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Dave Hause – Bury Me In Philly

"Bury Me In Philly sees Dave Hause drawing from a hatful of influences and pushing the hookier aspects of his sound to the forefront."
8.5 out of 10

It feels like Dave Hause has been around forever. From his his mid 90’s stint in hardcore with Step Ahead, the formation of punk rock mainstays The Loved Ones, and his time served on the much lauded Revival Tour, Hause has taken pointers from his peers and built an enviable rep in the process. Having ingrained himself into the punk/folk rock tapestry over the years, he has carved out an impressive niche as a solo artist as of late, delivering music that injects a shot of heartland americana into his tried and tested punk rock formula. Upcoming release and third solo effort Bury Me In Philly sees him drawing from a hatful of influences and pushing the hookier aspects of his sound to the forefront.

Bury Me In Philly bolts through the door with the piano-driven With You. It’s the closest to The Loved Ones sound Hause has come in a quite sometime, all the while delivering infectious guitar lines alongside a classic ‘sleep when we’re dead’ attitude. The sound of With You, almost sets a precedent for the rest of the tracks here too, with a well oiled rhythm section supporting larger than life vocal hooks.

Lyrically, the record delivers a hell of a punch, with Divine Lorraine paying homage to his hometown while telling a much broader story and the bluesy grind of The Mermaid, name-checking a variety of musical luminaries and conjuring up images of past struggles. Elsewhere we see Dave getting autobiographical on punchy Springsteen-esque rockers The Flinch and My Mistake, two tracks which will undoubtedly sit well in a live setting alongside the likes of Cmon Kid and We Could Be Kings.

The latest in a trilogy of solo servings, Bury Me In Philly builds on past efforts Devour and Resolutions and seemingly bridges the gap that has existed between these records and Hause’s previous band. Whereas previous works have found him treading carefully between folk troubadour and contemplative american storyteller, this time around sees both elements brought to the table and turned up to eleven in both the songwriting and punk spirit. It’s not all unbridled rock action though, with Hause finding the time to get introspective on the fragile Wild Love, providing a highlight of both record and career.

The strong suit of Bury Me In Philly is it’s soulful voice, honest lyrics and punchy rock n’roll, which can go along way in a climate of cardboard cut-out musicians. For fans who have enjoyed Mr Hause’s previous solo works but have longed for something with a little more drive and fire, Bury Me In Philly undoubtedly meets you halfway and then some.

Bury Me In Philly is released on February 3rd through Rise Records.

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