Diamond Days – The Death Of Us [EP]

8 out of 10

Liverpool’s Diamond Days have been gradually growing over the last couple of years with some singles and an EP featuring Yashin‘s Harry Radford, and The Death of Us marks a significant advance in the class of their music.

The first track The Space Between Us acts as the introduction, building from nothing through the body of the track to then provide “the calm before the storm” moment when it goes quiet. This “storm” comes in the way of the title track The Death of Us which is perhaps the standout song, following the riff playing underneath the quiet riff running between the tracks. The intro to it is a thundering progression with a catchy lead riff playing over the sheer power of the build-up. The chorus is a soaring, melodic masterpiece with layered vocals and an incredibly catchy four chord progression before the cymbal-heavy bridge, crashing into the chorus again.

The band’s good humour outside the writing can be seen too in the title of third track Not All Songs With A Long Name Was Written By Fall Out Boy in true, classic pop punk style. Needless to say, this track is a very traditional pop punk track with overdriven guitars, pop hooks and heavily played drums that bring it a rounded and polished sound. This contrasts with the following Kings and Queens, which acts as a top quality alt-rock song start to finish to round off the main body of songs. It almost sounds like a Cavalier Youth-era You Me At Six track and seems to have the ambition of playing arenas in no time at all, which seems fully feasible at this rate. The closing track We Are Young is a quieter instrumental to allow for a mellowing of the end of the EP, but this doesn’t stop Alex Hearn belting out the lyrics with a recognisable grit in his voice. This grounds the sound to a more tangible and polished sound along with the clean rhythm and blues-overdriven, delayed lead.

Overall, a solid return from Diamond Days that shows they’re progressing forward at an alarming pace. If they follow the tracks made here and augment them into a record with the chorus style of the title track mixed with slower, emotional tracks like We Are Young and the styling they have developed here they are destined for big things.

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