Diamond Days – Track By Track of The Death Of Us [EP]

Diamond Days have just released their latest EP, The Death Of Us, on 5th November. They asked us at Musicology to do a track by track feature.

The Death Of Us

The Death Of Us is about toxic people. When you find yourself in a poisonous relationship, or even friendship, it can slowly eat away at your sense of identity and it can often result in turning you into someone just as toxic.

Not Every Song With A Long Name (written By Fall Out Boy)

Diamond Days wrote this track about trying to find love whilst suffering with depression or any other mental illness(es). Sometimes life will be going well, you’ll be having a good day and everything will feel great, but a bad day can completely change the dynamic. This track is also testimony to Fall Out Boy‘s long song titles. Perhaps Panic! At The Disco should have been credited too.

Kings and Queens

This is a life statement about giving someone all you have, even if it’s not much. Very few people enter relationships and friendships with the mindset of actually working through issues but this track is about sticking with the other person no matter what.

We Are Young

This is song is about the perceived notion of unconditional love, and how it often isn’t actually unconditional. Often people can find they are pushed so far and feel estranged and separated from the people who profess to always support you. This track is a reminder that those people don’t define a single person.

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