Crimson Star – Bay View [EP]

5 out of 10

Birmingham based Crimson Star have been working hard this past summer and will be dropping their latest EP, Bay View, in January 2018.

The first track, The Pragmatist, immediately catches the listener’s attention with a catchy riff similar to Royal Blood, before backing off to a stripped back verse. The group sound much bigger than just three members, taking influences from other trios such as Muse, making full use of effects without going overboard.

They are described as similar to Queens Of The Stone Age, but they mix more indie and hard rock influences into their music. La Prom is very stripped back, more so than the verses of The Pragmatist, making full use of reverb effects to build space and suspense in the mix, particularly in the guitar solo. The vocalist’s style is reminiscent of Dave Grohl which is particularly noticable in La Prom.

Back to the Royal Blood influences in Once, this is one of the weaker tracks in terms of creativity. The guitar part is just a chord progression apart from the main riff, which only uses a few notes and bends, however it is great to see effects used really well on the bass, which a lot of bands don’t take full advantage of.

The opening riff for Euthanise Me immediately reminds the listener of Muse, particularly of some of the work from the latest album. The verse is again stripped back to drums, bass and vocals in a very indie style, and the chorus slips back into Foo Fighters style, similar to the other tracks on the EP. However the track does not need to be 5 minutes long.

Saving the best track for last, Gimme Some is clearly the most unique and creative track on Bay View, both in terms of musicality and lyrical content. The main riff differs to the chorus riff, however the solo is disappointing and short.

Considering that Crimson Star have been around since 2012, and have had plenty of time to hone and develop their sound, it is a little disappointing to hear them sound very similar to other acts in the alternative genre.

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