel a bit generic, but immediately sets a benchmark for the group to start preparing to jump over. If you enjoy your melodic and post hardcore, this album which be a must listen for you!


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