Dead Letter Circus – Live @ Exchange, Bristol (17/10/16)

The world comes together for crushing live music!

In for a full night of progressive rock and metal was yesterdays enjoyable and jam packed show being lead by Australian five-piece Dead Letter Circus. With a big blend of everything you love about the genres, it showed off some exciting artists from around the world right to your front door!


Opening the show was Italy based new wave/prog rock band four piece who opened the night off on a good note. The lack of people watching the opener was a bit disheartening, but they didn’t let it affect them as they pushed through their tracks. Flowing through their songs, they brought some strong influences to their set and even a Joy Division cover! Their last few minutes of their set sounded like a chiptune boss fight track and was definitely an enjoyable highlight. The started the night off on a pretty solid note.

Rating: 3.5/5


Up next were the locals for the evening, djent fuelled and raring to bring the heat for their hometown. With a beautiful sound for their lead parts during the vocal sections, that sounded superb as well, some of the lower toned moments sounded a bit muddy through the speakers. What made the night that much special for them was that a fill-in drummer all the way from Ireland came in to help them out and knocked it out of the park! Tracks like ‘Lost In The Syntax’ sounds really refined live and overall showed off why they’re one of the best in Bristol.

Rating: 4/5


There are some shows where you go to knowing the headliner but then at the end think more about one of the supports. This was one of those times with Disperse bringing their A game and so much more with newer material sounding beautifully constructed, meshed together with their older material to create a set that showcases what this band are trying to do. Closing their set with ‘Message From Atlantis’ finalised their crushing live sound, with each members instruments being heard very clearly and definitely garnered a few new fans along the way. Make sure to keep an eye out for new material from these guys in the future.

Rating: 5/5


For the final act, they brought something everyone wanted to see and that was a look at their entire discography and play some of their cult classics. Opening up with ‘Here We Divide’ to a by now packed room, the atmosphere in the room from the crowd is a bit lacklustre for the most part. The band didn’t let that phase them or their sound as they carried on with a barrage of tracks from their latest record ‘Aesthesis’ to which the crowd started to get more and more into it, with boisterous audience singing and bobbing of heads. Throughout the night the crowd slowly picked up and up and by the end of it, the band got the reaction they deserved all night. Bringing something everyone loves to tonight made their penultimate date that much more special (especially with the bassists birthday and him doing shots whilst playing).

Rating: 5/5

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